Crown Princess Victoria's Birthday (Victoriadagen) - July 14: 2018-2024

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First photos and short video of the crown princess family in the evening, before leaving Solliden Palace. Victoria is wearing a dress from By Malina.
It is a brilliantly happy crown princess who comes walking outside the summer palace. Today she is 43 years old and she is surrounded by her whole family. Princess Estelle is in for the fifth year, but for Prince Oscar it is a big premiere today. His first royal evening job! And probably he looks a little jittery in his nice blue shirt.
Until now, Victoria's birthday celebration has been completely private, or as Margareta Thorgren puts it:
- The Crown Princess celebrates a little more quietly this year, due to the pandemic.
But this is a family that sticks to the traditions, so a lot have still been the same. Victoria's birthday always starts with her being celebrated with cake on the bed at home in Villa Skönvik, while Oscar, Estelle and Daniel squeeze in with Ja må du leva.
Later in the morning, the rest of the royal extended family joins in, and the celebration usually turns into a large family lunch, which is usually held inside the palace. That could not be the case this year, this year's royal lunch had to be al fresco, that is, outdoors, plus of course with a distance to the seventies, the king and queen.
Direkt från Solliden – första bilden på Victoria! _ Svensk Dam

Kronprinsessan Victorias önskan på födelsedagen Solliden _ Aftonbladet

Svensk Damtidning updates also here:
Victoriadagen 2020 – följ Victoriakonserten _ Svensk Dam

Photos by SPA

Armand Duplantis gave Victoria a pair of specially made shoes with the name "Victoria" embroidered.
Födelsedagspresent till Victoria chockade alla _ Svensk Dam

Armand Duplantis with his mother Helena and sister Johanna.

The concert starts at 18.00, but is shown at SVT1 and SVT Play at 21.00.

Oscar didn't come to the concert, he was only at the photoshoot. Quite understandable, the concert is long and now when there were less than 10 people at the audience, the media attention on him being there for the first time would have been very big.
Victoriadagen 2020_ Oscar saknades på konserten _ Svensk Dam

Rex Features

The concert
Victoria delivered the Victoria Award to Armand Duplantis

Prinsessan Estelle charmade alla under Victoriakonserten 2020 _ Svensk Dam

Link to the concert:
Victoriakonserten 2020 _ SVT Play

Wow, that is a fantastic place to have a concert.

Photos from Solliden Palace Facebook

The host of the concert, Yvette Hermundstad's Instagram
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Svensk Damtidning asked Margareta Thorgren, why Victoria didn't have her Öland costume this time. Margareta Thogren said:
- With the pandemic, the concert has taken on a different format. Both the place and the shape are new, and in that situation there has been an opportunity for change and development - and a chance to think new - also when it comes to clothing choices. This new format was simply more suited to a dress.
The Crown Princess has stuck to her Öland costume from Räpplinge parish for all these years, but now she has broken the long royal tradition. But Margareta Thorgren is careful to emphasize that it still has a place, both in Victoria's wardrobe and in her heart:
- Yes, the Crown Princess loves her Öland costume. The female members of the royal family are generally very fond of their various province costumes. But traditions may also need to be developed.
Victoriadagen 2020_ Victoria slopar sin Ölandsdräkt _ Svensk Dam

Crown Princess Victoria and her family celebrate our future regent's birthday together. And in the TV broadcast, they showed what a welded unit they are together.
Petra Marklund stepped up to the microphone and sang the song "Du äger ditt skimmer". Victoria, Daniel and Estelle were noticeably moved by the lyrics - and when the song went into its crescendo we got to see a sample of their strong family bond.
Daniel and Estelle grabbed hands, and Victoria put her hand in to join.
Victoriakonserten_ Bilden ingen glömmer _ Svensk Dam

Great photos at this article
- Princess Madeleine and her family send, above all, a private greeting to the Crown Princess, says Margareta Thorgren.
Madeleines privata gest till Victoria efter krossade planen

Prince Oscar did not attend at the concert.
Margareta Thorgren says that they never go out in advance whether the children will participate or not - and that this is no exception this year.
- It should be comfortable for both parents and children to participate. Sitting still at a concert is quite demanding and therefore the Crown Princess couple is careful to make it feel good for the children on the day they participate. Prince Oscar is very young and therefore he did not attend the concert and he hasn't done it previously either, says Margareta Thorgren.
Därför uteblev prins Oscar från konsertdebuten
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It was nice to see that Victoria's birthday concert was still able to go ahead despite everything that's happened this year. Estelle and Oscar look as if they're going to be very tall; and I love Oscar's serious little expressions - just like grandpa! :D
I love the new format of the concert, and I was happy that Victoria got her concert as well.

I loveeee Estelle! She is so tall now, and I adore her dress. It is similar to Victoria's dress.
Svensk Damtidning asked Margareta Thorgren, why Victoria didn't have her Öland costume this time. [...]
The Crown Princess has stuck to her Öland costume from Räpplinge parish for all these years, but now she has broken the long royal tradition. But Margareta Thorgren is careful to emphasize that it still has a place, both in Victoria's wardrobe and in her heart:
- Yes, the Crown Princess loves her Öland costume. The female members of the royal family are generally very fond of their various province costumes. But traditions may also need to be developed.
I for one isn't sorry that Victoria isn't wearing her Öland costume. Hopefully she's burnt the wretched thing and we'll never get to see it again.
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Great how they try to spin it; that the royals love to wear the traditional costumes when especially Madeleine and Sofia have been seen to change the traditional shoes for more elegant ones... and also 'it's time for new traditions'... So much for loving the traditional outfits.
I get wearing the traditional costume on National day but I never got her wearing it for her birthday. So I am more then happy she is not today.

