Jordanian Royals in Traditional Dress Part 1: May 2004 - May 2012

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no 7 and 9 are my favorite !
In red I like n.1 and 5. And in black the last is beautiful.
I have to come back to this thread later, but just by seeing the images of Princess Haya in the red and black thoubs...

The Embroider and Beadworker that I am is in awe of the workmanship of those garments. Simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous work!!
she looks great in all of them but my favorite are number 1,5 and 8. this lady is gorgeous :D thank you salma
yes it's a great collection Princess Haya got some really nice and colored dresses.
her my question all those dresses are Jordanian thoubes right?
I mean she don't wore traditional things from Dubai?
Lovely traditional dress, she looks so much like Ali in the second one :D
Great collection. I loved them all, she is so beautiful.
loved them all on her can not decide !!
I like the one Alia is wearing the color and the design are great. I like the color that Reem is wearing but not the design, she wore this one before.
Yes Life this events is old: may 2011.
Princess Rym wore this thoub in a few times. Princess Alia´s thoubs is also recycled the 1st time that she wore it was at Hamzah´s wedding.
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