King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie current events 4: October 2008 - February 2016

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Wonderful picture...nice to see all of the grandchildren together! :D
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Beautiful picture! I was hoping they would have a photo with their grandchildren.My wish came true. What a lovely family!
Constatine and AM have a large faimly, and it's nice to see their children goingn their footsteps.
What a gorgeous picture! God Bless them. Absolutely beautiful!
They went to the memorial that every year is celebrated in the cemetery of Tatoi .... This is usually in March but this year it has been in February... the same day waas commemorate the 29th anniversary of the death of Queen Federik..then they visited Tatoi....Thank you Iris by put it.
On the occasion of her sister Margrethe's 70th birthday on
April 16, Queen Anne-Marie has given an interview to the
Danish magazine Billed-Bladet. The interview was held at
her home in London. The title is a quote about Margrethe
saying "She is strong but also soft", the rest is too small
to identify ;)

** Article picture **
Does anyone have a bigger version? I'd love to know what the rest of it says!
I do not have the bigger version, but the website of the
magazine has added an article about the interview:

** Anne-Marie: Margrethe var en skrap storesøster **
"Anne-Marie: Margrethe was a tough big sister"

According to the article Queen Anne-Marie told the reporters that
Queen Margrethe had recently been in London and that she had
been invited to a dinner at Anne-Marie's and Constantine's house,
but that they weren't able to spend much time together as Margrethe
had to lie down with the flu at her hotel in London.
And one question of the interview was quoted, Anne-Marie was
asked how Margrethe had been as a big sister and Anne-Marie
answered that they had had a lot of fun, especially to dress up.
Margrethe had always made the decision for all three girls what
to wear and what not and had shown a lot of fantasy with her

One can easily imagine how that went on..;)
I love this sentence: "She decided what to wear, and if anyone had imagined something else, one might as well forget it." :lol: I can see that very easily in Margrethe!
Absolutely, I loved that as well. You can easily imagine the
three sisters playing and Magrethe already showing her strong
personality, plus her fascination for decoration and plays she
still has today and lives out through her art and work for the
theatre/ballet..Anne-Marie's interview is surely a nice and
welcome birthday present :)
Quick question for the Danish members: here, Billed Bladet uses the terms "storesostre" and "lillesostre" rather than just "sostre," and they were used frequently in Jan Bloch Skipper's book Tre Sostre. Is it more common in Denmark to always refer to a sibling as your older sister or younger sister, rather than just your sister?

And what connotation do these words have? In English, you could say older sister/younger sister or big sister/little sister - the first is just a factual statement of the age difference; the second is much more affectionate. I've seen storesostre and lillesostre translated both ways, but I was curious which meaning was closer.

Sorry, that's all really random - I'm sort of a language freak!
Thanks you!!!Thanks you!!!!

In addition to the photo of Queen Margaret, there are two pictures that I love ... Prince Nikolaos with Queen Ingrid of Denmark and the picture of King Constantine with his son Nikolaos, this is before the photo of King Paul. She is wonderful ....
What a pleasure to see the photos of Queen Anne Marie. She has always been a delightful, beautiful, dignified lady. And what a beautiful family of children and grandchildren she has!
thanks !
Yes it is true , The Queen Anne Marie retains her charm and her delicate and elegants gestures. The pictures of her family are nice ....
Are you sure? It doesn't look very much like her to me. I wondered about that painting, too.
i'm 99% sure, but i would like to see the picture from the front.
it's a portrait of a young q. Anne Marie

I thought it too, there are some facial similarities but the lady in the portrait has long blond hair...
AM was always a brunette as a young lady and I don't remember to have seen a photo of her with such long hair...
Thanks!!!, her hair tousled by the wind it is like the paintig ... The truth is Tatiana is very similar to Queen Anne Marie at this painting.....It could says that she is Tatiana Blatnik , but she is the Queen Anne Marie.......
Quite fitting that an Olympic Gold Medallist and member of the IOC attend such a ceremony.
A thief took away a brazalet (made with a ruby and saphire) from Queen Anne-Marie (inherited from Queen Olga of Greece) a the airport of Geneve, Switzerland. There is a legal dispute about that issue with the airport of Geneve. Check the information at the minute 4:39 of this video:
I have just finished watching the doc listed above and couldn't help thinking the pity of it all! Constatine and Anna Maria are such well adjusted people, yet it could be as a result of being overthowed that they sought to better themselves and find a different meaning in life.
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