Even National day they should either all (men included) or none have to wear.

I am glad they found a way to safely have the concert still and celebrate :flowers:

Oscar is certainly a serious little boy like his grandfather. Not surprised they opted for him not to go to the concert. It is a lot for some kids to sit through at that age. Its better they recognized he was not up for such an event, then trying to make him and him acting up. He was there for the earlier photos.

Hopefully next year we will get the usual but still great to celebrate with her.
In these days of Swedish equality I believe that it's about time the men of the SRF joined the women in traditional dress. It always looked odd to me on National holiday and birthdays that the men wore suits, comfortable as you please.

As to Madeleine and Sofia wearing elegant court shoes with tradition dress, it just looked vain and a little silly.
It was a different celebration.
All the thousands who wanted to pay tribute to Victoria did not get the opportunity to come this year due to the pandemic.
Instead, we saw an empty Öland ruin filled with music.
But it was not the jubilee that shone the most during the SVT-broadcast Victoria concert. The sweet princess Estelle, 8, occasionally stole the show.
It would turn out that Princess Estelle was the big treasure during the evening. She showed respect, appreciation and charm.
Estelle always looked interested and despite her enormous energy, it seems that she knows her place as royal and she thrives so well in the role.
We congratulate Victoria and at the same time look forward to seeing her little princess grow and take even more space.
Prinsessan Estelle lyfte mamma Victorias firande - Allt om kungligt

Ruotsin hovi julkaisi suloisia otoksia Victorian syntymäpäiviltä – hurmasivat Estellen kanssa yhtenäisissä kesämekoissa - Viihde - Ilta-Sanomat
Kruununprinsessa Victorian perhe syntymäpäiväkuvissa
16 magiska bilder från Victoriadagen 2020 _ Svensk Dam
Prinsessa Estelle, 8, hurmasi äitinsä syntymäpäiväkuvissa – edusti lähes samanlaisessa asussa kruununprinsessa Victorian kanssa -
Bildextra_ Ta del av stämningen vid Victoriakonserten - Kalmarposten

Crown Princess Victoria's birthday is usually celebrated with a folk festival on Öland - but this summer it was different and the preparations for "Victoriadagen" have been wrestled with uncertainty.
- It has been a strained situation. We started this happily unaware of what was to come and then we had quite big plans to implement major changes in the project. We launched a new venue at Borgholm Castle that could take a larger audience, but also where we could do things for several days, says the organizer Stephan Rimér.
Just over two months ago, it was not even known whether Crown Princess Victoria herself could travel to Öland, given the current corona pandemic.
- During the spring, it has been a very special situation where we have constantly had to try to plan for scenarios that we had no idea about. Less than two months ago, we did not even know if you could travel to Öland and if the royal family could come.
- It is with a very short take-off distance and there have been plans on whether we can carry out the celebration in Stockholm. We have in our heads and the planning stage conducted this evening's concert in four, five different ways already.
Earlier, Crown Princess Victoria was celebrated at Borgholm Sports Arena, but this year the concert has been moved to the castle ruins.
- When it became clear that we could not have this audience party, it became natural to start looking at smaller areas adjacent to the castle that could also help us with the boundaries we needed to be able to do this with as few people as possible.
Arrangörens ovisshet kring ”Victoriadagen” in i det sista

Crown Princess Victoria did not go directly to the audience room in the 400-year-old castle ruin Borgsholm. First, she and her family stopped to be photographed.
Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar lined up nicely and professionally - but the birthday child cost himself a funny comment while the cameras snapped.
- It is important to keep your distance, you will do that, right?, Victoria said.
- We are hiding behind the cameras, the photographers replied.
Victoria sa ifrån till fotograferna inför alla _ Svensk Dam

Johan T Lindwall, editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtigning, writes about Victoriadagen at his chronicle. Svensk Damtidning is one of the partners of Victoriadagen organization.
We put 2020 behind us. Right? We do not want to be part of such a celebration of Crown Princess Victoria again. But what an effort by all. Impressive.
Sure, it was a celebration. Extremely ambitious to succeed - despite the situation that now prevails in Sweden and the rest of the world. But I think we should be completely honest. How fun was that? And how fun do you think Crown Princess Victoria really thought it was? Sit in Borgholm castle ruins basically all by yourself and be celebrated by the country's artist elite.
A birthday should be a joy shared with others. Thousands more in the case of Crown Princess Victoria, in normal cases. Now today it did not happen. Everything about Crown Princess Victoria's birthday was basically canceled. What is usually the highlight for her - the gathering of all the people inside Solliden Palace was completely canceled and the Crown Princess went straight from her beloved Villa Skönvik to Borgholm castle ruins for the annual concert.
Yes, the most exciting thing was that the Crown Princess did not wear the Öland costume - but for the first time chose to wear a nice dress.
Estelle, then? Yes, but she always saves and charms everything and everyone. Think, one day far into the future she will be Sweden's queen. We will with mother Victoria and daughter Estelle have two power women on the throne in Sweden for many years in a row. So cool!
What was worst? Personally? That for the first time since 1993 I was not present at the celebration. For the first time in 27 years. Sick, but true. Let us now hope that this never happens again and that in 2021 we have a normal state in Sweden and that we who can and want to can meet on Öland on 14 July.
I think we are adding this birthday to the history and hope it goes quickly to the next one on July 14th. Then the Crown Princess turns 44 and then I am in place and many of you with me.
Johan T Lindwall om Victoriadagen 2020_ _Detta får inte hända igen_ _ Svensk Dam

