Prince Christian, Current Events 1: November 2005 - July 2006

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Wowww!!! He is so cute and big! I love him, oh, really there are a lot of cuties babies in the royal families...I like it very much!
i love the pictures of Prince Frederick with his cuteeeeeeeeeeeee son
OMG, he has grown up so much. He is so big and so cute. You cant really tell where he gets his looks from. Very Cute.
Does anyone have a picture of a young Prince Henrik? I think little Christian looks a lot like his paternal grandfather. I would like to compare little Christian's looks to grandpa Henri...thanks!
Christian looks adorable in his long socks and shoes, what a cutie.
really cute! I think she dress him very natural and like a normal baby of his age!I like very mucht
Prins Christian is so cute. He has wonderful eyes.
Princess Mary lokks reallyyyy great!She is lovely I love her dress very in summer fashion!
biboquinhas said:
Princess Mary lokks reallyyyy great!She is lovely I love her dress very in summer fashion!

Gosh he really looks like his grandad , on his father's side !
Oh what a cute little boy Christian is! He really does resemble his paternal grandpa a lot but who knows what he'll look like when he grows a bit. :) Does anyone know if Frederik or Mary were blond as children?
no, they have brown / black hair. Queen Margrethe and Joachim were blond. I don´t know about Prince Henrik I think he had brown hair.

Sorry my english is very very bad

Thank you Gaby - I hadn't seen these before:)
Christian certainly is a charmer!
oh, those photos are very sweet. i specially like the last one with teh blue-grey-green cap... looks quite spontaneous.

i think he really looks like frederik and his father henrik. he really changed since the first photos!
Thank you gaby for the warning and Lucidu for uploading the pics. I love the cap and drooling pic... what is he eating? Fruit?!

He has a very white skin and wonderful blue eyes.

What an handsome prince!

mtbcm :)
I think he's eating watermelon.

What a sweetie-pie!:) He's too cute.
How utterly cute is Christian! :) He has beautiful eyes, too! It's particuarly noticeable in the second picture with him peeking out under his cap, eating the watermelon.

I have to say my favourite image is him in the grey, blue and green striped sweater. The smile is just too cute for words!

I especially like these images because they are the kind of images any of us might have of our own childhood or might take of our children. There is such a personal quality to them, rather than something formal and posed.

Great pictures lucidu!
Thanks for these great pictures! Christian is so cute! I think he really looks like his dad, he has the same expression. :)
precious just precious, thanks so much for the link and photos
i doubt if it matters but the blue and white dress is another pregnacy dress, remember she wore it with white pants to open a beach -it think it the later stages if my memory is correct.
and laurixas i find it charming how our (not 1st language speakers) members use our language, sometimes it comes out quite beautiful, like poetry.
Beautiful pictures. I'm so glad the Princes made them available from their web site for everybody to see.
christian is sooooooooooooooooo cute. I really love him : he have a very cute face: his chubby cheeks, his beautiful smile and his eyes.
i love this pics especially one in the little swimming pool. cute and handsome!
I love him! I want a copy for me :D
Maxie said:
Thanks for these great pictures! Christian is so cute! I think he really looks like his dad, he has the same expression. :)

I totally agree with you! Especially in the first picture (Christian in the little swimming pool) you can see a strong resamblance between Christian and Frederik.
Lucidu, thank you so much for posting those pics! you made my day! :)

Christian's newest photos just melts my heart...i particularly love the one where he's wearing his gray cap and drooling over his fruit. ;)
Beautiful pictures:) Prince Christian is the most beautiful royal baby. I love picture number 2, I think he look very much like Mary.
See people! They can be normal! And share normal pictures of their normal child!;) (And yes, this was said in jest,so no one get their dander up! Please!)
I'm glad they have choosen to share pictures like these with us. He is a cutie-patootie!:)
He is so beautiful!

He has changed a lot facially too - I think he looks a lot like his Dad.
I've watched these photos and cutie, little Christian with his nose reminds me little dwarf.
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