King Harald and Queen Sonja: Current events Part 1; January 2008 -

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At last weekend, King Harald went salmon fishing in Namdalen with some of his friends, including his good sailor friend Robin Aisher. He goes there annually for fishing, usually also around this time of the year. They arrived on Wednesday and left on Sunday.
Kongen fikk ikke laks | NA
I wonder {out loud !} where Queen Sonja is today ?

Yes thanks I know.

These are links to other events in France than the big one that so many Royals attended... I thought they might get lost in that thread.

I also wondered why Queen Sonja didn't accompany him.
:previous:what a lovely visit. Love seeing them in their traditional outfits.
What is "disembarked"? What did he make with the Royal Yacht?

"The sailing schedule of the Royal Yacht varies from year to year. The summer season is opened when the King embarks for inspection, normally in mid-May, and is closed in late September when the King disembarks."
The Royal House of Norway - The Royal Yacht today

I think it's the 'official' season closing for the ship which is marked by the King.
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