A group photo of the singers and the band
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The televised Victoria concert on SVT on Tuesday night raised a total of SEK 1,910,613 for Radiohjälpen's special fund where Crown Princess Victoria is the patron (The Crown Princess Victoria's Fund). The money supports children with disabilities and the right to active leisure.
The television broadcast of the Victoria Concert engaged a large part of the public for all children's right to active leisure. A total of SEK 1,910,613 was donated, of which the largest share, 58 percent, by telephone and the remainder via the payment service swish. The amount collected during the concert is almost twice as large as last year (increase by 94 percent).
"A big thank you to everyone who is committed to children with disabilities in this way," says Kristina Henschen, general secretary of Radiohjälpen.
“You enable more children to have a more meaningful everyday life. Through innovative thinking and alternative solutions, we find new ways for the right to an active leisure time, despite the corona.”
Victoriadagarna is a tribute to Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday. The event is broadcast annually from Borgholm on Öland. So far this year, SEK 7,134,700 has been donated to Crown Princess Victoria's Fund.

Claes Carlsson, the Master of the Palace and Court Florist, congratulated Victoria at his Instagram
"Hurrah for our Crown Princess! Wise, warm, humorous and with a big heart!"

There were some people outside Borgholm Castle when the royals arrived to the concert, among them Municipal Director Ann Willsund from Mörbylånga Municipality.

Good galleries
The crown princess family's photoshoot at Solliden

The concert

The concert was much better than I expected. The audience hall at Borgholm Castle was a fantastic place for this kind of concert with a very small audience. The songs and music sounded good. The decorations were stylish, and there wasn't too much of them.
Yvette Hermundstad is a very professional host to this kind of program. I didn't know all the artists (only The Mamas, Petra Marklund and Anne Sofie von Otter) before the concert, but I liked all of them. Linnea Henriksson surprised me, Oscar Stembridge was great, what a performer and only 12 years old. And the way he congratulated Victoria, Anne Sofie von Otter singing Sting's August Winds, that was so beautiful. And I became a Petra Marklund fan. What a great singer! Petra told Victoria before her last song, that she had heard that the crown princess likes one song she has written, it is so honourable. And now Petra sings it to Victoria, as her gift. She thanked Victoria that she can sing it to her, and be at the concert this evening, it is such an honour. Both Estelle and Victoria sang along at Petra's song. Victoria Award winner Armand Duplantis has set the world record at pole vault, 618. Yvette Hermundstad interviewed him and said that these windows of the castle towards Kalmarsund are six meters high, so here we can see how high you have jumped, even over it.
All these congratulations from people all over Sweden were nice to see.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Video of Victoria delivering the Victoria Prize to Armand Duplantis
Armand Duplantis fick pris ur kronprinsessans hand _ SVT Sport

Oscar at Solliden Palace Park
Prins Oscars skojiga bus i trädgården på Solliden - Allt om kungligt

The Crown Princess' celebration was not over after the concert. Then another surprise awaited.
Crown Princess Victoria greatly enjoyed her birthday concert. Maybe she was extra happy with Petra Marklund, who tore off one of the birthday child's favorite songs, "Fred".
Both Victoria and Princess Estelle were seen singing along to the chorus.
But the singing party was not over when the concert was over. Outside the ruin, a gathered troupe of Victoria lovers was waiting, who surprised the Crown Princess with a version of "Ja må du leva".
Victoria was noticeably moved.
- How sweet you are, thank you very much, hope you have a continued nice evening. Take care of yourselves, she said to the singers.
Victoria överraskad efter tv-sändningen _ Svensk Dam

Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, the pole vaulter who thrilled the entire athletics world, received a diploma and a greeting from Victoria in connection with the Victoria Concert at Borgholm castle ruins.
But what was really said in that greeting from regent to laureate? Did Victoria speak Swedish - or English, which is what the US-educated Armand is more comfortable with?
We will not know. Victoria did not have a microphone when she handed out the Award, so TV viewers sniffed at her speech.
Organizer Stephan Rimér explains why.
- That has really always been the case. That's something she wants to address to him. The king doesn't have a microphone either when he hands out the Nobel Prize, says Stephan Rimér.
Kronprinsessan Victoria – orden stoppades i tv _ Svensk Dam
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I for one isn't sorry that Victoria isn't wearing her Öland costume. Hopefully she's burnt the wretched thing and we'll never get to see it again.

Haha, couldn't agree more. Nobody wears these provincial costumes, and hasn't for a century. I think this whole thing stems from Silvia wanting to embrace Swedish culture when she arrived and thus tried to reinvent this tradition.

Well, it hasn't caught on, has it? :lol:
And, for heaven's sake, let us never, ever see the men in those costumes.
Here's a video, where Petra Marklund says
"I have been told that the Crown Princess likes a song I have made"
Victoria nods.
"It feels so incredibly honoring. That's why it will be my gift to you today. Thank you for letting me sing it to you today and for letting me be here. It's a huge honor!"
And we see how the crown princess family sings with Petra.

