Prince Harry: Relationship Suggestions and Musings 2016-2017

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Prince Harry: Relationship Suggestions and Musings 2016

I do understand the points that you and Duc are making, and to a certain extent I also agree with them. But what truly confuses me is that I have seen posts where you lauded the choice of Sofia Hellqvist for Carl-Philip of Sweden as "true love"...?

Do or did you look up to her?:ermm:

No, I don't look up to Sofia. Not at all. I never lauded the choice for Sofia, I just said that it seemed to me that Carl-Philip had found his soulmate. That must be because he was prepared to take many hurdles to marry Sofia.
If Meghan proves to be Harry's soulmate, I wish them luck. Who am I to be against true love?
I just think that people like Harry or Carl-Philip should be aware of their position and their choice for a life partner should not only be based on love. It is well for all of us to follow our heart but the Royals should not only use their heart but also their head. That is what comes with the territory.
Royals can't just marry anyone. That is just as it is to me. There are certain standards to follow.
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I have been saying the same thing for years, long before Meghan and long before Sofia.

But members of the Royal families(even the ones closest in the Succession) are no longer choosing their partners based on both their heads, their duties and their hearts.

They are choosing whomever they want to marry and blasting through any opposition. They view their success in marrying these occasionally profoundly unsuitable people as proof that "love conquers all".:cool:

In many cases they are cheered on in their single-minded pursuit of their own choices by press and public. The offshoot is that the Royals are literally not Royal at all either through education, background or any other parameters. (Their bloodlines are the very least of the problems with some of them.) The line between Royal and celebrity has grown so thin as to have become virtually indistinguishable.

The most important thing for a princess now is to be attractive and wear clothes well. PERIOD.

And Harry's new squeeze checks off both boxes.

So to try and tell Harry that he needs to uphold standards when very few of his family and Royal peers have done so is not rational or fair. You cannot put milk that has spilled back into the bottle.

Thanks for answering Hendrik-Jan77.
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As far as I'm aware, the consort of every heir of every reigning royal house in Europe is a royal by marriage.

There maybe an exception but for the most part countries and society in general have moved on.

I know some royal houses with their non-existent titles and non-existent thrones like to play make believe but that's another thread.

Even if for the sake of debate some obscure 'German princess' was plucked out of Europe for Harry, she'd still only be royal by virtue of her marriage. No different from Meghan.
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Who said a Royal spouse needs to even be a princess, German or otherwise?

How about if she has had a decent education(or is demonstrably intelligent) has a decent career or work ethic and cares about something other than becoming famous?

How about her qualifications for marriage include something more substantial than her "tiara hair"?

How about if we haven't seen body parts no one except her physician or husband needs to be familiar with? :cool:
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Everyone who married into the BRF royals recently had a education and or a career. Taking Camilla out of the equation because there was different expectations for a woman when she was a younger woman.

Kate and Autumn both have University degrees. Kate's the same university as her husband. Sophie built a business that she couldn't continue as a Royal. Mike had a successful rugby career.

Meghan has more education than Harry does.

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If you look at Queens Maxima, Letizia and Mathilde though, I don't think anyone can deny that their spouses chose well. A hundred or more years ago none of them would have got within a mile of the throne as consort, not even Mathilde.

Yet in Felipe of Spain's case at least, he did have to literally 'blast' through the opposition to gain his true love. It was said that he had a letter in his pocket during his last meeting with his father, before King Juan Carlos changed his mind, in which he stated that he would withdraw from his position as Prince of Asturias if he could not marry Letizia.

And years before there was the case of Harald of Norway who would not give up his secret fiancée Sonja even though they had to wait nearly a decade to marry. It was the same with Victoria and Daniel of Sweden. In both examples these people have proved superb consorts. So it's not always a disaster when a Royal falls in love and the news is received with horror or disdain by the Royal House. Love sometimes does conquer all. And a match considered extremely desirable on paper sometimes turns out not to be so. Look at Diana!

As far as Harry and Meghan are concerned I don't think that an actress stripping off for a sex scene in a TV movie or film should be held against her. So many productions today have raunchy scenes in them and contracted actors and actresses have to appear in them whatever their personal feelings. Porn of any kind is very different, in my view.

