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They really should not be seen with Bulat Utemuratov. I don't understand Albert and Charlene. Do they really want to be linked to another scandal?

The couple can more than afford to rent a yacht for the summer if they so desire. I don't understand why they would want to smooch off a Kazakh tyrant accused of money laundering and embezzlement...etc.

I thought Albert used to have his own yacht, maybe not that fancy, but always. :ermm:

Being associated with Bulat is not good idea. The guy has lots of influential investments in Monaco.
Bunte online, the German tabloid, cites the Monaco Matin and reports-

Prince Albert together with his sisters is getting active against his former financial advisor, Mr. Claude Palermo.

Claude Palermo was fired from the Monaco Royal Court because of mistrust caused by a corruption affair in Monaco about shady real estate deals. We discussed this here in the thread.

Because of this Mr. Palermo has sued the Royal House for roughly one million Dollars, claiming the allegations were unfounded.

Now Prince Albert is striking back with a criminal complaint against Mr. Palermo. This should mean, that there are now already two courts involved - a civil one and a criminal one.

This is interesting, scince Mr. Palermo is said to know all the big and little secrets of the Principality of Monaco. We will see if anything comes to light and what exactly...
I don't understand the Xtra formal attire but I love the photo it's beautiful.

Princess Charlene looks stunning.
I don't understand the Xtra formal attire but I love the photo it's beautiful.

Princess Charlene looks stunning.

They dress formally most years and the colour of their clothes usually co-ordinates with the tree their in front of. I always love their Christmas cards, so festive, unlike the British ones which never look like they have anything to do with Christmas.

i really really like that card, often the Monaco family christmas photos are overly sweet or 'glammed' (if that is a word) for me, but this is lovely ❤️

And how good does P.Charlene look these days, and how confident!
Makes me wonder if that illness that bothered her so gravely a while back was something that was already making itself felt much earlier, maybe without anyone really knowing (but that is ofcourse just my speculation)

Where imo Albert and Charlene for years looked like 'best sports buddies' at best and 'couple on the brink of breaking up' at worst, now they really look like the married couple they are :flowers:
Every year they give us the most Christmas-y Christmas photo, love it :D
Indeed, we can count on them for Christmas-themed Christmas cards.
And such a festive Card too ,possibly the most Festive Card from all the reigning families.
:previous: Monaco's Princely Family appear so content and relaxed in this year's Christmas photo. They are also beautifully dressed for the occasion which I like to see.
Honestly, I like Monaco royals Christmas cards the most, but I am the old school ?
Princess Charlene celebrated her 46th birthday with her family at the Condamine Market today, January 25:

** Pic **
She is looking so happy and relaxed. May she have a thousand more birthdays! I love it when she dresses Gabriella in colours that match hers.
Wow, She looks so terrific. Relaxed and the prettiest ( in my opinion) She has looked in years.
Charlene looks great! Definetely so much happier and healthier. Albert looks a little less so IMO but then again it sounds like he has a lot on his plate atm.
What a lovely birthday surprise for the Princess!
Charlene looks lovely. The soft/light colors in her outfit really suit her.

The cake looks fabulous.
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Lovely picture of her with the family. I agree with the previous post that she’s looking the best she has for sometime.
The official of Monaco's National Council called to organize the citizens and residents gathering on the Prince's birthday. It is to show the support to Albert in the light of recent betrayal by the accountant Palmero and others. It seems the princely family is still very popular, regardless of recent scandals.
I am not sure how making a huge effort to try to get people come to the Palace to show support to the Prince on his birthday, is in itself a sign of support. Would the people have come spontaneously, it would have been. For now, we don't even know how big the crowds will be.
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