From the end of the concert, where "Happy Birthday to You" is sang

Crown Princess Victoria celebrated her birthday in a castle ruin. But a VIP dinner was also held nearby.
Near the castle ruins, the municipality had arranged a kind of VIP dinner for the county's powerful men and women.
Matilda Wärenfalk, chair of the municipal board, Ann Willsund, municipal director, and Johan Göransson, director of tourism, were among those present.
- We sat at a small restaurant called Systrarna på höjden, says Johan.
- We did not talk to the Crown Princess, but we congratulated and she greeted so well. They looked like they had thought it was nice.
For Johan and his colleagues, yesterday was a highlight of the year, just like for the Crown Princess herself.
- This is the most important event Öland had, so it was very fun that it happened. It was a nice atmosphere, even though we had the recommendations to relate to.
What are your impressions of the event as a whole?
- I think it was very successful. It was magical TV pictures we were treated to.
- The impression that will live on with me is the hope for a bright future. That Victoriadagen will continue and be as it usually is again.
Kronprinsessan Victoria – hemlig VIP-middag _ Svensk Dam

A video of the people singing birthday song "Ja må hon leva" to Victoria, when they left the concert.
Crown Princess Victoria came out and made a difference - just when the anxiety was greatest and it was needed most.
In the days before Victoriadagen, the concern was great, and justified: Would the islanders and all visitors do as usual, and gather in large groups to celebrate Crown Princess Victoria? The court, the organizers but also the Crown Princess herself - all had a small lump in their stomach. The royal family does not want to contribute under any circumstances to the spread of corona infection.
But then Victoria went out with her personal appeal, a film clip that she had recorded in Solliden's famous pergola.
And the Crown Princess' words of seriousness took a turn for the worse. The islanders listened - and stayed at home. The organizer, led by Stephan Rimér, could breathe a sigh of relief:
- It went as we had planned. We are very happy! he told Svensk Damtidning immediately after the concert in Borgholm castle.
There were no major crowds?
- No, there were some visitors who had gathered outside the ruin and who surprised the Crown Princess with Ja må hon leva. She was very happy. But there were not so many people that we needed to ask them to leave. Not at all!
Efter oron – Victoria tvingades vädja _ Svensk Dam
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TV4 News on 14th July evening about the birthday. Video of the royals arriving to the concert and Ellen Myrgård, Svensk Damtidning's reporter telling about the celebration about this different birthday.
Nyheterna på TV4 Play - Coronasäkert när kronprinsessan firade sin födelsedag

TV4 News about the birthday celebration during the years
Nyheterna på TV4 Play - Kronprinsessan Victoria, 43 år – se höjdpunkter från Victoriadagen

Photographers taking photos of the royals arriving to the concert

Gallery from PurePeople
Princesse Victoria _ Images de son 43e anniversaire spécial, en toute intimité - Purepeople

The concert was held here at Borgholm Castle:

Armand Duplantis posted today to his Instagram

The performers of the concert at their social media:
Petra Marklund
"Fun yesterday !! Oh how unpredictable that Princess Estelle knew the whole text of "Fred"? ? How nice ?? ❤️ and @linneahendrix, how good it is to sing and hang out with you! Thank you Augustifamiljen, the whole production and for enthusiasm :) And congratulations to the Crown Princess!"

Anne Sofie von Otter
"What a nice summer memory this will be, beautiful Victoria's birthday 2020 on beautiful beautiful Öland"
"They rock a little extra But everyone was fantastic today on the Crown Princess' birthday in a magically beautiful hall on Bornholm. A big thank you to the wonderful Augustifamiljen."

Oscar Stembridge
"Don’t stop believin! Amazing to play for Crown Princess Victoria for her birthday"

Linnea Henriksson at her blog
"So wonderful day. Happy to have played with the Augusti family. Proud to have been a part of celebrating the Crown Princess this very special year. Mighty with Borgholm's castle. A very nice experience in every way."
Victoriakonserten – min look _ Linnea Henriksson

Organizer Leroy Media at its Instagram

"Nice workplace"
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Svensk Damtidning tells that Stephan Rimér, the organizer of Victoria Concert, has organized a "VIP-dinner" at a restaurant near Borgholm Castle, and at the dinner they watched the concert from a screen.

Crown Princess Victoria celebrated her birthday with a concert at Borgholm Castle. Only nine people were allowed inside the hall - but the other celebrations found an alternative solution.
Near the castle ruins had held a kind of VIP dinner at the restaurant Systrarna på höjden. There sat the popular actor Mi Ridell.
- It was a small dinner next to the castle. Organizer Stephan Rimér had invited me, I and my partner Peter Andersson have a house on Öland and we are passionate about the island. So we got to see the concert on a screen, Mi tells.
Mi has very strong feelings for Öland, which she describes as a "pearl". She can not imagine a more dignified scene for the Crown Princess's party.
- The castle ruin is such a beautiful place for a concert. Nicer than a football field. And our fantastic crown princess is worth celebrating. I think she was happy with the circumstances. The TV broadcast was great, says Mi.
- It was so wonderful with the sunshine. I thought Stephan conjured up a fantastic event, despite the circumstances. Hats off to everyone involved. But it is of course more fun when the public gets to participate. Hopefully there will be a more public event next year.
Mi was not allowed to speak directly with the Crown Princess, but she congratulated Victoria from the other side a plastic band that was set up to protect the royals from the risk of infection.
- We who were there took a glass of bubbly in her honor. She is an incredible ambassador, says Mi.
Kronprinsessan Victoria hade kändis på sin fest _ Svensk Dam

Restaurant Systrarna på höjden is this close to Borgholm Castle:

12-year-old Oscar Stembridge posted yesterday to his social media:
Still can’t believe this happened just over a week ago. Playing for the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria for her birthday to raise money her charitable fund. It is a day I will never forget. Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Hope you enjoy the clip!

Borgholm Castle at its Instagram:
There was a concert in the castle ruins this summer after all - and what a concert it was! A memory for life.
Many thanks to the artists who were here and gilded the castle with their presence. From now on, and forever, you have the whole heart of the castle: @vonotter @' @linneahendrix @petra_marklund @oscarstembridge @linneaolssoncello and Augustifamiljen. We who know the castle ruin know that it misses, longs and hopes - that one day you will return! There will be a time after this time.
Many thanks to the small but fantastic audience on site: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle @kungahuset @prinsparet and Victoria Award winner @mondo_duplantis
True to her habit, a dazzling effort by host @yvettehermundstad
Many thanks also to everyone who supported Radiohjälpen's fundraising for Crown Princess Victoria's fund. More than SEK 1.9 million was received during the televised concert on @svt
Last but not least: What an incomparable production and what a team @Victoriadagarna @leroymedia

The Victoria concert had 1 090 000 viewers, a little more than in 2019.

