Prince Jaime (1972-) and Princess Viktória (1982-) of Bourbon-Parma

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HRH Princess Gloria Irene de Bourbon de Parme,2nd child and daughter of TRH Prince Jaime and Princess Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme and sister of Princess Zita,was baptised today in a ceremony at the Onze Lieve Vrouw ten Hemelopnemingkerk at Apeldoorn.

Princess Gloria was born in Rome on May 9th this year,her father Prince Jaime is the Dutch Ambassador to the Holy See.

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Lovely photos Lucien,wasn't that the same church that her parents were married in?
Lovely photos Lucien,wasn't that the same church that her parents were married in?

Yes, the Church of the Assumption of Mary. It is a pretty surprising choice because the church (from 1895) has little history. The place of the church (completely incapsulated in ugly concrete appartment buildings) leaves no room for grandeur. A remarkable choice for a Prince de Bourbon de Parme, an Ambassador at the Holy See. The whole of Europe is studded with churches which have a Bourbon or Bourbon-Parma link. Of all these choices the couple decided to marry at one of the ugliest squares of the Netherlands.

The place now: picture

The place not so long ago (the church is at the left): picture

The Prince of Wales was right with his quote that architects have done more damage to London than the Germans during the Blitz. You can add Apeldoorn to that place!
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Thanks for the information,I agree about the location and the design of the church reminds me of the former Vondelkerk in Amsterdam,perhaps they had the same architect?
No, the Vondelkerk is build by the famous architect Pierre Cuypers, the same who build the Central Station and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The church in Apeldoorn was build by lesser gods.
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Nevertheless, I always enjoy new pictures. Lovable little girls. The parents seem to explode from proudness :flowers:
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The christening gown of princess Gloria has been made from the same fabric as the wedding gown of Princess Viktoria, claims the dutch press. Both gowns were designed by Claes Iversen.

Photo of some members of the RF arriving:

Koninklijke familie schuift aan bij Doopdienst Apeldoorn

And a slide show here:

And another photo here:

Among the members of the RF present were Princess Beatrix, Princess Margriet, Pieter van Vollenhoven, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, Princess Mabel, the Princess of Orange, Princess Alexia, Countess Eloise, Countess Leonore, Countess Luana and Countess Zaria.
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Princess Viktória opened the exhibition "Dutch Old Masters from Budapest. Highlights from the Szépmüvészeti Múzeum in Budapest" at the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem today, November 11:

** anp gallery ** ppe gallery **
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Prince Jaime and Princess Viktória attended a reception at the Swedish embassy residence in Rome, Italy, yesterday, December 15:

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"Princess Viktoria today empties along with Cinderella's Wish Source in the Efteling. The Princess is patron of Save the Children. The money from the source goes to the charity."

Belga Image
Feel-good-pics :flowers:

But red lipstick fits her better than this pink tone ;)
Great photos of the princess's helping out a great cause. Sweet photos :flowers:

The top reminds me of the green top Sofia of Sweden wore for an event and for the photo announcing her pregnancy. Color and sleeves.
Viktória has such a contagious smile. I love that seeing her out and about and I'm very impressed with how willingly she jumped into that well, I don't think I would have been as compliant :D
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HRH Prince Jaime is relieved from his post as the Dutch Ambassador to the Holy See after the summer of this year.He was the Dutch Ambassador since 2013 and,a.o. prepared the first ever State Visit by a Dutch Monarch to The Vatican last year June 2017.It was his first post as Ambassador.

It is not yet known which post he will hold next.
The Prince previously held posts as special envoy natural resources
and served as diplomat in Afgahnistan and Irak.
It would be nice to see him at the Court of St James, helping to prepare a State Visit by his cousin the King to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Jaime attended the opening of the exhibition "Willem" at the National Military Museum in Soest, conducted by King Willem-Alexander today, April 24 (many thanks to Ilse for drawing attention to his presence at the other thread! :flowers:) - I like the two photos I've chosen very much!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery ** belga gallery **

Princess Viktória held a speech at the openning ceremony of the "Seeds & Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit" in Milan today, May 7:

** belga gallery **

Princess Viktória attended the "foodFIRST" conference "Team Up with African agripreneurs" in Utrecht on June 1:

** Pic **
I wonder what his new post will be. As far as I am aware it hasn't been announced (yet).

Prince Jaime attended the opening of the High Level Workshop on the Financial Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion of the G20 in Den Haag this morning, September 10. Queen Máxima was present as well:

** Pic ** ppe gallery ** anp gallery **
I wonder what his new post will be. As far as I am aware it hasn't been announced (yet).

Mid July it was anmounced that Jaime would become senior advisor at the UNHCR in Geneva, starting September 1. His recent visit to Jordan was in his new capacity. He is tasked with the challenge to optimally use the knowledge and innovation in the private sector to support refugees.
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