General News & Information about Haakon,Mette-Marit & Family 1: July 2014 - June 2020

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:previous: Thank you for sharing your view from Norway.

And although one cannot see it in CP MM's Instagram-photos, I know from Norwegian television that a lot of ordinary Norwegians living in or around Oslo (many of whom had probably planned to spend their March-weekends and Easter-holiday at cabins or hotels up in the mountains) have done the same thing (gone skiing in the same park I mean), and started doing it way before the Crown Princess posted the pictures. And I haven't seen or read anything about people not keeping their social distancing while doing it.

So did the CP-family do something wrong? Well, the authorities advised people to not do trips outside your own municipality, but there was no ban as long one didn't spend the night in a cabin or holiday-property (now I'm talking before April 20th). And anyway, it's just a 30-min drive from their main home Skaugum (in Asker municipality) to Oslo Winter Park (in Oslo municipality).

Media-coverage: No criticism at all; I think it was actually seen as a morale boost, which was probably also the intention of CP MM when she posted the photos.

It sounds as if the guidance issued by the authorities left space for interpretation (as other posters observed), but the Crown Prince Couple interpreted it along the same lines as most members of the public did.
CP Mette Marit start ceramic course:

"I've been to my first ceramics course ... Found a picture on Instagram with some flowers I wanted to make. To say it is very surprised that I got it! ❤️Thanks to @ragnhildwik Finished result at the very end ��"
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