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Dagens Kalmar tells that Kay Wiestål, the founder of Victoriadagen (Victoria Day), Victoria's birthday celebration, has passed away at the age of 80.
Covid-19 has taken another life. This weekend, Kay Wiestål passed away after a period of hospital stay, several people close to Dagens Kalmar newspaper tell.
Kay Wiestål har gått bort – blev 80 år gammal

Victoriadagen's founder Kay Wiestål has died in the complications of covid-19. After a short hospital stay, he died on Saturday night.
- It went fast in the end. He received oxygen during the last 14 days, but in the end he still could not breathe, says his wife Camilla.
In February Kay Wiestål received a medal from the king for his efforts as responsible for the Victoria Day on Öland. Camilla Wiestål says that receiving the medal from the king was a very nice ending to Kay's life. It was a great experience to both of them.
Camilla tells also that when Kay turned 80, he received flowers from Victoria and Daniel, that made him very happy.
Victoriadagens grundare är död – Kay Wiestål blev 80 år

Margareta Thorgren says that the royal family has received the information and it is of course very sad. Kay Wiestål was the founder of Victoriadagen and has been involved in the celebration every year since.
Kungen i sorg – nära vän död i covid _*Svensk Dam

The Crown Princess thinks it is so sad, said Thorgren.
Kronprinsessan Victoria i bakslag – hovet bekräftar _*Svensk Dam

Margareta Thorgren was interviewed at SVT News, she said: Kay Wiestål was a true entrepreneur and founder of Victoriadagen and of course the royal family is very sad. Because of this commitment he has had to celebrate the Crown Princess on July 14 and develope it as an incredibly successful way, Kay Wiestål as recently as in February received a medal from the king.
For over 40 years, Kay Wiestål was the man behind Victoriadagen, an event that alone attracted tens of thousands of tourists to Öland. But he was also of great importance to tourism in general in the region. He founded Kalmar's City Association in the early 1990s to get the city to collaborate on tourism, and he worked throughout his career to connect Öland and Kalmar to one destination.
Kalmar's tourism manager Stefan Johnson says: I don't think we really understand how much he did for this area. His strong network, both nationally and internationally, has really put our place on the map.
Victoriadagens grundare Kay Wiestål är död – hyllas av hovet _ SVT Nyheter
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Very sad. RIP.

He leaves a wonderful legacy with the success of Victoria Day.
The royal family with Kay Wiestål at Victoriadagen events
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Daniel with Kay Wiestål at Victoriagolfen

Photographer Pelle T Nilsson/Swedish Press Agency at its Facebook
Thank you for everything Kay who took care of us photographers on Öland. And lots of love and thoughts to your family.
Victoria Day founder Kay Wiestål has... - Swedish Press Agency _ Facebook

Kay Wiestål's wife Camilla tells that she has received more than 25 flower bouquets. The royal family, led by Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria, has sent a greeting. And three weeks ago, when Kay turned 80, a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers came from Victoria and Daniel.
- He was so happy about it, says Camilla.
Kay Wiestål had many memories, but he mentioned as very special the first time that 7-year-old Victoria handed out the Victoria scholarship all by herself to Gunde Svan 1984. And the world stars who have come to little Borgholm. Kay said he will never forget when Lionel Richie came with his private plane.
Drottning Silvia – orden till änkan efter plötsliga dödsfallet _*Svensk Dam

Video by SPA from the photoshoot at the Solliden Palace Park and the arrival to the Victoria Concert.
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The organizer of Victoria's birthday celebration events has updated the website.
Victoria Days
Home - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

Move for Fun
Move for fun - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

Victoria Golf
Victoriagolfen - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

Celebration at Solliden
Solliden - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

Victoria Concert
Victoriakonserten - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

Victoria Award
Victoriapriset - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

Victoria Race
Victorialoppet - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

At the website of Solliden Palace

The Crown Princess's birthday
14 Jul at 14: 00-18: 00
We of course hope that this year we will be able to celebrate the Crown Princess's birthday here at Solliden as usual. We do not yet know exactly what the celebration will look like. It all depends on the infection situation and what restrictions apply at the time. We will return later with more information about what the day will look like.
Kronprinsessans födelsedag - Sollidens Slott

Victoria Concert 2021
This year's Victoria Concert will take place at Borgholm Castle ruin on 14 July. Due to the uncertainty surrounding audience restrictions, there will unfortunately be no ticket sales to the public. The concert is instead planned to be a smaller event where only specially invited and partners to the Victoria Days will be offered seats.
The Victoria concert will be broadcast as usual on SVT1 on July 14 at 21:00.
More information about the Victoria Concert and other activities during the Victoria Days will come in the spring.
Victoriakonserten 2021 - Victoriadagarna på Öland 9-15 juli

Hanna Storm and Kristina Blad, based in Kalmar and have a background in, among other things, marketing, communication and events, strengthen Victoriadagarna (The Victoria Days). Hanna and Kristina will primarily work with business development and sales.
- It will be very exciting to work with Hanna and Kristina. The Victoria Days are in an important development phase where we plan many exciting news in the coming years. The commitment from individuals and companies in the Kalmar and Öland regions is, and will continue to be, crucial for the Victoria Days. With their creativity and energy, Hanna and Kristina will be an important part of the work going forward and also contribute with a much-needed increased presence in the region, says Stephan Rimér, responsible for Victoria Days.
- To be part of the journey to further develop the Victoria Days feels honoring and very fun! With a focus on a healthy lifestyle and Crown Princess Victoria's Fund, it is an inspiring and important work for us, Hanna Storm and Kristina Blad say.
Hanna och Kristina förstärker Victoriadagarna - Victoriadagarna på Öland 9-15 juli

