King Albert II & Queen Paola: Current Events, Part 2 (Mar. 2007 - Aug. 2010)

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Indeed another crises after the Flemish liberal party left the government. And again about Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde. Read more about it in this thread.
King Albert received a delegation of the Brotherhood of Maitrank
that gave him the Maitrank of the city of Arlon, castle of Laeken,
Brussels, May 4, 2010. Maitrank is a drink produced with white

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King Albert received African Football Federation (AFC) president
Issa Hayatou, and Belgian IOC International Olympic Committee
chairman Jacques Rogge, Wednesday 05 May 2010, in the royal
castle in Laeken, Brussels.

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Queen Paola of Belgium pictured during the Queen Paola Award ceremony
(Koningin Paolaprijs - Prix Reine Paola) at the royal castle in Laeken,
Brussels, Wednesday 09 June 2010.

The Queen Paola Award for education 2009-2010 honours high school
teachers this year.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** belga **
Thanks for the pics, iceflower! I.m.o., it's a pity the laureates did not bring any children with them this year. I am sure the queen would have appreciated it -she always beams being surrounded by children/ juveniles...
Pic 2 displays the price board at close range so that I could see for the first time the beautiful photo of Paola's profile printed top right:flowers:.
3-day-visit to Congo

You are most welcome, Lina RdC :flowers:

King Albert and Queen Paola are in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of
the Congo from June 28 to June 30 in order to attend ceremonies
to mark 50 years of independence in Belgium's former central African
colony. It's the first Belgian royal visit in a quarter century.

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A quarter century! The people of Congo were probably happy about this royal visit.
King Albert is looking a little frail to me.
The visit was quite controversial actually. Both in Belgium as in Congo. Especially since a Belgian former foreign minister called Leopold II an ambitious visionair last week.

In the Congo the press is surprised that the king will not be holding a speech. But the Belgian government decided thatthe king's presence will be as ' low profile' as possible... even though around 100 journalists travelled along from Europe. The diplomats want to make sure that the fragile relationship between Kinshasa and Brussels won't be hurt further. They have been even more carefull after the murder on human rights activist Floribert Chebeya in June, and after the children of Patrice Lumuba announced last week that they will start a court case against the twelve Belgians who were involved in the murder of the first prime minister of the Congo.
Day 2

Today, King Albert and Queen Paola attended a reception for Belgians living
in Congo, at the residence of Belgian ambassador.

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Queen Paola visited the National Institute for Professional Preparation of
Polytechnics (INPP) at Limete in the outskirts of Kinshasa.

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And they attended the foundation ceremony of a new school during a
visit of the Belgian school, Lycee Prince de Liege, in Kinshasa.

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Zimbio gallery Day 1:

** King Albert II of Belgium Attends 50th Anniversary Of Independence In DRC **

Zimbio gallery Day 2:

** King Albert II of Belgium State Visit in Democratic Republic of Congo **
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Day 4

King Albert and Queen Paola visited the King Baudouin hospital in Kinshasa
July 1, 2010, the final day of their visit.

It's always nice to see Queen Paola taking photos during her journeys,
it shows that she's really interested and wants to keep some special

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Belgium's King Albert II stand on the podium at the 1st stage of the Tour de France cycling race from Rotterdam to Brussels July 4, 2010.
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Is it true Queen Paola gained a diamond tiara from the President of Congo? I heard some rumors;
Not a tiara, but jewelry. This is what the Palace admitted, but the embassy of the Congo said the President gave her a watch.
Queen Paola and King Albert pictured during the visit to the expositions,
during the festive opening of the Royal Palace in Brussels, Tuesday 20
July 2010.

The Royal Palace will be opened for the public from 26 July to 05 September.

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I always liked the whole European monarchy. But after the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden, I began to find out more about the Belgian Royal Family, especially about King Albert and Queen Paola.
And WOW :ohmy:, after knowing what they went through during their marriage and the love that they now have and show, I greatly admire this couple! :flowers:
Q. Paola was gorgeous when she was younger and now, in my opinion, she continues to be. Q. Paola has aged well, his wrinkles are part of her. Are the signal that she laughed, she cried ... she lived!
I admire them both for the constant love and care they showed for each other, even in public! Something that is not seen so clear in other royal couples.
And from what I've read here, I believe that I share this view with most people here! No?! :)

Thanks to people who have posted pictures here. I will be a constant visit!

well, CAN YOU HELP ME?! :previous:



I've seen some images, that this picture represents, but I do not know where or when it happened. There are videos of this occasion? Some more pictures or articles about it?...

Thanks, in advance!
Hi, fancatt, it's very nice to have another regular visitor (and discussant?) in the Albert & Paola subforum -a warm welcome to you :flowers:!
Concerning your question about the little attached photo: As far as I know, this picture was taken at a concert in honor of King Albert on the occasion of his 10th reigning anniversary in summer 2003... At least a few lovely moments from this event are integrated in the DVD "Paola, paroles de reine" if I remember it correctly...
Thank you, Lina! :)
I'll try to be a regular visitor and a regular discussant too :D
About this picture, I did not know where it had happened, thanks for the info.
And you know if there is any video or something about it?
By the way, I tried to find some videos on youtube of princes's marriages but did not find... I would love to see...
This thread has reached 20 pages, so time to open a new one. Thanks to all who participated here and we hope to see you in the new thread dedicated to the current events of the Belgian king and queen, which you can find here.
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