Presentation of Lilleprinsen: October 18, 2005

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ysbel said:
I found this pic at Jyllands-Posten.

Mary looks good and the baby is adorable. I think banning the flash made Mary and the baby look more natural and softer. Maybe they should ban the flash more often.

Thank you for the pictures.. Look cute wow wonderful....

She looks so protective wraping her baby.

Another from POLFOTO

Isn't he cute?! :)


Picture from B.T.

Does he look more like Mary or Fred to you?

More pictures from B.T. here
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Just to compare, here's Fred as a baby:

I think his nose is similar to Fred's but the mouth is definitely Mary.
Here are my pictures taken by ME ! not very good .... but ... !!!


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kil said:
Here are my pictures taken by ME ! not very good .... but ... !!!
kil, I think they're quite interesting. It's always nice to see some pictures from the non-professional angle.

I considered taking up to the hospital myself to watch, but I have a killer exam paper due on Monday. (I'm quite happy that Mary delivered on Saturday, as it gives me a little less of the "Have to check internet every 15 minutes to see if something is happening"-feeling, and a little more time to work on the paper. To put a selfish angle on it ;))

It's a nice time to be in Copenhagen, even if there's papers to be written.
I saw them on Corazon de otońo on TVE just before 15.00/3.00 - live:)
Thanks Kil , the pictures are very good :)
kil said:
Here are my pictures taken by ME ! not very good .... but ... !!!

Thank you kil for your exclusive and GREAT pictures.
With members like you TRF has all angles covered ;).

Thanks to your pics we can see Mary heels... Not bad for a woman who had just given birth.

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You are welcome :) :) :)

I'm happy to see that you like my non-profesionnal pictures !! :D I waited more than 1 hours at the hospital ! it was so crowded ! but the royal couple didn't stay a long time outside ....
They went directly in the car !! so my goal was : take pictures Kil, take pictures Kil !!!!!!!!! :D :D and flash were forbidden, so that's why the quality is not very good !! but I've seen them (for the first time !! I'm so happy !!! :) )
Lovely photos, and lovely to see! They all look so happy!;)
great pics Kil!

Thanks for waiting for more than an hour so we all could see them too!!:) :)
Thank you so much, kil! It is fun to see photos taken by "real" people!
Lovely pictures thanks everyone. More pictures from reuters and AP


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Catharina said:
Isn't he cute?! :)

Picture from B.T.

Does he look more like Mary or Fred to you?

More pictures from B.T. here

Yes, Catharina,

He is gorgeous! But it is difficult to see who he looks after. It is too soon, at least for me :eek: . Let's wait one or two more days. Looks like Mary's nose and Fred's eyes. But he sure is a big and good looking Prince!
Regards :)
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From ekstrabladet


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Pictures from Berlingske


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oh pretty photos! Thanks for posting everyone!
Special thanks to you Kil! Real photos is something extra :)
Very cute! But he looks big for a newborn. Perhaps it is all those blankets...???
Pictures from Nordjyske


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Very nice pictures...Cp Mary doesn't look like she just gave birth.
From fotokritik

More from fotokritik


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i do not lijke how mary is dressed to me it`s over the top
Thanks to everyone who posted pictures, they are really great and the baby is sooo handsome!
We can't find many good pictures in Australia, so it's great that we have this forum.
And I think the outfit looks good, and the princess doesn't look like she has just had a baby at all.
BTW, Ziggy(I think that's the name of their dog?) looks very happy to have them both home.
I wonder how he will react to having a new member of the family?
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Wonderful, i loved all the pics...the baby is so cute....i love...thans to all for the marvelus pics!!
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