Frederik, Mary and Children on Magazine Covers

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A few years ago, when F&M were on a trip (South Korea, I think) an article appeared with almost the same wording...''he put his arm around her protectively, they seemed as though they shared a secret'' etc. I don't have time to look it up right now. It was either on this forum, or maybe the frederiketmary blog. Maybe it's just a slow news week. :whistling:

BTW, the frederiketmary site is very good. It's all in French, so I use a translator. Interesting to see how some things are different in translation. The comments (never nasty) are especially fun. For instance, one of today's is ''Frederik ages in beauty.'' Nice!

IIRC The Women's Weekly (which funny enough is published monthly) is also a more serious magazine than the Woman's Day coming up with the Queen Mary article.

In any case, quite charming they follow their former countryman so close even after 10 years.
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Each year in November the BB Golden Issue hits the streets and as always it's a yearly review of what the DRF (but also other royals) have been up to in the past year. - Certainly a more affordable option than a year-book, which I personally consider a rip-off.
Nu kommer BILLED-BLADETs GULDNUMMER | Billed Bladet

And a translated article about Royalista which, since it quoted often here, may be of interest:
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Thanks for posting, sweet father and daughter photo.
Billedbladet publish their annual 'royal calendar' tomorrow and many will probably say aww to their cover photo:

To the mods: Perhaps this thread should be renamed Frederik, Mary and children on magazine covers or something?

That is one of the cutest pictures ever.
A father and his daughter.
Nice pic of the inside of the calendar, cant go wrong with Frederik in uniform;)
The new official pictures of F&M at the cover of Billedbladet released tomorrow

BILLED-BLADET i denne uge nr. 6 - 2015: Fremtidens kongepar | Billed Bladet

(To the admins: Still thinking about if it wasn't an idea to rename this thread to both Frederik and Mary?)

The release of these photos also got some coverage here in Australia.

National breakfast TV news, Sydney newspaper and Hobart newspaper.

The Hobart paper also hinted about CP Mary being invited to an event there later this year - without naming the university anniversary of which M is patron.

Would tie in nicely with sister Jane Stephen's fiftieth birthday in December.

(Mag reports had that happening at the end of last year, but I think J was born in 1965 - so last year was only forty nine.)

I wonder if the TV execs will think of riding on the coverage a visit always generates, and screen their tele-movie/mini-series about CP Mary, while she's here in Oz!
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Nice cover, and sweet picture of Frederik's grandparents, too. Could someone please translate the captions under the photos?
Nice cover, and sweet picture of Frederik's grandparents, too. Could someone please translate the captions under the photos?

Top right: Fredrik and Mary's big girl. Isabella at work
Centre left: In the footsteps of Fredrik & Ingrid.
Centre right: Just as loving as his grandfather. Emotional Fredrik.
Bottom left: Carl-Philip & Sofia. Danish royals going to the wedding.

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:previous: Thank you! Thanks to this forum, I can pick out a few words, but it's nice to have a full and proper translation. :flowers:
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