MH17 Plane Disaster and the Dutch Royals: 2014

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The Netherlands is gifted with a wonderful royal family and the image of the King discreetly holding the Queen's hand resonates. Each showing their grief for their country in to vastly different ways. It was knowing that they were each drawing solace from the other that enabled WA to retain the dignity expected of him in his position and allowing Maxima to weep for them all.

Perfectly said Marg.

Those scenes and pictures are just heartbreaking. That one shot from the air and all you can see is that line of hearses...That had me sobbing. I'm sure I'm not the only Canadian here who on seeing the images of all those people on the overpasses had flashbacks to The Highway of Heroes days. Just so very, very sad.

I would hope a representation or someone from our Embassy/Consulate is/has been there for the Ceremonies at the Base, as there was a Canadian on that plane.

At least they're now being treated w/the Dignity and Respect they deserved from the moment this vile act happened.

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I was deeply moved while watching this ceremony. My sympathies are with everyone who has suffered aloss in this tragic time.
This makes me weep, I seeing this makes me so angry:bang: at the world for not doing something regarding Putin, the Dutch people have suffered so much in the past and now this...I pray that there is some type of peace will come to the people, I felt this angry when events in my country similar to this (murder of innocents) happened. I sincerely hope world leaders have the strength and courage to go after those responsible regardless of who they are or what the economic reasonings are.
I must say that I much admire the Dutch for their restraint when the news was first announced. They have handled this tragedy with such patience and dignity.

I hope our Australian team is working well with the Dutch and that together they can bring all the bodies home to their loving relatives and friends.

God bless all those going through the immense pain this terrible incident is causing.
The NY Post is reporting that one of Putin's daughters is living in the Netherlands. The Post can be a questionable source.
Is this true? Does anyone know?
Yes she lives/lived in Voorschoten which is in the province of Zuid-Holland. It's close to Leiden. Rumor has it that she and her Dutch husband have fled.
Remembrance service MH17,november 10th.

TM King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima,TRH Princesses Beatrix and Margriet and van Vollenhoven will attend the Remembrance service at the RAI,Amsterdam on monday november 10th 2014.

Dutch tv NPO1 will air the service from 12.50PM till 14.30PM local time,GMT+1.

In a meeting with the Dutch press this morning during the State Visit to South Korea,the King said that he expects the meeting to be very emotional for both him and Queen Máxima.The Queen mentioned the example of a mother who lost two of her children who could use all the support.Queen Máxima stated she and the King give support to all the affected with all their love,"and it never is too much" added a slightly emotional Queen Máxima.
The national memorial is being held right now, at the RAI in Amsterdam.

The memorial is attended by the king, the queen, princess Beatrix, princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven. 1600 relatives and friends of the victims were present.

The evnt is shown live on the first public channel: NPO 1 - Live tv

All names and ages of the victims were read by relatives/friends and were projected in screens surrounding the audience.This was followed by the national anthem.
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It was a most dignified ceremony. Especially the King was grief stricken, I must say, as if he felt the sadness of the nation on his shoulders.

The King, Queen Máxima, Princess Beatrix, Princess Margriet and her husband Professor Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven were at the National Remembrance for the victims of Flight MH17 which went down above Ukraine. 283 passengers and staff died in the crash, amongst them 193 Dutch citizens.

The King and Queen Máxima!image/1796080089.jpg

Princess Beatrix and the King's Commissioner (Governor) of the Province North-Holland!image/747124450.jpg

Princess Margriet and Professor Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven!image/3379842542.jpg
Thank you for sharing the links to this very solemn event today.
284 victims have been identified. The rest have yet to be identified. According to latest reports, body parts are still at the crash spot.
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