Presentation of Lilleprinsen: October 18, 2005

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What a beautiful young family..I like the way Princess Mary looks at her baby,she is full of love for that little one..I am really happy for her:) :) ..
Everytime (almost) when the baby is born there is born a big happy too:)
They lokk lovely, what a happy young family:) :) :)

P.S. And now should start a pressure for Letizia to give a birth of her baby:) , specially after today night visit to the hospital.:rolleyes:
Wonderfull pics of Mary Frederik and the baby! my postcard is send to Denmark!
aww, the baby is just cute... i think he looks a lot like fred, but maybe it's too early to judge.
the parents looked radiant! mary seems a little tired though.

great to see them again. can't wait to know the baby's name!

what did they say in that mini interview?
I think the baby is adorable they all look so happy as they should. I think Mary looks nice, elegant and above all comortable.
lis said:
i do not lijke how mary is dressed to me it`s over the top

I respectfully disagree with you here Lis. Mary chose a black dress covered up with a grayish tweed coat- this is probably the most conservative outfit she could have chosen and is totally appropriate for the weather and the occasion.

Thanks everybody for the great pictures. Keep them coming. :) Are there any pics from Fredensborg yet?
La Princesa Mary presenta a su bebé/Princess Mary presents her baby


LA PRINCESA MARY PRESENTA A SU BEBÉ. La princesa Mary abandonó el martes el Rigshospital de Copenhague con su hijo en brazos y acompañada por su esposo, el príncipe Federico, tres días después de haber dado a luz al bebé. El pequeño ocupa el segundo lugar en la línea sucesoria danesa y todavía se desconoce su nombre. "Ser madre es fantástico, una está tan contenta que el corazón resplandece", declaró a su salida. (Foto: EFE)

PRINCESS MARY PRESENTS/DISPLAYS HER BABY. Princess Mary left Tuesday the Rigshospital of Copenhagen with her son in arms and accompanied by her husband, prince Frederik, three days after given birth the baby. The small one occupies the second place in the Danish successory line and his name is still not known. "To be mother it is fantastic, one is so happy that the heart shines", declared her in exit. (Photo: EFE)

Pictures from DPA


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Pictures from Reuters and BT


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more pics


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The child is really beautiful. It's wonderful to see such a happy family. Great that we have the pics with Fred carring the baby too.
LaChicaMadrilena said:
The child is really beautiful.

I agree!!!! He is very cute!!!:) :)
Welcome to little prince!!!
I love your pic ap3!!!!:D :D
it's a beautiful family.
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ap3 said:
The article with the official photo attached:

Lovely picture!
the baby is cute...but...the skin color of the baby looks a bit weird to me...are new borns like that? cuz i dun recall see other new born prince/princess having a 2 skin colors (white + a little brown/tan)...
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bigheadshirmp said:
the baby is cute...but...the skin color of the baby looks a bit weird to me...are new borns like that? cuz i dun recall see other new born prince/princess having a 2 skin colors (white + a little brown/tan)...

I thought the same thing. He is absolutely beautiful, but he looks slightly jaundiced to me. That's fairly common in newborns, though (I had it), and easily treatable. I'm sure the little Prince is receiving the best of care.
so beautiful picture ...thank you guys :)
Oh my god,they are such a good-looking and cute family,may it last forever....:)
Watch the video from Fredensborg - Mary looks like she delivery month ago, she's playing with Zigy which is same happy as his masters (that Mary back):)
Congratters to Mary & Frederik on having their son. The photos and videos were great.


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Wonder if he has Frederik's blue eyes, or Mary's brown?
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