King Lodovico I, King Lodovico II and Kingdom of Etruria

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Jan 9, 2013
Louis I (Italian: Ludovico I; 5 July 1773 – 27 May 1803) was the first of the two kings of Etruria. Louis was the son of Ferdinand, Duke of Parma, and Maria Amalia of Austria. He was born in 1773, when his great-grandfather, King Louis XV of France, was still alive.

King of Etruria:
Reign: 21 March 1801 – 27 May 1803
Predecessor: Ferdinand III as Grand Duke of Tuscany
Successor: Louis II
Born: 5 July 1773, Piacenza, Duchy of Parma
Died: 27 May 1803 (aged 29), Florence, Kingdom of Etruria
Burial: El Escorial
Consort: Maria Luisa of Spain
Charles II, Duke of Parma
Maria Luisa Carlota, Hereditary Princess of Saxony
Italian: Ludovico Francesco Filiberto di Borbone-Parma
Spanish: Luis Francisco Filiberto de Borbón-Parma y Austria
English: Louis Francis Philibert of Bourbon-Parma
House: Bourbon-Parma
Father: Ferdinand, Duke of Parma
Mother: Maria Amalia of Austria
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Maria Luisa of Spain, 6 July 1782 – 13 March 1824) was a Spanish infanta, daughter of King Charles IV and his wife, Maria Luisa of Parma. In 1795, she married her first cousin Louis, Hereditary Prince of Parma (King of Erturia). She spent the first years of her married life at the Spanish court where their first child, Charles, was born.
Maria Luisa's life was deeply marked by Napoleon Bonaparte's actions. Napoleon was interested in having Spain as an ally against England. In the summer of 1800, he sent his brother Lucien to the Spanish court with the proposal that would result in the Treaty of Aranjuez.[14] Napoleon, who had conquered Italy, proposed to compensate the House of Bourbon for their loss of the Duchy of Parma by creating the new Kingdom of Etruria for Louis, heir of Parma. The new kingdom was created out of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.,_Duchess_of_Lucca

Queen consort of Etruria:
Tenure: 21 March 1801 – 27 May 1803
Duchess of Lucca:
Reign: 9 June 1815 – 13 March 1824
Predecessor: Elisa Bonaparte
Successor: Charles I

Born: 6 July 1782, Palace of San Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain
Died: 13 March 1824 (aged 41), Rome, Papal States
Burial: El Escorial, Madrid
Spouse: Louis I of Etruria
Charles II, Duke of Parma
Maria Luisa Carlota, Hereditary Princess of Saxony
Spanish: María Luisa Josefina Antonieta Vicenta de Borbón y Borbón-Parma
House: Bourbon
Father: Charles IV of Spain
Mother: Maria Luisa of Parma
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Charles Louis (Italian: Carlo Ludovico; 22 December 1799 – 16 April 1883) was King of Etruria (1803–1807; reigned as Louis II), Duke of Lucca (1824–1847; reigned as Charles I), and Duke of Parma (1847–1849; reigned as Charles II).

He was the only son of Louis, Prince of Piacenza, and his wife Infanta Maria Luisa of Spain. Born at the Royal Palace of Madrid at the court of his maternal grandfather King Charles IV of Spain, he spent his first years living at the Spanish court. In 1801, by the Treaty of Aranjuez, Charles became Crown Prince of Etruria, a newly created kingdom formed from territories of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Charles moved to Italy with his parents and in 1803, not yet four years old, he succeeded his father as King of Etruria under the name Louis II.,_Duke_of_Parma

King of Etruria (as Louis II):
Reign: 27 May 1803 – 10 December 1807
Predecessor: Louis I
Regent: Maria Luisa of Spain
Duke of Lucca (as Charles I):
Reign: 13 March 1824 – 17 December 1847
Predecessor: Maria Luisa
Duke of Parma and Piacenza (as Charles II):
Reign: 17 December 1847 – 17 May 1849
Predecessor: Marie Louise
Successor: Charles III

Born: 22 December 1799, Royal Palace of Madrid, Madrid, Kingdom of Spain
Died: 16 April 1883 (aged 83), Nice, French Republic
Burial: Cappella della Macchia, Villa Borbone, near Viareggio
Spouse: Maria Teresa of Savoy ​(m. 1820; died 1879)​
Princess Luisa
Charles III, Duke of Parma
Carlo Ludovico Ferdinando di Borbone
House: Bourbon-Parma
Father: Louis, King of Etruria
Mother: Maria Louisa, Duchess of Lucca

The Kingdom of Etruria was an Italian kingdom between 1801 and 1807 that made up a large part of modern Tuscany. It took its name from Etruria, the old Roman name for the land of the Etruscans.

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Various portraits of King Louis I of Etruria
The royal family of Etruria.

Ludovico I as King of Etruria, 1801.
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