Late Princess Diana's Daytime Fashion

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All the photos are very beautiful. her hat in the first pic is very Stylish. her white dressis realy cute in second pic.her Photo with Michael, is really uncomfortable.Both popular,,Both likable,, Absence both is our worries. The sixthpicture is so sweet. her pink dress is Very beautiful. thank you very much monic
I love them as well! - She looks astounding in pink combined with flowers in her hands - the hat and sleeves are also fancy. I do admire her graceful legs in the last one - the the dress is also unforgettable for me.
Thank you queenofthelight! :flowers:
she has in the first photo very beautiful outfit. she seems very glory with dress and shoes and hat to the silver color.
And the second photo ,she with her hat and her pink dress is very attractive. she has look kindly in under her pink hat italics.thanks a lot monic :flowers:
I love her daytime style and the formality of her dress. She looked so elegant in skirt suit and heel. She was perfection!
Oh wonderful pictures here in this thread! Thank you everybody! Diana was so beautiful, never will be forgotten. Queen of hearts!
The third and fourth are new for me. This one is really royal and I wish I could put a similar one at least once in my life... And the fourth one makes me think of some music stars.... Thank you maryamj.
The first outfit attracts my attention the most.
It's the herringbone pattern, always in fashion, reminds the collection of Chanel House.
And also the Dior bag, which rates to the most famous classic bags, like the Kelly bag.:previous:
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