Pierre Casiraghi Current Events Part 15: January 2009 - December 2013

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I guess his jaw is fine if he's clamping a cigarette; so much for reports of a broken jaw.
If he got hit in the jaw there would be bruises on his face. It looks like he got hit in the right eye and cheek. You know how the tabloids exagerate everything.
I don't know what to think about this story: so many versions are reported in "newspapers" that it's a bit difficult to see where the true is.
What I know is that tabloïds make a big noise with nothing. After all, Casiraghi siblings are very discrets now. But each time they are wrong, tabloïds seem to be attracted by this: Monaco dramas make them earn money, that's all. When I read articles, I honnestly thought that Pierre's face was very very damaged. Now that I see the pics, I find all this very funny! But I really think that all this fuss must be very boring for them.
Bonjour, :flowers:

It´s everything right, nothing bad ... :lol:

We live & lear, and we learning & live. :flowers: It´s a experience for is live. :p

If anyone what's to see more pics ... :boxing: Its just a simple abrasions/chafing :lol: its nothing. :whistling:

Pierre Casiraghi porta i segni della rissa | Focus


Pierre Casiraghi, ecco i segni della rissa. Cronaca di una serata poco regale | Focus

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I have a cat how make me worst than that ... to my hands. :whistling:

Pierre is going to be the next Rocky Balboa. :bb:

:heart: YouTube - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger :heart:

True, but I think the thing that took me was the fact that the "plastic surgery" quote was repeated in every other story. But then, I'm sure in the middle of a fight it looks much worse than it actually is. I'm just glad he's okay. Hopefully, this is the wake up call he needed to chill out with all his wildness and sit the heck down somewhere.
We don't know that he was being wild. That is what Hock's attorney is saying. Hock and his attorney better be right . We all know how PC loves to sue.
He looks fit and hale with no visible side effects of his wild and crazy night. Very cute and a charming appearance
Nice pics of young Pierre. :cool: Glad to see him there supporting his big sis as well. :flowers:

And I'm also glad the oldman that's old enough to be his father didn't do any permanent damage to his face.

Words of Wisdom: stay within your own circle, Pierre, stay within your own circle. This is what you get when you venture outside of that circle. Jmho.

On that note, here's to seeing more pics of Pierre and his beautiful long-time girlfriend Beatrice. :valentine1:
Do you guys think we'll ever get a video of Pierre speaking, doing an interview? I imagine he'd be a pretty funny, laidback guy (still, even in spite of recent reports), but he also seems notoriously private and he's inherited his mother's profound distaste for paps...just asking, because since we've heard Char's and Andrea's voices, I'm really curious as to what his sounds like and his manner of speaking.
I'm hoping Pierre will be a witness at Hock's trial. Maybe the judge will let it be televised.
Until you mentioned that bit of info., kells, I never realized before that Pierre hasn't spoken in public? Or has he?

I'm familiar with Charlotte's rich dusky voice (which shocked me the first time I heard it btw), as well as the rest of the Monaco Family, even the little ones at Prince Albert & Princess Charlene's wedding this past summer. :flowers: Yet I too don't think I've ever heard Pierre speak, which I honestly don't mind, if I never hear him speak ever I'm okay by it, just commenting is all. :)

As for a supposed trial, et al, I say once again "stay within your own circle, Pierre". Hard lesson to learn but necessary. And that goes for every day life for the rest of us as well. Jmho. :)
Actually, I think he has spoken in public, there just aren't any videos of it. I remember someone saying during the 2006 Grand Prix, when he was playing football against the racers, apparently he gave a short interview to an Italian reporter. Supposedly he spoke Italian well but with a French accent and had a very nice, deep voice. I swear I read something like that but I could be wrong. Someone else told me that he did a commercial where he spoke briefly and reported the same about his voice.

But I'm a little more curious/desperate than you, Nadine. Pierre's my favorite Casiraghi, even in light of recent events. :lol: So I kind of want to hear his voice more. I also remember being very pleasantly surprised at Charlotte's husky, commanding voice and Andrea's too.
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Om March 15, Pierre was pictured at the Nice jumping, this time not with Charlotte but with
a friend and her small child. Child and buggy suit him, don't they? :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** gallery **
How cute is Pierre in his dapper duds pushing the stroller, and I just love the 3rd and 4th pics. He looks like he'd make a very nice dad; thanks for posting, Iceflower!
Such cute pics! Thanks Iceflower. By the way, I think that woman is Vanina Mandelli a very close friend to all the Casiraghis.
sugarbaby318 said:
Such cute pics! Thanks Iceflower. By the way, I think that woman is Vanina Mandelli a very close friend to all the Casiraghis.

