Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia's Current Events Part 1: June 2015 - January 2019

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Carl Philip and Sofia visited today Trängslet in Älvdalen in Dalarna to get information about how the region was affected by the forest fires. Information officer Ulrika Näsholm from the court said that Carl Philip and Sofia had been on a holiday in Dalarna and wanted to visit Trängslet. Lotta Larsson from the County Administrative Board of Dalarna said that they had got a request from Carl Philip and Sofia that they wanted to visit this area.

Prinsparet besökte Trängslet - Sveriges Kungahus
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Svensk Damtidning asked from the court, why Carl Philip and Sofia don't have any work events after today's Sweden dinner, before the Opening of the Riksdag on 25th September, 10 days totally empty at the calendar.
Margareta Thorgren said:
- Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have other missions that are not always official. It is perfectly natural that you don't see all their planned commitments. They have a lot of work which isn't at the court's calendar.
Därför gapar Sofias och Carl Philips kalender tom i 10 dagar _ Svensk Damtidning
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H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip and H.R.H. The Princess Sofia visit Värmland on 19th October

Program and Times October 19, 2018:

1. Dyslexia fair
The prince couple participates at the National Dyslexia Fair at Karlstad CCC, organized by the Dyslexia Association. Inauguration and tour at the exhibition fair.
Time: 09.30-11.15
Location: Karlstad CCC
Organizer: Dyslexia Association

2. Wildlife management of the future
Prince Carl Philip and governor Kenneth Johansson attend a seminar on the future wildlife management in Värmland, organized by the County Administrative Board of Värmland at Dömle Herrgård. Among others Fredrik Widemo, researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is one of the speakers. The seminar ends with a panel discussion.
Time: 13.50-16.00
Location: Dömle Herrgård, Dömlesalen
Organizer: County Administrative Board of Värmland

3. Dance that spreads joy
Princess Sofia and the governor's wife Viola visit Dansstudion in Karlstad to meet young people with functional variations that are part of a dance group. The interest in joining the dance group has increased sharply since its inception five years ago. The activity is spreading great joy to the participants.
Time: 13.45-14.50
Location: Dansstucion, gathering at the entrance, Kungsgatan 6 D, Karlstad
Organizer: Karlstad Dance Association

4. Spontaneous sports for young people
Princess Sofia and the governor's wife Viola visit Soran Afrasiabi, who runs the initiative for Spontanidrotting and movement for youngsters in Kronoparken, Karlstad, among others. During the visit, young people play basketball. They meet also young people who participate as athletes. Soran Afrasiabi was appointed as "Sola in Karlstad" in 2018 for her work on inclusive sports for young people.
Time: 15.15-16.00
Location: Frödingskolan in Kronoparken, Karlstad (schoolyard basketball court)
In bad weather the matches take place in the Fröding Arena, which is adjacent to the Frödingskolan.
Organizer: Soran Afrasiabi through Karlstad municipality and Värmlandsidrotten

5. County Governor's County Dinner
Dinner with theme: Ack Värmeland du skönä (Oh, Värmeland you are beautiful). The prince couple as well as invited guests from all over the county participate.
Time: 19.00
Location: Residence, Residenstorget 1, Karlstad
H.K.H. Prins Carl Philip och H.K.H. Prinsessan Sofia besöker... - Länsstyrelsen Värmland
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Oh that a hint? He wouldn't joke about that, wouldn't he? He says baby for March 2019
Well that would surely be good news. This is one couple that I absolutely adore, and I think they are going to follow in Madeline's footsteps with the number of children they have.
Is that the official Insta page of the Prince? I find it unusual that he would announce on his Insta page and not through the Swedish Royal Court.

Yes, it's their official Instagram. I don't think it's a joke, and we'll probably get the official news tomorrow.
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