HSH Prince Albert of Monaco Current Events 26 : July 2008 - Nov.2008

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:) h-m-m-m are you "sure" about the 30 percent stake being sold to qatar? We had heard before that was just a 'rumor" that it had not been done.???:)

This is very old news at this point and the deal did not go through. SMDouglas kindly posted the update on this deal. It's back a few pages.
I don`t wonder at all !!! Have you ever seen him been relaxed and simply Happy with Charlene ?! Not me !!!
Perhaps he had finally an enlightenment !!! :angel: He could need one !!!
I`m glad that he took off some weight ! Much better for his heart and look !:whistling:

'Been happy looking relaxed lots of times. Aren't you new???? stay tuned you'll see. All this time, h e must have many relaxed and happy moments, otherwise no one is holding a gun to him.
Pics 19.9.2008

Thank you for that, Lakshmi :)

Prince Albert II of Monaco, French Ecology minister Jean-Louis Borloo and
Italian Environment minister Stefania Prestigiacomo inaugure a TER regional
train on September 19, 2008 in Monaco, before signing a partnership
agreement between France, Italy and Monaco about the Parc du
Mercantour and the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
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:DThaaat's greaaat. Did they say italy france and Monaco. Now there is a wonderful combination don't you agree!!!! It's certainly beautiful. Will it replace the line that is in Monaco now or will it be something else??

in what way does it differ from the train that Monaco has now!? It's certainly great news. Does this make commuting better than thru the lines in Monaco if, so, in what way??

What made them decide to persue this most ambitious prospect?! wheeeew!!:unicorn::news:
Knowing prince Albert's commitment to protect environment, I guess the train was his initiative. A lot of people commute every day from Italy and France to work in Monaco. They drive cars often, so it might be about decreasing numbers of cars that come to MC everyday. Trains bring losses rather than profits even in Europe. Wonder if people would get encouraged to use train instead cars to get to Monaco.
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:flowers: It could be that the thought there was to maybe "increase" traffic from these countries "into" Monaco via the train as well as those in Monaco??
Either way they are both good idea's. They look very nice, I hope they are successuful. Maybe they could limit parking during certain hours in some areas, and that might incourage people to leave their cars at home, they do that in many cities.
Has PA visited Fiji on humanitarian grounds since his daughter went there to distribute vitamins last year? Just curious.
Pics 11.9.2008

On September 11, 2008 Prince Albert met Yves Jégo
at the State Secretariat "Outre Mer" (over sea) in Paris:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
Prince Albert was in Munich today (23.09), to speak about the protection of the environment, at the foreign affairs association (Gesellschaft für Außenpolitik). I'm going to give you more details, tomorrow, I'm very tired right now. I didnt take any photos, but I'm sure you will find some online or in some magazines, soon.
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;) Those pics are simply gor-geous!! In pic what i wouldn't 'give" to own thaaat carpet !! tee hee! my fav pic is pic 2, although turned out simply beautiful. :monacostandard::cheers:

Is it me? or in pic 4 do both of these guys look very waarm?? is it actually warm there --or is it those darn camera lights?! hee? however, PA looks in marvelous spirits and thats good to see don't you think??
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iceflower, these are nice pics of Albert. Wonder if there are any pics from Munich already.
BTW. Albert involvement in environment continues, this visit in Munich is the proof, he is very consistent with his actions. Just interesting to watch how it will develop. :lucky::)
Pic 23.9.2008

Here's the first pic from Munich :)

Prince Albert II of Monaco waves during his visit at the 175th Oktoberfest
in Munich, Germany, 23 September 2008. The Oktoberfest is the world's
largest folk festival. It will take place until 05 October 2008.

----> Pic
On September 11, 2008 Prince Albert met Yves Jégo
at the State Secretariat "Outre Mer" (over sea) in Paris:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

May be I am mistaken, but it seems to me that this summer Albert made laser vision correction. Now his glasses look like they have zero dioptries in comparison with -6D he had before :ermm:
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:D Laser correction??? Wouldn't thaaat eliminate the need for glasses?? Were his glasses that huge before because they didn't appear so?? The Germany pics were fab, But only so f-e-w?:verysad: oh well, it seems when he looks so mah-velous there "should" be m-o-r-e pics.:cheers::popcorn:
Glad to see he's having a good time... I love the shot of him with that giant pretzel in his hand.:lol:
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:) Mm-mm-m they do look delicious. Whom were the gentlement PA was talking with in the pics at abbaca press :whistling::unicorn:
Pics 24.9.2008

:) Mm-mm-m they do look delicious. Whom were the gentlement PA was talking with in the pics at abbaca press :whistling::unicorn:
The gentleman in the green jacket on pic 3 is the same gentleman as on
pic 5, he's Prince Leopold von Bayern. The gentleman on pic 3 with the
red jacket is Michael Käfer, a famous German caterer and businessman.
Since the 1970s the Käfer company always has a big "tent" at the
Oktoberfest, these days with around nearly 3000 seats I think.

Here are two pics from today, Albert watching a soccer match in Monaco:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Glad to see he's having a good time... I love the shot of him with that giant pretzel in his hand.:lol:

Giant? :eek: Looks like a normal Bretzel to me :flowers: A giant Bretzel would be a lot bigger. Those exist, too, of course.

I love his traditional outfit, good to see that he knows local customs ... and much more appropriate than the skull-Dirndl of a certain Cora Schuhmacher.
What happen to CW she was there last year. I think.
Pics 26.9.2008

Prince Albert opening the 18th Monaco Yacht Show at the
harbour of Monaco on 26 09 2008

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
I was reading about Monaco yacht show on other boards, and here you go we have first pics. Thanks iceflower.:) I read it was really great show along with planes' show.
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:cheers: Air show great way to kick start the yacht show!! Are alot of yachts sold at this time of year or is this mainly a browse as you go to show off the best and newest models?:sun:
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:ohmy: I couldn't be-lieve it they said everything at the yacht show s-o-ld out? Could this be true?? wow. the yachts are quite impressive but are these repeat buyers? haaa haa;) what's the "latest" "must have" items that yacht owners consider "the fashion" does anyone know ???:sun:
Those yachts seems so crowded when looking at pics. No wonder, Monaco has space limitation.
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