Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock Current Events - Part 5: June 2010 - June 2011

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No one is criticized, the only one who criticizes at the moment is you.

You will have to revise older posts. I have been critiziced for my opinion.
The fact that most of you do not agree with my point of view that this is not a love story but a cheap farse, does not make my comments "criticism", but opinions.
But good comments are welcome and not good ones are considered bashing.
Moderator - maybe all of the opinions about Prince Albert's relationship with his fiance Charlene belong on the "Prince Albert and Charlene's relationship" thread, not current events. We all got sidetracked.
Perhaps he just viewed the question as one that was no ones elses damn business and was being as polite as he could without telling the reporter to go to hell. He is under no obligation to bare his soul to the press.

I hate it when journalists are presumptuous enough to ask a Royal couple that question "Are you in love?" :bang:

How the hell did it start...with Charles and Diana??

Just once I want someone to give them a cold stare or even respond with

"It's none of your damned business!"
I agree with you Moonmaiden23, in this video, Prince Albert philosophied on the particula rite of each person, and Journalist askes suddenly"Is Charlene W your soulmate.?It was not the subject, Ido not see Prince Albert, sayinf Yes she's my love, I see stars in her eyes, he is a prince, he is very reserved and he is 52 years. He answered only we get wonderfully and it feels confortable, i know she's the right person.Look at the all video, in this video, he says also, patners complete them and they are unique. We do not listen in english, the sound is very low, but it is translate in german language. In this video, Charlene seems to be very happy, she answers to the journalist and she smiles and laughts.
You might consider it was asked because Charlene told the press they were soul mates when she appeared at the Olympics in 2006.
At the beginning, Charlene could have say "we are soul mate", she was enthousiast, but the world soul mate is nothing, if you are well together, if you understand your partner, you have the same idea of living, you can say you are loving your fiance or husband, I was married whit my man 40 years ( who is dead last year), ican say that it was marvellous years, but my man was not my soul mate, he was different of me. I understand Prince Albert, he doest not show his feelings, but when they are in holidays, he takes her han, he kisses her,( look at them at Capri)But when they are in public, they are correct, and it is well
I can't understand the sourness toward Charlene. She has done nothing to warrant all the nit-picking that's going on.

As for Albert being her "soul mate" well, that may be the case, but not everyone marries their "soul mate." I have a "soul mate" and she's a woman. We are not lesbian, she just understands me better than anyone else I've ever met.

I just don't get it. The majority just "love" the badly behaved sisters of Prince Albert, but constantly criticize the woman he intends to marry.

I don't think it is a "cheap farce." Two people have agreed to marry...Is there something I'm missing?
Prince Albert II of Monaco came, with fiancee Charlene Wittstock, at the famous 'Hotel de Paris' in Monte-Carlo for a Gala dinner for The Ireland Fund Monaco.
October 09,2010

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Nice pix... nice outfit... happy to see her again !
Good find! Albert looks really good. She looks good too, but i've been seen her face "plastic" lately. Maybe it's the make up or the light but i don't like it...
She wiill be perhaps present at the National fest of Monaco the 19 november 2010 as fiance of the Prince, the last years, she could not be present because she did not belong to the prince family. This year, I don't know if she will be present at the mess as she is not yet princess, nor in the ceremony in the yard of Palacze, but I thinck that she will be present at the balcony. I hope there will be a coach to say her what suit to wear for this special even. Every year, I watch all these ceremonies on tv 'tmc' because I live in the sud East of the France or on thr local chanel at Eze where my mother lives, It is a very beautiful ceremony
I was very glad to see former Irish President Mary Robinson amongst the line-up..... one current head of state and one former head of state...
They look very good. Thanks for the pics!
Charlene looks really good in casual clothes. It´s more natural.
Charlene has been shopping with Charlotte. She is wearing alot of black lately.
Thanks for photos :flowers:
I like how Charlene looks - more relaxed and natural.
Charlène very elegant... I appreciate very much !
Yes I agree, a more relaxed feel to these photos - but why is everyone wearing black?!! (It's a festival!)

The newest pics of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock attending a
soccer match, can be found at our extra thread: ** Soccer Fans **
Charlene looks elegant, but the dress is a little...wierd? Too much black for a young woman, just like Charlotte.
Charlene looks elegant, but the dress is a little...wierd? Too much black for a young woman, just like Charlotte.
She is gorgeous!There are young women that prefer black,why not?
When is it ok to wear black then. Charlotte is younger than Charlene right? They're two different age groups. I personally think black is attractive, elegant, sophisticated. :)
When is it ok to wear black then. Charlotte is younger than Charlene right? They're two different age groups. I personally think black is attractive, elegant, sophisticated. :)

I love black as well...and wear it pretty much all the time. I guess its just personal preference. Hopefully Charlene will come into her own fashion wise. The last two outfits/looks have been very promising. They are not outstanding like fashion snazzy but they look more natural.
This dress is very severe... of course it shows her perfect figure but I think some accessories would have improved the look....
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