Prince Jaime (1972-) and Princess Viktória (1982-) of Bourbon-Parma

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Mid July it was anmounced that Jaime would become senior advisor at the UNHCR in Geneva, starting September 1. His recent visit to Jordan was in his new capacity. He is tasked with the challenge to optimally use the knowledge and innovation in the private sector to support refugees.

That is his sister's old workplace: until her move to Hong Kong, Princess Maria Carolina de Bourbon de Parme worked at the UNHCR in Geneva.
Prince Jaime visit today the Turkana County in Kenya as Senior Advisor UNHCR and meet with the Deputy Governor Peter Emuria Lotethiro

Prince Jaime visited Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya this week and met with local entrepreneurs.
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I understand the challenges of maintaining a historic place but somehow I am disappointed that de De Bourbon de Parmes do not bother to revive an empty castle or estate.

Jaime's twin Princess Margarita had the Château du Bartas in Saint-Georges (in the Gers, France) but after the divorce she returned to the Netherlands.
In his new role as Climate Envoy Prince Jaime attended the opening of the Floating Office Rotterdam of the Global Centre on Adaptation in Rotterdam yesterday, for photos and information, see this thread.
Prince Jaime has given an interview to Dutch magazine Trouw about his new role/job as Climate Envoy.

„Diplomacy is a contact sport (..) Important successes from my diplomatic career started at the coffee machine“ he is quoted saying, for a full translation copy the text itself into the google translator, a normal google translation link doesn’t work for this site:

** De nieuwe Nederlandse klimaatgezant is een prins: ‘Er zijn landen die ‘Glasgow’ niet willen laten slagen’ **
As Climate Envoy Prince Jaime attended the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow today, November 1:

** Pic **
In his role as Climate Envoy Prince Jaime attended the launch of a new partnership to „promote sustainable landscapes and forest protection in the Amazon region, supporting IDB’s Amazon Initiative“ in Glasgow:

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As Climate Envoy Prince Jaime attended a meeting of the G20 Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group Meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia today, March 22:

** Pic **
Still in Yogyakarta Prince Jaime reconstructed a special moment today ;)

„On the way to the airport after a good G20 meeting in Yogyakarta a short visit to the beautiful Borobudur temple that my grandmother visited in 1971.“

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
As Dutch Climate Envoy Prince Jaime met with journalists from the Indian press prior to the upcoming Indian state visit to the Netherlands (April 5-7):

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Prince Jaime attended the national final of the Princess Christina Classic Competition at the Amare theatre in Den Haag today, April 23.

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