Presentation of Lilleprinsen: October 18, 2005

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May 16, 2004
Mary is going to be leaving the hospital today!

Here's the press release from the Crown Princes's couple site..(Thanks to qudinde from CPMMB)

great to see they are leaving today (and in just an hour!)! can't wait to see photos of the baby...

any ideas about when the christening may be? hat's the protocol with royal christening with dates?
Mary looks wonderful. And what a cute baby :)

"I have it wonderful." Mary.

"Of course it was hard." Mary

"I couldn't have done it without him." Mary about Frederik's help around the birth.

"He's going to meet our little dog, as well." Frederik.

"You're just so happy," Mary on seeing the baby for the first time.

"Of course, he's going to be a big brother." Mary, looking at the little Prince.
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Mary and the baby are getting in the back of the car- and Frederik in the front driving the family home.
It was so much lucky for me that i could have watched it on the lives on news, it was for about 6-7 mins and was so wonderful.The little is so adorable and cute though they did not put much cameras into him but Mary i think she still just covered from the birth so she spoke quite soft i could not hear clearly maybe Norwegian heard more better than me.But it was really cool, Mary looks really elegant and relax, they seem so down to earth just like a normal family.
A lot of the female commentators were quite impressed with how well Mary looked only so shortly after giving birth, and a bit jealous :)
fanletizia said:
Images of the couple

sleeping through his first press conference! I love it! Mary and Fred do seem to have some sense about this - they're playing everything low-key and avoiding a circus-show. Kudos to them.
Mary and the baby - photo from


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He is so adorable and cute. Those two will make fanatastic parents.

I heard he will be taught English, Danish and French. Any Australians hear Rove's quip on it? I personally found it funny
Here is one, from POLFOTO

When they got to Fredensborg, Frederik was on the way into the house, when Mary gestured that they were going to be outside a little bit longer - so that the crowd that had gathered outside could get to see what they had come to see.

And the dog looked really happy to see them returning.
ah so cute :)

and how nice of Frederik and Mary to go and wave to all the people waiting for them at Fredensborg...

and soon we´ll see the first official photos to... What a day!
Mary&Fred look so happy!:)
From Polfoto


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Indeed an adorable baby, and Mary looks positively stunning!:D

Thanks everyone for the pictures!
what a beautiful family , they look soooo happy together and the baby is soo cute :)
Mary is the picture of a woman fullfiled - happy, serene and smilling openly :)!
And Frederik is so proud that he looks more grown up ;)

Can't wait to see more pics ;).
I found this pic at Jyllands-Posten.

Mary looks good and the baby is adorable. I think banning the flash made Mary and the baby look more natural and softer. Maybe they should ban the flash more often.


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Ours, the baby is very cute! He will be that it looks like itself its father?
Mary is very radiating and happy with its baby and its husband!
Fred and Mary are adorable and the little prince very adorable!
Many happinesses to the new family! :D
Thanks so much everyone for the photos. I just saw the pictures on Australian TV. Mary is absolutely glowing and isn't he a beautiful baby!! Congratulations to them!
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