I had the same impression also
You are all most welcome :flowers:

and yes, you are right, sugarbaby318 and fandesacs2003 - it's Vanina Mandelli who's wedding Charlotte, Pierre,
Andrea, Caroline and Alexandra attended in 2009 and we've seen pics of her baby shower in 2010. I've had that
in mind, but couldn't remember her name! So thanks for that! :)
I think the trial for Adam Hock, who hit Pierre, is next Thursday. Unless the date has been changed.
Ahhhhhh, those pictures of him are beyond adorable! I don't know if Charlotte has been designated his baby sitter or if he's being instructed by his lawyers to lay low, but whatever the case, glad to see him so smiling and happy. Seems like he hasn't missed a beat. I do especially love the pic with the baby on his shoulders. Awwww. But...I am left wondering particularly with those pics, where's Beatrice? I haven't seen her with him in a while...:ermm:
^^ well, Beatrice must be in the US where she's studying, doing a master or something similar. When the fight happened, Pierre was in NY to visit her, I guess.
I also read, I think is this forum, their relationship was going through some hard times due to the distance between them: Pierre is still in Milan and she's in the US
Beatrice is working on her masters in journalism at Columbia U. in NYC. It's an excellent school. I think Pierre is living in Monaco now. He is learning how to run his dad's 2 companies. There have been several pictures of him attending Monaco events. I question the rumors about them having difficulties. Every picture you see of them together; tbey look very happy.

Om March 15, Pierre was pictured at the Nice jumping, this time not with Charlotte but with
a friend and her small child. Child and buggy suit him, don't they? :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** gallery **

Awww, beautiful pics. :)

I've always said Pierre is the one whom likes children the most, this from observing him with his baby sister, Alexandra, over the years. Easy to see he LOVES being a big brother. All indicative that he himself will make a wonderful great father one day. :flowers:
When does Pierre go to court? I think I remember someone saying it was this week...:ermm:
A defense lawyer promised a legal battle royale Thursday over the bar brawl that left Grace Kelly’s princely grandson with a broken jaw.

Defendant Adam Hock forcefully rejected a plea deal in the Feb. 12 fight at the Double Seven nightclub, with attorney Joseph Tacopina insisting his client was the real victim in the fisticuffs.

“There will be no plea in this case, so they can save their offer,” Tacopina declared. “He was struck by one of the alleged victims.”

Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Clerkin had just proposed an agreement where Hock, 45, would receive probation and a 12-week anger management course for a guilty plea to assault.

But Tacopina charged that Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi and his three pals were “habitual bar brawlers” with a history of fights in Paris and Belize.

Hock, the only one arrested after the punches flew in the Meatpacking District, claimed the fight started when he stepped up to protect a bevy of fashion models from the prince’s unwanted attentions.

The brawl escalated when Hock was smashed in the shoulder with a $500 bottle of vodka — an injury that Tacopina claims will require surgery.

“It’s really a ridiculous case,” said Tacopina, whose client is due back in court on May 27.

Casiraghi and his pals are “very well-known individuals who seems to be in bars and bar fights all the time,” Tacopina said derisively. “One of them claims to be half-a-prince.”

Tacopina insisted three witnesses would back up Hock’s version of the brawl. Hock is the former owner of the now-defunct Hawaiian Tropic Zone.

source: New York News, Traffic, Sports, Weather, Photos, Entertainment, and Gossip - Homepage - NY Daily News
NY Daily News is reporting that Adam Hock refused a plea deal of probation and 12 weeks anger management counseling and pleaded not guilty. I don't understand why. Even if the models were verbally abused , it would still be against the law to hit someone. It's a freedom of speech issue.
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The NY tabloids are alleging that Pierre has been in bar brawls before. Has anyone ever read about any? I'm thinking that the press would have been all over this before if this is true. Some of the locations were Paris, Belize and Italy. It's also interesting that the mainline press really hasn't said anything.
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