HSH Prince Albert of Monaco Current Events 26 : July 2008 - Nov.2008

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Well I do think Albert has been looking very good lately. I think I prefer him in these glasses -- I think you can see his face better? Anyone else have an opinion?
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:) uh-hm PA does look rather mah-velous in the pics. he really does have impeccable taste in clothes and ties!!! will there be more pics from the PGA ???
I really don't think that PA looks better recently. He looks sad and old in pic#9 posted by LadyFinn.:neutral:
:) uh-hm PA does look rather mah-velous in the pics. he really does have impeccable taste in clothes and ties!!! will there be more pics from the PGA ???
PGA is tomorrow, 10/15. I am sure we will have pics. I tried search thread about 2008 PGA before opening one. Mods :wave:, do we have any thread about this year PGA please?...
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:) Oh PA in glasses doesn't look bad at all, however contact lens always brings out the best in those baby blues don't you think?! however, his glasses are nice. he seems to be having a newer set of sunglasses although the first set seemed better for him imho. however, the newer one's are a bit more racier or sporty!!

As far as looking sad perhaps he was thinking about his mother?? Or perhaaaps just looking down to see where he was walking when the camera picked up on it, thus giving him an aire of sadness when there was none existent. That's sometimes the trouble with pics can imply a host of non-existent appearances when taken in mid-reaction?:pawprint::popcorn::monacoflag:
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Lakshmi :flowers:

I was trying to cheer him up!;) :D

He doesn't really look old to me, but I did notice that he does look a little sad in that photo :sad:

OK, I didn't say he didn't look good in glasses. I was saying that I prefer these frames on him, because I believe they say you should wear a frame that contrast the shape of your face, not emphasize it. I was just saying I prefer the shape of this frame better on him. :flowers:
Pic 17.10.2008

Prince Albert II of Monaco is greeted by the Governor General of Canada Michaelle
Jean during the official greeting prior to the opening of the 12th Francophonie
Summit, a Conference of Heads of State and Government of Countries Using
French as a Common Language, held every two years, 17 October 2008 in
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

------> Pic

And a nice pic from today:
Prince Albert II of Monaco listens to proceedings during the morning session at
the 12th Francophonie Summit, a conference of heads of state and government
of countries using French as a common language, held every two years, 18 Oct
2008 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

-------> Pic
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:D o-o-o-ohhh loook at thaaat smile!! hee. he looks like he's lost weight doesn't he? For such an important event let's hope he has many more pics than these????
Yes, it's that smile of his that makes some women go weak in the knees and just surrender all!

Stellad, you could be right about that :D:)

Here are two more additional pics:
Albert arriving at the airport of Quebec, on October 17:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Pics 21.10.2008

Prince Albert arrives for the inauguration of the 19th edition of Sportel,
the International Sports convention for Television and New Media
programs, on October 21, 2008 in Monaco. Sportel, one of the major
international Market for companies involved with any aspect of sports
programming and sports content across all distribution platforms, takes
place here from 20 to 23 October.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Thanks Iceflower!:flowers:
In Pic 4 Prince Albert is with Oscar Pistorius, the South African sprinter who uses prosthetic feet when he runs.
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:flowers: h-m-mm great pics it's seems keeping up with the illustrious PA is fast paced work. :frazzled: Was he only at the Francophile for a couple of days? Or does he go back to it? The media convention is a different side of Monaco that isn't too much spoken of. Since everyone "loves" their sports channels haa; in what way does the convention contribute in the media environment by having these conventions? :sun::harvest::catmoon:
You are welcome, giov and thanks for the additional information :flowers:

Albert attended another event today, October 21, 2008, the
inauguration of a cardiological department:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Wonder if this cardiological dept. is part of Princess Grace Hospital. :reading: ...I read somewhere that they build new hospital in Monaco, and this old one will be closed. Is that right? ...:unsure: So, wonder why they open new dept. Just curious.
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:) o-h-h have they built? the new hospital already??? it wasn't that long ago that they were in the drawing stage of it??? wow it would be nice to see pics of it don't you think so too?:catmoon::harvest:
Glistening Seas,
:hiding: Oops. Sorry, for misunderstanding.
No, they have not built a new hospital yet. They are going to start building soon.
Pics 22.10.2008

Prince Albert of Monaco speaks after the unveiling of the 2009 cycling
classic Tour de France route during a press conference on October 22,
2008 in Paris. The event will start from the Principality of Monaco on
July 4, 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
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:D the new route looks really l-o-n-g how many days do the participants have to complete the course???:frazzled: Are there any particular beauty spots along the way that are perhaps the reason they choose the route that they do??? or is it simply other reason? The pics turned out great of PA as always and whom is the person next to him for those not so new and new one's here?

It seems that the route goes near the water? is this correct? that would be beautiful wouldn't it? makes for great pics from the press too. where do the participants mainly train for this? let's hope we get more pics of the different spots along the routes next time. it just seems like they only took pics at one location last time and that's it. :catmoon::harvest:
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It really looks like at least part of next Tour de France, the one along the sea shore will be beautiful(and exciting).
I think it will be good business for Monaco too.:cool:
It is such an exciting time in Monaco. Like the car races. They really know to bring enticing things to this small place! Smart!!

Prince Albert has been invited to Acadia for next August by Canadian Gov't. Should be a fun occasion! Lovely place!
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:flowers: H-mmm seems like PA has simply vanished? the pics of the tour de France were great. Monaco does seem like it get's lots of visitors for those special functions. As those special functions are such an integral part of the history of Monaco as well as the fun of Monaco.
I kind of like this solar cab. :)
There are some news about Albert at French google.
Albert accredited two new ambassadors on 10/28:
Translated version of http://www.podcastjournal.net/REVUE-Actualites-de-Monaco-et-de-la-region_a447.html
He also supported some really good project.
Translated version of http://www.nicematin.com/ra/menton/154703/monaco-monaco-disease-power-a-recolte-200-000-euros

And here is some article that seems kind of weird
RT - 24/7 English-language news channel : Features : The Gorby imposter and the Prince of Monaco
Pics 3.11.2008

Thanks Avicenna and Lakshmi for the updates :)

Prince Albert II of Monaco unveils a tablet featuring US Kathleen and
husband Girard Van Barkaloo Hale (Consul General to Monaco), who
died in 1958, on November 3, 2008 in Maille, west of France, during a
ceremony to pay tribute to the couple. Kathleen and Girard Van Barkaloo
Hale are well-known samaritans by their act of "adopting" in 1946 the
French village of Maille, where 124 people, including 44 children, were
killed on Liberation Day, August 25, 1944 by German 3rd Reich soldiers
during World War II

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
The following pics are maybe a bit older already, they show
Albert during the vote for the presidental election for the
USA in Monaco and although they were released today
the date says it was around two months ago.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Hello! I have a question. I saw a white limousine in Nice with Monaco registation number, hope you understand.. It could be prince Albert's limousine..? or I don't have any idea who was in car. Do you know in which "car" prince Albert "travel"??
Hello! I have a question. I saw a white limousine in Nice with Monaco registation number, hope you understand.. It could be prince Albert's limousine..? or I don't have any idea who was in car. Do you know in which "car" prince Albert "travel"??
Ducii, I guess there are dozens of Limousines with a Monaco Registration number, considering the large number of millionaires based in Monaco.
Anyhow, maybe it was Prince albert's car!
Who knows!;)
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