Future Edinburgh weddings

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As far as I know, using hte first name is an indication that the wife is divorced or widowed.
Yes I knew that was the case for actual titles but didn't know it applied to courtesy titles too. Tatiana explained above.
I suspect the wedding may well be at St George's, or perhaps, a less high profle church (All Saints?). Expect no TV coverage. However, the invitee list could potentially be a Who's Who of British society.
I will say maybe, at St. George’s since her parents married there… a very memorable place to be married too but I, too agree - less coverage maybe? Since the Wessexes now the Edinburghs children are truly private personas though their parents have a growing and important roles in the firm now and in the future. (But I would love to watch another Royal Wedding - especially, one day - Lady Louise’s… but we’ll wait and see)
Now I am feeling my age - I was on this site when she was born - time does fly.
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