The Municipality of Borgholm
Crown Princess Victoria is celebrated traditionally in Borgholm
Borgholms kommun - Photos _ Facebook

Stephan Rimér, the organizer of Victoriadagarna events, told to Svensk Damtidning:
- We expect to be able to carry out both the Victoria Concert and the Victoria Golf - provided that the planned easing of the restrictions is implemented. We will remain at Borgholm Castle ruins again this year, but not at the same venue as last year. This year's concert will be held in the courtyard instead.
Rimér told that the audience seats will still be limited, so they can't sell tickets to the public, there will be only invited guests. But SVT broadcasts the entire concert.
Rimér couldn't say if the whole royal family will attend, they hope everyone can come but it is too early to say how it will be. And he couldn't reveal the artists yet.
The Victoria Award will be delivered to a swedish top athlete, and Rimér told that Victoriadagen's founder Kay Wiestål, who passed away in November in the suites of covid-19, will be honored during the concert.
Glädjebeskedet_ Så blir Victoriadagen 2021! _*Svensk Dam

Svensk Damtidning has contacted Margareta Thorgren
What about Victoriadagen, or the Victoria Concert as it is called nowadays? Is there hope that we will see Princess Sofia on site when Victoria is to be celebrated in Borgholm castle ruins?
Margareta Thorgren said that it depends entirely on the recommendations. Hopefully the whole royal family is at Solliden on Öland as they usually are in mid-July.
Efter besvikelsen med nationaldagen_ Hopp för Sofia när Victoria fyller år
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Why is Svensk Damtidning asking specifically about Princess Sofia?
Why is Svensk Damtidning asking specifically about Princess Sofia?

They need something to write about. They've given up on Mads, she's not coming back, and they're running out of stories. It's tough for the gossip rags with a slimmed down court. :D
Not that CP and Sofia will feed them any scandals, but at least they can comment on her dresses and catch a glimpse of the boys, especially the newest addition.
Why is Svensk Damtidning asking specifically about Princess Sofia?
Because it's a cheap tabloid rag and they're trying to stir the pot (again) and create a scandal to generate clicks.
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Speedskater Nils van der Poel is awarded the Victoria Prize 2021
Nils van der Poel is awarded the Victoria Prize 2021 for taking the skating world by storm this year through double World Championships gold, as well as a world record for the prestigious distance of 10,000 meters.
- It is an incredible honor to be awarded the Victoria Prize. But above all, it is very gratifying for my skating heart that my dear sport is now once again part of the Swedish people's soul, says Nils van der Poel.
The prize is awarded by HRH Crown Princess Victoria during the Victoria Concert on 14 July, broadcast on SVT1 and SVT Play at 21:00.
Nils van der Poel tilldelas Victoriapriset 2021 _ Victoriadagarna

- I am thinking of cycling to Öland to receive the prize, says Nils van der Poel.
The first Prize was awarded in 1979 to Ingemar Stenmark. Last year it went to pole vaulter Armand Duplantis and the year before that to biathlete Hanna Öberg.
- It's a flattering list to see your name on. These are great sportsmen and -women. But in a way, it now feels like I might belong on that list and it feels very fun. For me, the royal family is something central in the Swedish people's soul. That's how I perceive it and that's why I think this award is extra fun.
He has never met anyone from the royal family. But he has guarded their Palace in Stockholm, as commando soldier van der Poel, who was at the Royal Guards during his military service.
Victoria Golf is arranged in connection with Victoria Day. The participants consist of companies that compete in teams and raise funds for Crown Princess Victoria's Fund through various challenges around the course. Last year's winner Armand Duplantis played with Daniel.
Van der Poel hesitates if he is asked to play, he played some golf in his youth but he hasn't done so in the last eight years. So he should probably answer no.
But there is another question he would no doubt answer yes.
Victoria and Daniel are initiators of Generation Pep, which wants to create a popular movement for more physical activity. And if there is something that is close to training person Nils van der Poel's heart, it is training. So if the Crown Princess couple would ask, there is no doubt.
- I would like to be an ambassador, he says.
Nils van der Poel får Victoriapriset 2021
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Press accreditation for the Victoria Concert at Borgholm Castle, Öland, on Wednesday 14 July is now open.
Apply for press accreditation here, no later than 6 July.
Please note that there are a limited number of press accreditations for the Victoria Concert 2021. Journalists and photographers without a press accreditation will not have access to Borgholm Castle 14 July.
Pressinbjudan Victoriakonserten - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

The newly appointed Victoria Prize winner, Nils van der Poel, will cycle from Vittangi in the north to Smygehuk in the south - a distance of 2050 km. The goal is to complete the race in under 82 hours. Nils' extreme bicycle race will be his contribution to Victorialoppet - with the goal of raising SEK 205,000 for Crown Princess Victoria's Fund.
- I don't really know what we are getting into, but it is fun to feel Crown Princess Victoria's support and at the same time have the opportunity to contribute to the Crown Princess Victoria's Fund's important work, says Nils van Der Poel.
Nils and Lars' journey through Sweden starts on June 30 and will be able to be followed here on or via Instagram. Of course, all newsrooms around Sweden are welcome to join the race. However, no interviews will be possible before Nils and Lars arrive at Smygehuk.
Nils van der Poels extrema utmaning blir en del av Victorialoppet - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli
Nils van der Poels cykelbössa

