NL DOET (Formerly 'Make A Difference Day')

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Do you know why he stayed longer in India?

With 2.6 billion people still without one,he has send everyone potty in New Dehli.
The UN has declared 2008 the year of the nescessety of toilets.

HRH,the speech at New Dehli:
Het Koninklijk Huis

But to get back to topic,Máxima yesterday,distributing books,magazines and lunch to the patients at the Groene Hart hospital,Gouda and Pieter van Vollenhoven as volunteer with the KNRM,Hoek van Holland.

Courtesy hja,scroll down a little please.

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Courtesy PPE/Nieboer.
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Every royal house should have that kind of day. Lovely pix, I love mostly the pix of the Queen baking
The pictures of laurentien playing in the sand are my favourites!
That's such a funny and great event to watch!

Does anyone know if Willem-Alexander is going to take part in Make a difference gay today?

It's not "difference gay" but "difference Day" :lol:

I loved the pics of Laurentien playing in the sand. She is so genuine! Great Day!
Its days like these that make the Dutch Royal Family unique and very modern. :flowers:.
No doubt, one day closer to their people that another one. I think all RFs should have this kind of special day, dedicated to common citizens, who suffer illness, chronic deseases and helplessness.

All members of de Dutch RF that got involved in such a particular day, gave us a master-class about dedication & charity.
My favourite Lady? No doubt... Queen Beatrix baking apple-pies, wearing an apron as she was wearing a full dress. As always: Chapeau for Queen Beatrix!
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Queen Beatrix and Princess Margriet volunteered for Make a Difference Day, Loenen 3-11-2007, pictures of arrival and during the making of the pie -picture gallery
Queen Beatrix baking apple-pies, wearing an apron as she was wearing a full dress.

I usually find it hard to picture Beatrix in other role than the one of Sovereign...but through this pictures I can also easily imagine her as a granny for the little Oranges (though not a common one of course!!) as well... am I the only one?
I think this shows the Queen in a fantastic new light and I think it'd be a good idea for the Windsors to take a few lessons from the Oranjes.
The royal blog of H. Jacobs has a nice article in dutch about this day. HM. was helped by the autistic Friederike, HM told the girl that she wasn´t very good in baking cakes, the girl replied that it didn´t matter and that she had a book, so they had to look at the pictures carefully. According to another person, Margriet was more gifted in running a household, she gently reprimanded somebody, as the bowl she had to dry wasn´t completely clean.

In the mean time the inhabitant Remco had an even better time, when HM and her sister were cooking, he was allowed to have a seat in the royal limosine.
Oh that is funny! I think that is what gives it a meaning, Beatrix not knowing how to bake but nevertheless trying.
Make A Difference Day: March 20 and 21, 2009

Her Majesty The Queen and other members of the dutch Royal Family will participate again in the annual MADD Day.

Her Majesty will volunteer at the Kubes Foundation for the blind and assist them with creating works of art,Zeist,march 21st.

TRH The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima will help fix up a playground ,friday march 20th.

TRH Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien will volunteer at Kico,they will help out during part of a special weekend for
children with a special background,in one way or another,Scheerwolde,saturday march 21st.

Pieter van Vollenhoven will volunteer with traffic controles withe the voluntary police force,Limburg-Noord,saturday march 21st.

TH Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette will volunteer at the Fawaka project for young caretakers.They will cook for the care staff,
patients and their families,Dokkum,friday march 20th.

TH Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Princess Anita will assist at a sport event and sport clinics at Almere,friday march 20th.

TH Prince Floris and Princess Aimée will take part in a training of the voluntary fire department,Rozenburg,friday march 20th.

Het Koninklijk Huis
No,no reason known,but then not all members of the RF take part every year.Btw,Princess Margriet is one of the best known volunteers in relation to the decades of her work,passion and dedication for the (International) Red Cross/Red Crescent Foundation.
Picture gallery of Floris and Aimée's MADD event, training of the voluntary fire department in Rozenburg:
ANP Beeldbank
Dearest Constantijn and Laurentien today at the Kico Foundation,
and they took birthday boy Claus-Casimir along.How lovely:)

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courtesy ppe
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