Late Princess Diana's Daytime Fashion

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I always loved Diana in light blue. She glowed in that color.Day or evening clothes alike.
queenofthelight said:
It seems to be such a soft and warm coat - dress. The collar is really cute...
Queenofthelight - thanks for the lovely photos!

maryamj said:
This is an awesome costume, it seems to shine.... The hat is pretty nice although it could have been wider...
But I do like the second picture and the pink dress as well as the white coat (or dress) in the forth one. These colors suit her very much. Thank you maryamj for these excellent pictures and your devotion to ssearching Diana's picts.
queenofthelight said:
Very elegant costumes - the first dress has a lovely pattern but I think the hat is too small... I like watching her in creamy outfits like the last two ones - they suit her perfectly. :flowers:

Sereta said:
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I like this green outfit. Pretty color.
Yes, I agree with you, Sereta - this hue of green makes onen feel far better - it's very nice.

maryamj said:
This costume has the colors of the Polish flag! But the hat makes me think of that one worn by a ship's captain - it's really very English...
I can see that all colors suits her , I love long skirts on her
Thank you to all for posting your lovely pictures. Diana had such a way of wearing clothes and she always looked elegant and classy. The clothes were cut well and the fit was perfect, this goes for her evening wear as well although that's for a different thread, I know.
Diana just looked put together, which none of the European Princesses today cannot rival. I loved the way she would have an outfit altered into a completely new design and recycled at the same time.
Thanks Maryamj I like the first pic she looks nice with this hat
Great Photos

Thank you everyone for the pictures. Just when I think I've seen them all another new one pops up - thank you!:flowers:
her hat in third photos is really beautiful . her Hat is really suitable for a Princess.
thanks a lot queenofthelight
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