Jordanian Royals in Traditional Dress Part 1: May 2004 - May 2012

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i liked it , do not know why , but I found the black in general suits her and the lovely color combination of those tiny patterns ...nice
I don´t like the thoub, and her hairstyle is horrible.
not that bad dress at all,its very old fashion yet but there is something lovely and charming about the dress so i think i like it.
Not liking it. It seems not to fit nicely from the look of it.
The colors on it against the black look nice and bright.

I agree, the dress is quite old-fashioned and doesn't suit Haya at all. Besides, I prefer bright colours instead of black. :cool:
I think it is OK in itself, I just don't think it fits or suits her. Do the Jordanian royals have particular people who make their traditional dresses?
^ I too think these designers are doing an excellent job! ;) Each piece is so unique! Beautiful colours as well!
Fatina and Abla Asfour are designers based in Amman and their label is called Kumbaz.
Their dresses have been worn by members of the Jordanian royal family for years. Queen Rania has worn their creations from the start (at least 10 years now). I heard about them for the first time several years ago through a couple of articles on QR and this famous golden dress which was featured in one of Rania's very first photoshoots: Imageshack - 000iiy.jpg

An older article about them:

A clothes line fit for a queen - Chicago Tribune

. . . So they took Arab dresses such as the thoub, a black ankle-length robe with long sleeves which they transformed into an evening gown. Abayas, the mostly black overcoats worn by conservative women in the Arab world were molded into colorful empire-waisted gowns with dresses underneath. Formless Kaftans were paired with body-hugging gowns that could be seen through the light georgette material.

They added King Abdullah's stepsister, members of the sheikdoms in the Gulf and Queen Sofia of Spain to their clientele. Soon, Queen Rania began asking the sisters to design dresses for state visits and trips to rural communities.

"She wanted to promote a Jordanian modernized version of these dresses," Majali said.
that a beautiful thoube QNoor looks amazing in white.
i think she wore this thoube before.
I love The traditional dresses that the royal family's members wear specially Haya and Queen Noor.
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