Jordanian Royals in Traditional Dress Part 1: May 2004 - May 2012

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Thanks for the links!!

And sheikah deena? I love your signature line. So very, very true.
Yes Life this events is old: may 2011.
Princess Rym wore this thoub in a few times. Princess Alia´s thoubs is also recycled the 1st time that she wore it was at Hamzah´s wedding.

Thank you for the information Salam.. I did not pay attention to what Alia was wearing at Hamza's wedding :flowers:
Beautiful one indeed. This color suits her and matches her beautiful blue eyes.
Great traditional dress for haya. I really loved it and I loved her short hair :D
That is a lovely one.. do you know what color is that traditional dress ??
Princess Ayah Bint al faisal Look Nice , Nice Picture , Thank you Burzg
Sooo Nice Picture , Thoub Nice Too & Looks Nice On Both , Thanx Salma For Posting
Very Beautiful Pictures Of Princess Aisha , Thank you For Posting Both Salma & xavi83
i love it Princess Sara looks stunning the delicate gold embroidery seems like a nice add to the dress.i also like the big large belt.
;) I have to admit that Princess Sarah has a great taste when it comes to traditional clothes, kind of minimal and delicate
Princess Sarah Looks So Pretty , I Like her Thoub Very Much , great Choice , Thank you for posting xavi83
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