General News about Joachim, Marie and Family 1: December 2007 - August 2009

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Great picture ! The christening is just one week away !:)
The background looks like the picture could have been taken in Cayx.

I think that Marie's grandmother lives not too far from the Chateau where the royals spend their holidays. I think they went to see her when courting.

It has been hinted that Marie's father, Alain, may know some of Pince Henrik's family, or even the prince himself, due to living in the same area. This could have been the springboard for Marie and Joachim's first meeting in Denmark.

It is a very big shame that this great grandmother will not be able to go to Denmark. It must have been a big effort for her to go last year for the wedding. She seems elegant, as well, and it is obvious that Marie is a very special grand daughter.

How nice for the prince, too, to be a family guest, not always in royal surroundings. If they finish the home which he started with Alexandra, and it is nearby as well, perhaps they can see even more of this special lady.
I remember the night of the birth that TRF had constant news, sometimes including videos as the events took place, particularly Prince Joachim's interview re the baby and the obstetric team as well.

Will the same happen with the christening - videos of arrivals, ceremony, departure ?

I would expect that anything within Schackenborg itself would be published later, as family photographs. Videos inside Schackenborg would be very special.
I would love to see a video from inside Schackenborg, but I doubt that one would be released to the public. On the night of the birth, the constant updates came from TRF members who kept checking the Danish news sites. I am sure that it will be the same with the christening.
Perhaps that is what I was referring to. I remember reading something about her bicycling in cities, just like others, regardless of being a royal.

Her attitude towards shopping at the market in France during vacation makes my point, exactly. She is not hiding behind a privacy wall, but shows herself to be who she is, a warm, comfortable in her skin, person. I wouldn't expect her to do her own shopping in Copenhagen - that is not my point.

Her daughter-in-law however, is also on vacation, but seeks privacy. She seeks privacy at all times except when attending events she's expected to attend as part of being a royal.

Even Mary and Frederick are much more natural when doing informal things with their children, etc.

I think that perhaps Marie will feel more confident in Denmark and not seek so much privacy when she is in more command of the language.

The rest is something she'll have to get used to, she is in her early 30s, a mature young woman, so it should come as no surprise that privacy is relative to those who enter the privileged royal life. Perhaps once she is more comfortable in her role, she will be more understanding of it, and take it in her stride.

Marie and Joachim were at the Chateau late June / July last year. On their honeymoon, they first went to western Canada, then Montreal. There were pictures taken there, in which they were not recognized as who they were, even having to wait, standing, for a table in a restaurant.
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Thanks for the link, principessa! I am pleased to see that they didn't put an ending time on the reception at Schackenborg ;). I can't wait to learn the little prince's name!
On the french magazine "point de vue", there's an article with new pics of the family during their holidays in France (same pic as the billed bladet's front page). Hope the pics will be published soon on the web!!!
I have moved a few posts discussing the Christening of the little Prince; July 26, 2009 to this thread which will be open soon.

Has anyone been able to put the Point de Vue pictures on TRF yet? I wonder how that is done.
Billed Bladet has Marie and the little prince on their newest cover:

Billed-Bladet - BILLED-BLADET nr. 30

The wording says, "Prince's beautiful summer day. Marie ready for royal celebration."
Also, something about Nikolai and Felix taking on fatherly roles, there is excitement about the name, and it all happens on Sunday.

Rylt11-If the photos from Point de Vue aren't online, then they would need to be scanned. I am not sure, but I believe that it is against the rules to post scanned materials. You could try your local Borders bookstore. They often carry international magazines.

Meanwhile, Joachim, Marie, Nikolai, Felix and the baby will be on board the Danish royal ship, Dannebrog with the Queen and Prince Henrik. Dannebrog is sailing to South Jutland, where there will be a brief reception tomorrow when the ship docks. The Queen and Prince Henrik will travel on to Grasten, where they usually stay during the summer. Joachim, Marie, and the boys will head to Schackenborg. The article doesn't say where the ship sets sail from.

Den lille prins kommer med skib - Royale -
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What an elegant arrival for the little prince. Nice for the people of Jutland to see and welcome their little prince in style, with the presence of the queen to make it even more symbolic.

Not only will he have had some time with his paternal grandparents, but also with his stepbrothers, not to mention the clever avoidance of Copenhagen airport and its
Joachim, Marie, and the boys will head to Schackenborg. The article doesn't say where the ship sets sail from.

Probably Copenhagen :)! HMY Dannebrog is moored in the port of Copenhagen when she is commissioned during summer.

I say "probably": Firstly the exact sailing plan is not published and secondly HM - if she has been busy - has been known to "catch the boat" in a harbour on the route. Anyway, the most obvious solution would be to sail in the evening and sleep on board.

I went to a bookstore this morning and had a look on the magazine "point de vue". The little family spent some holidays in France in the countryside in the south east of France. Actually in the county named "pays basque".
It's not an article it's only three pics (same as in billed bladet).
These are the first pictures I've seen posted of the arrival of the royals from their vacation in France. It is very nice that the queen and prince consort accompanied them on the Danneborg and were also part of the reception when setting foot on Denmark.

The queen adds a lot of symbolism to occasions, and having Marie and Joachim plus chldren join her even for an overnight so they could arrive together creates a feeling of unity as a royal family and underscores the need for a little more formal ceremony to mark their return from their holidays.

It also enables the Danish people to be acknowledged and see the new member of the family in a natural way within a ceremonial setting, with band, bouquets and officials rather than a quick arrival and departure for Schackenborg.

Queen Margrethe is so understanding of the need for occasional public exposure and ensures that, by her presence, it is carried out. I gain admiration for her daily, she is so natural, but does the right thing every time.

Even when there is a problem, as the Rolls breaking down on that other official ceremony, she laughs it off, walks the rest of the way, and carries on. She seems so naturally gracious, understanding very well the full picture and ensurig that all the pieces support the big picture.

I hope Marie will pick up on some of this.
The website of the royal family features the christening font that will be used. It was most likely made around 1650, and is very beautiful. It is usually displayed in the Knight's Hall in Rosenborg. My translator is not very good, but I believe that the article says that it arrived to Mogeltonder on Monday:

Kongehuset - Aktuelt - Arkiv
It's the same christening font that is used for all royal christenings in Denmark.
Yes, indeed. It has a long history, having been used since the 17th century. It is quite beautiful, a real piece of art, a national treasure.
I'm glad to hear that the christening will take place this coming Sunday.I guess we'll have a lot to talk about.The little prince is really cute and I think he looks like his father.What do you think?
I think he has more Cavallier factions, like his mother and grandfather Alain. I think he has a very pensive, inquiring look about him that resembles his mother and grandfather. Maybe it's the dark eyes...

Both parents are good-looking, so he will probably be a very handsome man.
That's a lovely picture, thank you Paty! :flowers:
Both Joachim and Marie look great: I love the fact it's Joachim who carries the little Prince in a carrier – he’s been a doting and hands-on father to all 3 of his sons. :wub:
Marie looks incredible, she's a very natural, good-looking mother. Joaquim looks so happy, it's wonderful to get a second chance at living a fulfilled life, with new children, laughter, in his large estate. Their happiness is so evident. Beautiful to see.

(Wish he'd chosen less baggy shorts!)
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