Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 33: January 2020 - January 2022

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Prince Albert and former US Secretary of State John Kerry have given a joint interview:

Prince Albert attended the WaterAid water and climate event at Kings Place in London today, March 10. The Prince of Wales is President of WaterAid since 1991 and attended as well:

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Today 12 March Prince Albert opened the Xas International Meetings of Monaco and the Mediterranean (RIMM) at the Oceanographic Museum

Also Prince Albert held the third working meeting on the theme of the Coronavirus

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In this interview, he does not speak about his birthday, the subject is only about the coronairus , not else
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A good speech, but a bit vague. I wonder, if the thingy with the travel restrictions is in effect for the housemaids too and all. I somehow don't see all the billionaires and multi-millionaires cleaning their vast appartements.:whistling:
Thank you Eya, posting all the meetings of the prince with the monegash princely governement, the mayor of Monaco and the president of the National council, since the beginning of the Corona virus Prince Albert has a lot of these meeting like this, 2 times in a Week and he gave interviews in Monaco Matin, and he spoke to the country
Before to critic Monaco and his prince who is doing a lot of actions to avoid this corona, look at what your country is doing before to critic Monaco, what is doing Mrs Merkel and her governement?
The schools, the colleges, the universitats are closed, since this Week, there is a confinement. There is not only millionaires and multi millionaires in the monegash people but, teachers, owners of food shops, employes of banks, housemaids , and so

I don' understand this picture of only millionaires living in Monaco, there are also persons who are not millionaires and living like English ot german persons , often the persons who are speaking about a millionaires people , don' t know Monaco or are jalious.

In Monaco, Prince Albert is doing a good job specially the state Minister , the second important person after the prince is ill , he has the corona virus
Thursday afternoon 16 April ,Prince Albert visited the Covid-19 Call Center and the Home Monitoring Center (for people with few symptoms and who do not require hospitalization).
These two entities located in the Rainier III Auditorium, are staffed by health professionals supervised by a doctor.
Good to see him fully recovered - he should be careful though as it appears reinfection is still possible.
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Great speech - he is so much more assured when speaking these days.

And good news for Monaco.
"Today, Monday 4 May , the Principality of Monaco has decided to participate in the call for donations launched by the European Union in order to provide a global response to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
Also, HSH Prince Albert recorded today a video message responding to this call for donations"

SAS Prince Albert is a great prince of Monaco, he is bringing the support of his country to the States chiefs of the UE to win the covid 19 , even if his country is tiny , it counts among the big countries
On 7 May , Prince Albert visited the Monegasque companies Bettina and Banana Moon, who have mobilized for several weeks their production tools for the manufacture of protective masks in washable and reusable fabric.

Interview Prince Albert with post-docs of the ITER research program.
On the occasion of this interview conducted by videoconference, the Prince was accompanied by Ms Anne-Marie Boisbouvier, Advisor in His Cabinet.

Last week Prince Albert visited the Monegasque company PhytoQuant, which specializes in food supplements and natural cosmetics.
The company PhytoQuant has been marketing for a few weeks a new hand hygiene gel based on alcohol and essential oils.

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On 26 May, Prince Albert visited the two Covid-19 screening centers in Monaco. At the Léo-Ferré space, he took the opportunity to pass a serological test, which logically proved positive, the prince having contracted the disease in March.
The Prince encourages all residents and employees to take a free serological test as part of this national campaign launched last week in Monaco.

Prince Albert has recorded a message for today's World Oceans Day (June 8):

And he attended the installation of a plaque as part of the Educational Marine Area on the solarium of the Rainier III seawall in Monaco today:

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Today 19 June, the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince resumed, taking into account sanitary provisions, the traditional ceremonial of the Changing of the Guard on the Place du Palais Princely.
On this occasion, Prince Albert assisted this relief from the windows of the Prince's Palace.
Due to the crisis linked to the Covid-19, the changing of the Guard took place, in recent weeks, inside the Palace and without ceremony
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