Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia's Current Events Part 1: June 2015 - January 2019

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It's my birthday, so I'm okay with it. And the fact that Diana died this day isn't going to be a big issue in the future, especially not in Sweden.

Congratulations on your birthday and on the birth of your new prince(ss)
And the baby will share the birthday with Queen Rania.

Happy Birthday, xenobia!
They had a healthy baby! Isn't that the most important?

They (Carl Philip) will probably announce the sex at a press conference later today.

Goodness no need to be upset. I just thought I had missed something
wow another boy! I would love to see a mini Sofia!
Well, well...maybe you will see her someday.
Sofia is only 32, she still can have another one.
I wouldn't be surprised if they have more.

Well, well...maybe you will see her someday.
Sofia is only 32, she still can have another one.

another boy then. happy news. i guess all that matters is that he is a healthy baby. :flowers:

on monday we get to know the name and duchy then! stay tuned.
Yes 4 boys now I think and another child in a few months!

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia met a Swedish journalist at the Royal Palace in Stockholm to discuss the work of their foundation.

Caroline Engvall, she is as well as a freelance journalist, an author. She was there to discus not only bullying, but the book fair happening now. Both in her journalism and her books Caroline seems to have focussed on childhood bullying and the deep consequences.
One thing is very noticeable about this couple ....that look of love is very strong between truly lovely to see!
The court told in the afternoon, that Daniel has to cancel his attendance at the Sports Gala, due to that he has cold. First Victoria had it, and now also Daniel.

So Carl Philip and Sofia attend at the Swedish Sports Gala at Ericsson Globe this evening. Carl Philip delivers probably Jerringpriset. Carl Philip and Sofia sit at board 29.
Open pdf's
Bordsplacering till press

Expressen's live-TV from the red carpet
[URL=""]LIVE-TV_ Röda mattan på Idrottsgalan 2018

Aftonbladet's live-TV
LIVE_ Direkt från röda mattan – här anländer de till Idrottsgalan

SVT Play starts their many hour broadcast at 16.45
Red Carpet - 16.45-17.30
Pretalk - 18.30-20.00 (the guests have dinner)
The sports gala - 20.00-22.30
Aftertalk - 22.30-23.00
Idrottsgalan - Idrottsgalan_ Uppsnack, Gala, Eftersnack _ SVT Play

Carl Philip and Sofia. SVT's commentators noticed them arriving extremely shortly.
Swimmer Sarah Sjöström, who is tipped to win Jerringpriset

Expressen's fashion expert thinks that Sofia vanishes in the colour of her dress and gives Sofia 3 out of 5, Carl Philip gets 4.
Idrottsgalan 2018_ De klädde sig bäst på röda mattan _ Sport _ Expressen


Carl Philip delivered Radiosporten's Jerringpris to equestrian Peder Fredricson, who won European Championship in Gothenburg in 2017. He got 38 per cent of the votes, swimmer Sarah Sjöström 30 per cent. Fredricson won the prize also last year. Some commentators say that Sarah Sjöström should have won but she doesn't have enough fans to vote her to win. Fredricson has all people who are dealing with riding sport behind him.
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Here's a video of TRH Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia at Swedish Sports Gala last night.

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Looks like a fun visit and he was enjoying himself on the swing.
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