Pierre Casiraghi & Beatrice Current Events Part 16: January 2014 - December 2015

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Could Pierre's car be one of his grandfather's collection? Or maybe of his mother as she had an Autobianchi around the time she was dating Stefano.

As for Beatrice: To me she is a beautiful woman with a mind of her own from an interesting family, who chose to go for a carreer. I admire that she finished 2 (?) university studies.

She moves in different circles than most of us because of her background and seems to respect her family a lot. I don't think she can be judged of that, you don't choose your family and you can get along with people who might have other opinions.

I cannot judge her writing skills as I don't speak Italian, but although her name would open more doors than to other people, I assume that if she is really bad a respected newspaper wouldn't keep her?

Also I think that being 'left' doesn't mean the same thing in every country. The combination of being rich and/or from an old family and being left seems to occur more in France and Italy, or am I completely wrong here? I'm just thinking of Carla Bruni.

As for Beatrice and Pierre, I think they are a stunning couple who match physically very well. I like reading about them because they seem to have an interesting life both professionally and personal. And I hope they will have a beautiful wedding on the beautiful Borromean islands soon.
Pierre Casiraghi: "Faccio lo zio e vado a vela con Soldini" - IO donna
An interview in italian of Pierre. I'm not very good in traslating so if someone can do better... He basically talks about the challenge and how sport is part of his family. He said that Raphael brought a lot of joy but that he had little chance to see him and he can't wait to cuddle him. When asked about his relationship with Beatrice he stated that at the moment they're happy like this and the are not planning children or weddin but he hopes to bring her with him for his next sailing.... Sorry fot the mistakes
They really are a couple that is easy on the eyes...thanks everyone for photos!:p
She is a lovely girl isn't she? They do make a nice couple.

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On March 1st Pierre attended the Cocktail Dinatoire of German VOGUE in honour of Mario Testino at the Restaurant 1728 in Paris.

** Pic **
I don't like B. Borromeo as well and I share gattomatto's and Tosca's opinions about her.

On March 1st Pierre attended the Cocktail Dinatoire of German VOGUE in honour of Mario Testino at the Restaurant 1728 in Paris.

I wished Mario would take some pictures of Pierre - I´m sure they´d turn out brilliant...!
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According to weekly 'Diva&Donna', Pierre would have a crush for Italian model Cristina Buccino... I hope Bea will go and catch him back again, because I do not want to run the risk to see her sit in the Parliament someday...;)

Miss Buccino (source: sologossip)
LOL Tosca. I don't think you'll see her in Parliament. Didn't she say some time ago that she doesn't have any hope in italian politics? She sounded like someone who hates the system and politicians in general and would prefer to make her opposition from outside the system, which always gives her more freedom.

Anyway, what does it mean he would have a crush for that model? Does Diva&Donna say Pierre and Bea are over?
I fear those who hate the 'system'. Lots of them did many years ago and now they're sitting in the Parliament. One of them has become the president of the Chamber of Deputees...:ermm:

Besides Bea would be backed up by the Agnelli's, their papers and all that jazz.:whistling:

Anyway the mag doesn't say that they're over, but that Pierre just couldn't took his eyes off Cristina at the event that they both attended. Men!;)

Jacky Ickx was quoted saying: "That was a successful race debut for Pierre. I am really proud of him! He improved continuously from practice to the race. Having said that, he did start from scratch in terms of experience in a racing car."

And Pierre told the press: “Absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of fun on my race debut in the Scirocco R-Cup. And now I know how it feels to be leading a race (laughs) – most of the time I had nobody in front of me. I was obviously nervous at the start, but even more so when I suddenly realised: wow, you’re right up there...."

** automobilsport.com: VW Scirocco driver quotes after race one of the season in Hockenheim **

Beatrice was there as well to support Pierre - here are some more pics from yesterday, May 3rd:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup 2014 - Saturday 3rd May 2014 **
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Pierre seems to be a worthy heir of his father's love for motor sports...
:cool: :cool: :cool:

I do hope this turns out less tragic and family history doesn´t repeat itself...! His mother must be not too keen about his love of this particular dangerous sport...:ermm:
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