Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 10: April 2015 - June 2016

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Love her outfit and I don't even mind the head piece which is unusual for me. I also don't think she looks tired

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Victoria's outfit is great, nice to see her recycle the coat. The simple coat is a good combination with the lace. The headpiece looks good and I especially like how different she looks when you look her at the both sides. Pastel colours suit Victoria and she has a great posture. I would like to see a photo where we can see her shoes.
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The headpiece
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The outfit is fine, but the fascinator is awful. The enormous bow doesn't work imo at all.
She has very good posture, the spring coat and pretty lace dress look nice. She doesn't look tired to me at all. The bow is a nice cheerful idea but just looks silly.
Victoria could be perfect without this bow on her head!!
I do agree, the bow was a little much. The idea of a wrap around bow is nice but the execution of the bow is aweful. The rest of her outfit is perfect. Guess I'm glad she didn't wear the bow on Oscar's big day.
I actually like the bow.
Didn't like them on Estelle though.
I dont like the bow headpiece nor do I like the coat with the dress, the color of the dress and coat together is too pale IMO. The dress and coat alone are lovely pieces.
She looks wonderful! I love the colors and dress.
I agree, the bow looks like an oversized gift ribbon :ohmy:

She looks lovely, even if the outfit is not overly exciting, when you overlook the bow on her head.
I don't like this outfit at all. The headpiece is particularly awful.
The outfit is okay but the Bow just looks ridiculous.
I love the soft, pale colours of Victoria's outfit and like both the coat and dress individually. However, as dazzling has mentioned, the dress and coat don't work well together. I also think Victoria's bow is unnecessarily large.
That bow is simply awful. The rest of the outfit is OK.

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Love, love the dress. She looks wonderful! She looks healthy and happy.
The dress is exquisite. One of her best looks.
Her dress is lovely! Spring has sprung! She is radiant. The only fly in the ointment is her hair. I just don't care for the style. (Don't hate me!)
I love the dress. So perfect for spring. Even love the heels :flowers:

Victoria looks beautiful and happy. Best look of hers, not only today, but one of her best in a long time.
I think Victoria looks nice, her dress is very pretty and cheerful - perfect for the season.
April 29, 2016 - Victoria today wearing a H&M Conscious Exclusive 2016 collection dress with white heels.

I thought she looked very nice!

H&M dress ** Full view ** Close up ** Back view
Great look. H&M has made a longer version of the dress for Victoria. The dress looks wonderful on her and suited to a beautiful sunny day very well.
I noticed that Victoria's dress was a more elegant length. It is worth going 'bespoke' to get the desired effect and I was nicely surprised that they put in a little two inch split at the hem to offset the added length.

I have to admit, for all the fact that high heels are hazardous to ones health, Victoria has the legs for them and these ones I love, she looks so very elegant wearing them and they are perfectly complete this ensemble.
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