Pierre Casiraghi Current Events Part 14 : June 2008 - Dec.2008

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Thank you guys for the info. I can't get much information about her because most of her articles etc are in Italian, and my search engine usually puts the translate pages towards the end... So thanks!
Apparently I have been in a cave. When did Pierre start going out with Beatrice? What happened to the girl with the funny hair?
^ Late May, I think?

Alice (the girl with the funny hair) was his fling from last summer.
from Corriere della Sera, Pierre and Beatrice in saint tropez with her sister Lavinia's brother in law, Lapo Elkann
The gallery is on the right side, click on the title "Borromeo&Casiraghi: sangue blu in scena a Saint Tropez -Foto"

Anyone able to post the link to the gallery is welcome

Corriere della Sera
He, he!!! Lapo and Pierre... they have a lot in common...;):D
How is it possible that he looks hotter with every new set of pics?
What beautiful legs that boy has! It's official...he is hotter than his big brother Andrea now, IMO.
' + titolo + '
Is this Beatrice's mother? She looks a bit like the picture that someone posted of her mother or grandmother or whatever a while back...
yeah!! al last felix's picture surface in 2008. God, it was such a long time since charlotte!. I wonder what he's been doing now? Has he graduated yet? that beatrice is really a pretty girl..she is also moneyed right?

where is felix's new picture?can anyone pls give me the link ?i like felix better than alex
LOL. What? Is he wearing a wig? Is that even really him?
Does he have a title?
No. His mother, Princess Caroline of Hanover, decided not to give her first three children any titles so they could lead a ''more normal life.''
So Pierre is going out with Beatrice Borromeo, and he has hung out alongside her family as well. Guess this means that the outing of these two is more than just a fling and perhaps they genuinely like each other. Good for them! Though I don't want to add any more speculative remarks since time will tell whether Pierre really likes her :flowers:
He looks like Vladimir Roitfeld with that wig :ROFLMAO:
i think he should go back to his roots and do a blonde one and keep the length lmao
I have to agree he is so hot!!!!!!!!And he has got some muscle on him by the looks of those arms!!!!!!!!
ok is it just me! or is Pierre just trying to make himself ugly by wearing those wigs.....I mean come on everyone knows who he is why would he start trying to hide now?
^ Well, remember, he is known as the Pierrot, or clown, of the family! He's probably just goofing off.
I agree with Oxygen, I think it's quite hilarious!
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