Press release:
The Crown Princess celebrates her birthday on July 14 on Öland, where the entire Royal Family gathers at Solliden Palace.
But due to the prevailing restrictions as well as the risk of creating crowds, the Crown Princess doesn't meet the public to receive congratulations at the roundabout in front of Solliden Palace.
The public celebration begins at the Victoria Concert in the Borgholm Castle ruins, where the Crown Princess Couple and parts of the Royal Family participate.
Kronprinsessans födelsedag - Sveriges Kungahus

Victoria Concert's organizer Stephan Rimér has told to Expressen, that the concert at Borgholm Castle will have 300 people in the audience. They are all invited guests, among them partners of the event, the county governor and the royal family.
Kronprinsessan Victoria och prins Daniel bygger sommarhus i Stockholm

The popular host Yvette Hermundstad will once again lead the Victoria Concert. It will be her third year in a row. In recent years, the conditions for the Victoria Concert have looked completely different and this year there will be a concert in front of a few hundred spectators at Borgholm Castle.
- It feels fun and glorious to have the confidence for the third time to host the celebration of the Crown Princess. It is such a special day and it feels especially fun to have the opportunity this year to invite a small audience for the celebration on site. As always, I am expectant and very much looking forward to paying tribute to the 43rd Victoria Prize winner in history, says Yvette Hermundstad.
Hon leder Victoriakonserten - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli

The court updated to the calendar today:
King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, Sofia, Madeleine and Chris attend the Victoria Concert.
Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus

Estelle has attended on many years already, so it's quite certain that we will see her too at the concert.

Nils van der Poel's wonderful journey through Sweden - 2050 km in 82 hours
On tomorrow, Wednesday morning, this year's Victoria Prize winner Nils van der Poel with his friend Lars Skantz will cycle their own Victoria race from Vittangi in the north to Smygehuk in the south - a distance of 2050 km. The goal is to complete the race in under 82 hours. Nils and Lars' journey through Sweden is carried out for the benefit of Crown Princess Victoria's Fund with the goal of raising SEK 205,000.
They will they will, among other things, cycle past the following cities and towns:
Vittangi - Svappavara - Gällivare - Jokkmokk - Arvidsjaur - Sorsele - Storuman - Strömsund - Östersund - Sveg - Orsa - Mora - Vansbro - Grythyttan - Karlskoga - Degerfors - Laxå - Karlsborg - Jönköping - Vaggeryd - Skillingaryd - Värnary - Ljungby - Ljungby - Ljungby - Ljungby Vittsjö - Hässleholm - Hörby - Skurup - Skateholm and Smykehuk.
Nils van der Poels underbara resa genom Sverige - 205 mil på 82 timmar - Victoriadagarna på Öland 10-15 juli
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Artists at the Victoria Concert:
Benjamin Ingrosso, Sabina Ddumba, Mando Diao, Smith & Thell, Moonica Mac and Sofia Jannok. The music is performed by conductor Stefan Sporsén and Augustifamiljen.
- It feels very inspiring to be able to present such a strong line-up of artists this year when we have the honor to welcome back both the royal family and a few hundred people in the audience. I am convinced that it will be a fantastic concert, both live and on TV, says Stephan Rimér, organizer for Victoriadagarna.
De uppträder på Victoriakonserten _ Victoriadagarna

After 24 hours of cycling, 670 km driven and SEK 42,510 collected, Victoria Prize winner Nils van der Poel was forced to break his bike race that would take him from Vittangi to Smygehuk in 82 hours.
Nils was tired and according to his own statement, could no longer maintain the speed required to complete the race in less than 82 hours.
- Cycling 2050 km in 82 hours is a very, very tough challenge. Despite solid preparations, it didn't work out this time. Rest a little now Nils, see you on Öland in July, says Stephan Rimér, organizer for Victoriadagarna.
Nils' friend Lars Skantz continues to cycle towards Smygehuk and the fundraising for Crown Princess Victoria's Fund continues.
Nils van der Poel tvingas avsluta sin utmaning - Victoriadagarna på Öland 12-15 juli

The court also gives information about how much influence the royal family and the birthday child had around the bookings of artists to the Victoria Concert.
- It is the organizer together with SVT who makes decisions about the artists, the court writes in an email to Newsner.
Despite the fact that the Crown Princess herself has not decided who will be allowed to perform, there is every possibility that this will be a real great evening.
Hovet om beslutet för kronprinsessans födelsedag – SVT_s vägran för kungafamiljen

Swedish Gala Magasin
"Soon it's time to celebrate our beautiful crown princess on her birthday. In anticipation of this year's celebration, we offer here some lovely pictures from previous years where you can feel the good mood."
Ljuvliga minnesbilder – i väntan på årets Victoriadagar... - GALA magasin
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The organizers of Victoriadagarna (the events around Victoria's birthday) have published the annual Victoriadagarna Magazine.

At the magazine is also an article about Victoria's year from birthday in 2020 to this year's birthday
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Performers of the Victoria Concert have been interviewed in the magazine:
This spring, Moonica Mac and Benjamin Ingrosso released the song "The Big Red House" which the artists have written together. On July 14, they will both be on the Victoria Concert stage, Moonica as a debutant. Moonica Mac says: It feels fantastic to perform in front of the royal family together with Benjamin and the Augusti family. Benjamin and I wrote the song together and it will be fun to meet again and perform together.
For Benjamin Ingrosso, this is the second time he has been on the stage of the Victoria Concert after participating in the celebration of Victoria's birthday in 2019. Benjamin says: It is always incredibly glorious and nice to be able to sing in front of the royal family. I remember that Princess Estelle was a big fan of "All Night Long". In 2019, there were more playful songs on stage, this year, there will be a little more calm songs.
Sabina Ddumba participates for the first time at the Victoria Concert, she says: It will be great fun, partly to be able to sing again in front of an audience and partly to be part of such a special day where the Crown Princess is celebrated.
Sofia Jannok says: It feels so honoring to sing at the concert. I have seen the concert for many years. It is a very nice production that it will be really fun to be a part of.

