Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 7: March 2013 - September 2013

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I really like the colour of Victoria's coat, I don't mind her trousers but I'm not particularly keen on them, and I don't like her shoes. But I do like her jacket and bag, both are very nice. :)
That coat is a winner. The color is absolutely delightful.
I like the outfit, nice velvet jacket and blue blouse. The fit of the pants doesn't seem right, the fly seems to be open, the fit seems odd.
I really like the outfit in general, but I agree that the pants seem to be not fitting.
I don't care for this outfit. Nothing seems to go together. I especially dislike her shoes!
There looks like a lot of disparate pieces being put together that don't blend too well together. I dislike the fit of those slacks, but I do like the light blue blouse.
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Victoria inaugurated the exhibition "Princess Estelle — Birth and Christening" at the Strömsholms Palace.
Recycled coat from Zara
Without the coat
The dress is from Mayla
Mayla Webbshop - Klänningar - Saskia Dress, från Mayla
Shoes are from LK Bennett
Victorias skor – från LK Bennett kungligamodebloggen

Victoria looked lovely today. Everything matched together and the outfit suited her very well. The Mayla dress is a nice summer dress. The colour of all outfit suits to Victoria's own colours perfectly.
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This is a lovely shade of pale pink, and it did look beautiful on Victoria. My only dislike would be the top of the outfit with too many ruffles.
:previous:I agree, Daria_S. At first I even thought that Crown Princess Victoria wore a top and skirt combination because of the inhomogeneous styles :whistling:. I like each part on its own, notably the fantastic, apparently multilayered one which unfolds its dynamics by virtue of foreground/background moves and those drops extending into the circles. Regardless, there's just too much going on overall i.m.o..
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I also agree, Lina RdC. It seems a bit dressy for daytime wear and I really don't care for the cardigan with the dress. I Do love the delicate gold necklace..
The top is too ruffly, and the skirt makes me dizzy.....
Call me strange, but I liked the whole thing.
Call me strange, but I liked the whole thing.

I like it too and I like that it's in the same color family as the Escada dress she wore to Estelle's christening.
I like it too and I like that it's in the same color family as the Escada dress she wore to Estelle's christening.

dbarn . . .

It's SO nice to know that I'm not one of the ONLY voices crying out in the wilderness in support of this outfit!


I loved this outfit! It looks like a two piece but its not. Quite interesting IMO. Lovely color and it she wears it well. Im not fond of cardigans but this works as its not too short or too tight. The coat is neutral and works over the look.
I like it, summery, appropriate for such an event and stylish.
Beautiful dress, very elegant and appropriate for a summer church service. The colour suits very well with Victoria's own colours. And it is good that she has a lovely hairdo with it.
I really like the dress, nice style and colour. Victoria looks lovely!
Victoria looks really nice.I love the dress.
The flower thing on her hair is a nice touch to her usually boring hairdo.
I love that dress and her hair looks lovely. She looks so pretty.
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Quite Lovely, The Crown-Princess looks wonderful.
She looks beautiful! Very lovely dress and color.
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