Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 33: January 2020 - January 2022

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Welcome to Part 33 of the thread for the Current Events of HSH Prince Albert II

The old thread can be found here:

** Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - May 2018- **

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This evening, January 4, Prince Albert gave the start for the 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race in Monaco:

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Prince Albert was present to another baskball game of Monaco


In the presence of Prince Albert ,Mrs. Isabelle Bonnal received on Monday 6 January , the insignia of Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

And a video from 4 January when Prince Albert attend at the 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race

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In the presence of Prince Albert, Thomas Fouilleron and Tony Varo were distinguished by the High French authorities on 10 January.

As part of Taste Week, Prince Albert met 35 chefs for a breakfast at the Hermitage

Prince Albert present during the wish ceremony of the Public Security Directorate
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Here's a video of Prince Albert at the Taste Week event and one of him attending the New Year's reception:

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Here are two videos of Prince Albert's visit to the hospital and the New Year's reception:

And this evening, January 17, Prince Albert was in Kreuth, Germany, to attend the Ludwig Erhard Summit. He was honoured with the Freedom Prize of the Media:

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On January 20 Prince Albert attended the presentation of the activity report of the Strategic Council for Attractiveness (CSA) in Monaco:

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The Force Publique, represented by Colonel Tony Varo, its Superior Commander, adhered this Wednesday, 22 January to the National Pact for the Energy Transition, in the presence of Prince Albert

Prince Albert II, Mr. Dale Su, Vice-President of the Chimelong Group. and Mr. Urs Pilz, Artistic Director of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, during a private audience for the promotion of Circus Arts, on 20 January

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Here's a video of the signing of the National Pact for the Energy Transition:

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Prince Albert handed out the Prince's Prize for innovative Philanthropie 2020 to the project C.U.R.E.:

Today, January 29, Prince Albert participated in the colloquium "Faced with climate change, the field of possibilities" at the French Académie des Sciences in Paris:

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With all the good works Albert does I think he is awesome. Who will be regent for Jock? if something were to happen to Albert?
I wonder if he will stay for the Oscars.
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Prince Albert landed at Sunday night at the city of Kalamata in Greece Airport , and later arrived at the port of Kalamata, where he boarded the research vessel "Pressure Drop" to depart for the Oinousses Freer.

Prince Albert will take part in exploratory dives at the Oinousses Freer , the deepest point in the Mediterranean



The dive by Caladan Ocean expedition team, led by explorer Victor Vescovo was made aboard a submersible, built by Triton Submarines called the Triton 36000/2 or DSV Limiting Factor, equipped with a sonar system and other instruments allowing it to get to the absolute bottom of the oceans.

Started at 8:50 a.m., the depth of -5117 m was reached at 11:12 a.m., with a return to the surface at 2 p.m. On 10 February , Victor Vescovo and Prince Albert thus reached the deepest point of the Mediterranean.

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Thanks eya, for this interesting information. Wow! Being 5000m deep under water must be a extraordinary experience, like being in space.
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This evening, February 12, Prince Albert gave the kick-off for the "The Last Game" hockey match in Monaco to raise awareness of global warming. The match was organized by the Prince Albert II Foundation, the City of Monaco and the Monegasque Skating Federation and included Russian ice hockey legend Slava Fetisov, professionals and amateurs:

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Prince Albert attended a concert of the Alsacian Club of Monaco at the "Place du Palais" today, February 14:

** gallery **
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Yesterday, February 16, Prince Albert attended the prize giving ceremony of the 5km Herculis race during the Monaco Run competition:

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I think we will see prince Albert less because a lot of events are postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus, a case detected and many people are confined and I think he will travel less

I think Monaco is not alone, we will see the other royals less in other monarchies

Interview of Prince Albert about the coronavirus in the newspaper Monaco Matin this Morning
He said that he will go in Suisse and in Austria very soon countries with not a lot of people who have the coronavirus and he will postponed or delete her presence in some events

Interview du Prince Albert sur le Coronavirus dans Monaco matin - marriane
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Prince Albert attended the presentation of Monaco Telecom Tv and Apple Tv at the Grimaldi Forum on March 2nd:

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Here's a video of the "Covid-19" meeting Prince Albert attended:

And yesterday, March 3, Albert attended the launch of the global coalition for biodiversity at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco:

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True to form: P.Albert might travel less because of tge Corina virus, but he finds plenty to do at home :lol:
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