The magazine
Victoriadagarnas tidning - Victoriadagarna på Öland 12-15 juli

Victoriadagarna (Victoria Days), the events around Victoria's birthday:
12th july Victoria Padel (the first time)
13th July Victoria Golf
14th July Victoria Concert
15th July The Victoria Race
The organizers also say at the Victoriadagarna magazine, that they hope that the event "Move for Fun" for children can be organized again next year.
Yesterday was the soundcheck for the Victoria Concert this evening.

Gala Magasin
She is beautiful, she is wise and she is a lovable person. Today, Crown Princess Victoria turns 44 and will be celebrated traditionally at the royal family's holiday paradise Solliden on Öland. In honor of the day, we offer here a cavalcade of beautiful pictures of the Crown Princess.
22 magiska bilder på kronprinsessan Victoria - 44 år idag! - GALA magasin

Court Facebook
Today, H.R.H. The Crown Princess turns 44 years. The Crown Princess celebrates her birthday at Solliden on Öland.
The public's traditional courtship outside Solliden has also been canceled this year due to the pandemic.
However, a pandemic-adapted version of the Victoria Days is taking place on Öland.
At 12.00 today, the Swedish Armed Forces fires salutes from the country's salute stations - from Karlskrona in the south to Boden in the north.
Tonight at 21.00 SVT broadcasts the Victoria Concert 2021 from Borgholm Castle ruins.
During the concert, the Crown Princess will present this year's Victoria Prize to the skater Nils van der Poel.

Court website
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans 44-årsdag - Sveriges Kungahus

Niklas Larsson, the Chair of the Executive Committee of Osby Municipality, has been at Solliden eleven times to congratulate Victoria on her birthday.
Today he published this photo at his social media
"Congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria on her 44th birthday! This is my favorite picture with the Crown Princess and it was taken in connection with her birthday two years ago. I hope to take new pictures next year!"

Victoria Prize winner Nils van der Poel arrived with a parachute.
It is less than a week since a plane crash in Örebro - where eight parachutists and a pilot arrived.
The Victoria Prize winner Nils van der Poel chose to arrive in Borgholm with a parachute to honor the victims.
On Wednesday, he met the press. He chose to arrive by parachute despite the fact that the jumper family is saddened by the tragic plane crash in Örebro recently, in which nine people died.
- It is heavy in many ways. Parachute Sweden is very tight. People who have meant a lot to me have disappeared, he says.
van der Poel anlände till Borgholm med fallskärm _ SVT Sport

Last rehearsals for the Victoria Concert today at Borgholm Castle
Benjamin Ingrosso
Mando Diao

Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar posed for the photographers also this year at Solliden Palace Park. The photos were taken after a birthday lunch, just after three this afternoon.
Victoriadagen 2021_ Se Victoria med Oscar och Estelle _*Svensk Dam

Första bilderna från födelsedagsfirandet av kronprinsessan Victoria - GALA magasin

It seems that Estelle is wearing this dress Victoria had on her 10th birthday in 1987.

Oscar is at the concert for the first time.
Victorias beslut för Oscar – aldrig hänt tidigare under Victoriadagen _*Svensk Dam

Sofia doesn't attend the concert
The concert is at different place than last year, now it is at the courtyard of the ruins so that more people could attend.
They arrived with a carriage
Skater Nils van der Poel (left), the Victoria Prize winner and Stephan Rimér, organizer of the Victoria Days events
Victoria delived the Victoria Prize to Nils van der Poel.

Gallery of the Crown Princess family arriving to the concert
TT Nyhetsbyrån

Another gallery of the royal family arriving to the concert. So much great photos of Victoria today!
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Link to SVT's broadcast of the concert, starting soon at 21.02.

Victoria, Estelle and Oscar at Solliden
Pic1 *** Pic2 *** Pic3

This photo of Victoria taken by Jonas Ekströmer/TT is very good

Arriving to the concert, photos by SPA
Pic1 *** Pic2 *** Pic3 *** Pic4 *** Pic5 *** Pic6

At the concert, Oscar got a little tired, photos by SPA.
Pic1 *** Pic2 *** Pic3 *** Pic4

- After the concert, there will be private celebration at Solliden, said Margareta Thorgren.
Alla syskon på plats för att fira kronprinssessan Victoria

I liked the concert very much. There were some new swedish artists for me, great to hear them. Smith & Thell will perform at Solliden Sessions tomorrow and on Friday. I liked both duets and Benjamin Ingrosso is a very charismatic young man.
The way the concert was filmed was great and the scenery on the arrival of the Crown Princess family was magical:

The court about the celebration at its website:
Kronprinsessan firades på födelsedagen - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos at court Facebook by Pelle T Nilsson and Henric Wauge/SPA and Mikael Fritzon/TT.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Solliden Palace congratulated Victoria

Victorias lycka – stora återföreningen på födelsedagen - Allt om kungligt
Victorias allvarliga signal – mitt under födelsedagsfesten - Allt om kungligt

Kuninkaalliset saapuivat prinsessa Victorian juhlakonserttiin - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Skater Nils van der Poel received the Victoria Prize tonight after the double World Cup gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters earlier this year where he also broke the world record in the longer distance
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