Harry/Meghan might or might not prove to be serious and end in an engagement, and yes the state of the relationship still isn't clear at all. However, I'm with others in believing that Harry would have said something, anything, even jokingly, to reporters (as he did with Pippa where there was far less fuss,) if there wasn't something there. This past week has been extraordinary and yet not a peep from him.
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I also don't think that making a bold scene in a movie is a problem. Grace Kelly was also an actress and married a prince. She did not participate in daring scenes, because it was another epoch, but I doubt the prince would not have married with her if she had done. Of course it's early to talk about marriage, but I think something is happening. It would be enough Harry to say that he is alone, would put an end to the rumors.
The rubber will meet the road if they do ever get to a point where marriage is discussed.

The inner sanctum of the BRF is almost like a secret society. She'd have to give up a lot.

Plus she's already been down the marriage road once before, which in of itself isn't a big deal but I'm sure Harry is hoping 1 is his lucky number. No do overs for him.

Does she want children? Harry sure seems like he does. Obviously very, very early days.
That seems to be the case for the Windsors, but not for reigning dynasties in general. King Felipe VI of Spain for example, in addition to his military training, has a law degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a master's degree in foreign relations from Georgetown.

Yes it that has really only been in recent generations. If you look at monarchs in the same age range as Elizabeth you will find they have similar to her. Charles is older than his fellow hours and new sovereigns. But a few of his contemporaries age wise were starting to get better educations. Hans Adams his age and has a masters in business for instance. What I admire is in countries like the Netherlands, emphasis is put on younger kids getting a strong education and a career. Friso had a degree in aeronautical engineering and two masters. Constantine is a lawyer and also has a MBA, having worked in diplomacy, law and business.

Who said a Royal spouse needs to even be a princess, German or otherwise?

How about if she has had a decent education(or is demonstrably intelligent) has a decent career or work ethic and cares about something other than becoming famous?

How about her qualifications for marriage include something more substantial that her "tiara hair"?

How about if we haven't seen body parts no one except her physician or husband needs to be familiar with? :cool:

Plenty of people. Duc for instance outs Cressida on a podium. An actress Snd model like Meghan who partied. But she us the granddaughter of an earl so that is all that matters.

Kate well she has no career to speak of but education wise she has a degree from a top university.

Meghan has a degree in communications and international relations. And while an actress, serves as an ambassador for both world vision and the UN women's fund both of which she does a lot of work with.

Though since their spouses have no titles or roles I don't see why they are included autumn has a Ba in eastern Asian studies from the top Canadian university and had a career in consulting. Mike has a hugely successful sports caree.

Abroad we have

Letizia holds a masters in audiovisual education and had quite the journalism career.

Mathilde who comes from aristocratic roots has a masters in psychology and worked as a speech therapist.

Maxima has a masters in economics and worked in finance. Mabel has a degree in political science she had worked with the elders and war child. Laurentien has a masters in journalism.

Daniel may not have an education but he built several successful businesses. Chris has a masters from Columbia school of business and a successful business career.

Stephanie is an aristocrat, with a masters. Claire is working on a doctorate in bioethics. Tessy recently obtained her masters in diplomacy.

Mary had a bachelor of commerce and Marie in arts, and both worked in marketing and pr.

Ari Behn has a degree in history and religion, and a career as an author. MM did get some college educator and since marriage had continued.
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Who said a Royal spouse needs to even be a princess, German or otherwise?
How about if she has had a decent education(or is demonstrably intelligent) has a decent career or work ethic and cares about something other than becoming famous?
How about her qualifications for marriage include something more substantial that her "tiara hair"?
How about if we haven't seen body parts no one except her physician or husband needs to be familiar with? :cool:

The caveat to such women is that they actually have something of their own going on that would not include having it all tossed off to be a support system as their husband cuts ribbons. It's not like princes literally run the country and have to make life/death decisions and it's not like they really risk all that much. A marriage does not seal a peace treaty or a trade treaty and it's not like the Windsors actually offer anyone much. I do believe that Harry isn't really a bad guy, but realistically he's not hanging around women with quiet jobs and quiet lives.
However Sophie Wessex was a successful PR representative, had experienced various jobs and had a full social life in London before meeting Prince Edward. Birgette van Deurs worked at the Danish Embassy in London when she met Prince Richard of Gloucester. I'm sure Birgette led a full life.

