Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 7:June 2016 - February 2017

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The rose colored dress with the leaves was particularly unflattering, because of the poor fit through the bodice and the obvious, unmatched seam above the natural waist giving it a maternity style look. Her hair and earrings were very nice. The blue dress looked nice and could have used a necklace.

The mother of the bride was best dressed, IMO and beautiful. The groom doesn't look old enough to get married the color and the scallop'a rather blah otherwise. Maybe a belt or a contrast color.

The combination of blue and yellow is really nice but the dress is unflattering and its a bit casual for a wedding IMO.
I don't hate the outfit but I don't love it either. The hat would have been better with that knockout backless sunflower yellow dress she wore to National Day 2015.

I thought she looked elegant and pretty at MUDAM with GD Jean yesterday. Makeup was nice and her hair elegant and lovely, as it most often is.

ETA: Stephanie is a de Ligne through her paternal grandmother Princess Beatrice de Ligne...I wonder how she is related to the bride, Alix? Are gold and royal blue the colors of the House of Ligne? Maybe that explains Stephanie's choice today.

Prince Ernst, 10th prince de ligne, had at least 2 children. A son Eugene ad a daughter Marie Beatrice. Beatrice was the mother of Philippe de Lanoy (born in 1922) who is the father of Stephanie. Eugene on the other hand succeeded his father in 1937 as the 11th prince. Eugene had four chidren, 2 sons and 2 daughters, who were cousins of Philippe de Lanoy. His eldest son Baudouin was 12th prince but died in 1985 childless. He was succeeded by his brother Antoine. Antoine, Philippe's cousin, is Alix's grandfather. Antoine who was 3 years younger than Philippe, died in 2005. Stephanie was born when her father was in his 60's, why she is of age with the grandchildren of her father's cousin.

And no, the house coat of de ligne is gold and red, not blue and gold.

I actually think it better she wear the yellow accessories with a blue dress. Or with a black even. If she had been wearing a bright yellow dress, she would have looked like a walking sunflower. The yellow is a great pop against the blue. Wish she had worn a yellow belt on the dress to break up the blue and give that last bump.
I thought Stephanie's dress was beautiful in her pink dress, I particularly like the leaves almost growing up it. This time, the fit doesn't bother me just because the dress itself is so nice and suits Stephanie well. Her hair is also elegant here, too.

For the wedding, I thought she looked alright though the yellow hat is a bit much and for some reason makes the rest of the look appear as rather frumpy.
:previous: If the pants had been a little more tailor I think she could have really pulled this look off. However, her updo, makeup and earrings are nice.
Full view behind Princess Alexandra

Closer view

I like Stephanie's outfit, especially the whimsical hat. It would be perfect for any Sweden visit too. ;)

I actually love this look. It is such a strong look and a radical departure from her passion for neutral colours.
HGD Stéphanie (and GD Jean) at the MUDAM on June 15th:
ETA: Nice look. Good color, leaves over a wood grain pattern. Skirt could be narrower. The dress looks like Natan. Pretty hair and make-up.

I really like this dress. :flowers: Like the whole look.

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I think she looked really pretty in the dress with the leaves;
that yellow hat is a work of art with its feathers and flourishes - very stylish!
The blue dress looks beautiful on her. Nice details on the hemline and neckline. The yellow hat is one of the most stunning I've seen. Love how it matches her yellow purse. Nicely done.
The blue dress looks beautiful on her. Nice details on the hemline and neckline. The yellow hat is one of the most stunning I've seen. Love how it matches her yellow purse. Nicely done.

I have to agree with this. I like this dress a lot. She looks lovely!
The dress Stéphanie had with grand duke Jean was lovely, one of her best outifts ever. But the blue dress at the wedding was just too casual to a wedding. I wish she had had a coat/jacket or maybe longer sleeves would have helped the look. The hat could also have been the same colour as her clutch.
I'm not a fan if the pink dress. To me it looks like something drapes would be me out of. Now, the blue dress and the yellow hat were quite lovely. The look was not overstated, but still classy.

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I like HGD Stéphanie's pink and blue outfit although the material was too thin and crinkled easily. It’s too bad her excellent hairstyle started to fall apart on one side. Looks like she was able to fix it somewhat.

Beautiful hair:
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I really link the pink and blue outfit. The detail is quite lovely and the color suits her. The fabric seems wrinkled, and seems to pull a bit in the bust area IMO. Big change considering her outfits are more often sacks on her. :flowers:

Her hair looked really great at the start. Unfortunate it didn't hold well. I really like the earrings she has on. :)
Very nice hairdo. Too bad it came down. The pink coat is too tight and wrinkled. Good,color,and style though
The pink coat with blue details is lovely. Looked good on her, even though it seems to wrinkle easily. She looks really good in that shade of pink.

Lovely hairstyle. Very soft and elegant. Yeah, it fell apart a bit, but beautiful just the same.
Her outfit was quite nice but it looked a size small. The color combination was lovely, her hair was nice and so was the heavier make up.
Wrinkles aside, she looks lovely, this style looks wonderful on her. (okay, so the coat could have been a little less snug) Her hair and makeup and jewelry are wonderful. Let us hope this is a trend that continues.
It's a lovely color on her and this is winner IMO!
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 7: June 2016 -

She looks great. The blue coat with white details (leaves?) is lovely. Well fitted. Blue is a good color on her. Nice, simple white dress.
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