Sophie knew that her life would incorporate some Royal duties even if she did hope she could continue her PR business. Prince Richard was an architect, but as his parents aged he might well have taken up a few patronages even if his brother had lived. His wife too!

Love does funny things to people! Probably it was a wrench for Daniel to give up life coaching and his successful chain of gyms because of his marriage but he did it and joined the Royal round, because of Victoria. He hasn't gone off screaming into the sunset full of regrets about fulfilment.

By the way, just as a point of interest, Meghan and the Queen Mother share a birthday!
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I just read the statement. If anyone needed more confirmation - there you go.
I'm not sure confirming the relationship was the best way to achieve those goals. It sounds like she and her family were dealing with some terrible stuff, but becoming the Official Girlfriend is just going to result in even more interest.
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Yes indeed:

I am glad this statement has been issued and that the matter will no longer be subject to rumour and speculation. I only hope that Harry and Meghan can continue to develop their relationship as they wish.
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I understand the statement but in the churning minds of sociopathic tabloid editors a warning can easily be perceived as a dare. They will harass Meghan even more just to prove a point.

Tabloids certainty aren't going to back off
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I wish Harry and Meghan all the best in their relationship and that now have time to enjoy themselves without media attention.
I agree this won't stop anything. But I'm going to try and not post on this topic again. I say try because I'm not sure I will be able to resist.

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Oh no... :argh: I must say I hoped Harry would have some sense. And no, I don't care what nationality, ethnicity etc. Harry's girlfriend is, I just feel terribly disappointed that most younger royals seem to go after people with narcissistic tendencies. I guess no-one else is interested in the title anymore.
Prince Harry: Relationship Suggestions and Musings 2016

I don't think this will do much. Social media has no rules basically. Where there was still some doubt about the relationship but now with KP confirming it. That's all gone. So she will become a target for 3 countries media-US, Canada and U.K. The paparazzi will now be trying to get that first picture of them together for big money. The TMZs of the world don't care what KP says. KP can't do anything thing about them.

This statement kind of reminds me of the statement about the paparazzi pictures of George & Charlotte last summer. However those two are small kids who had no choice to be born who they are. Meghan is a grown adult who chose to date a Prince.

Diana onwards to Kate, they all get the press prying treatment. I don't think the press will just stop because Harry asked them too.

Ideally the situation would be much better if they could have kept unwraps longer. I wonder who Camilla Tominey's source for the initial story was.

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I wish the couple well. I think this statement was issued because the tabloid attention and speculation in the media was just getting out of hand with no sign of it stopping. I hope the two of them get some peace and quiet and time to themselves in the future, but I doubt it. The next thing the tabs will be baying for will be an engagement, and then Camilla T and co. will be booking the Abbey!
mmm... interesting press release.

am i the only one who read the press release in its entirety and found it a most strange statement? the informal tone it is written in, the specificities, the 'let's break the news out - yes, it is his GIRLFRIEND, meghan'. it is just not the done thing. i even doubt kensington ever confirmed that harry was going out with any of his previous girlfriends, cressida and chelsy, and they went out for a long time. what made them release this makes me extremely curious. it is a strange move.

anyway, if by releasing this they thought they would decrease media pressure on her and her circle, they've done the exact opposite. in doing so they confirmed their relationship and as a result, more and more will come. this is only just the start.

it is strange they would release this - as if they didn't know how diana and kate were harrased by the paps. are they seriously expecting a press release to stop all that behaviour? i thought they (kensington palace, harry, meghan or whoever had the idea to do this) would know better.
Is this statement a way of preparing people for an engagement ???
I don't think so. Meghan is a different ball game- she's a person of mixed heritage and much of the nasty comments were about her race. She's also divorced! *trolls clutch their pearls*.
an engagement ???

Heaven forbid.. If they have been 'seeing one another' for a few Months [and 'Long distance'] how can they POSSIBLY have laid the groundwork for the MASSIVE change marriage would bring to both their lives ..

'Marry in haste, repent at leisure'..
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