Crown Princess Victoria's Birthday (Victoriadagen) - July 14: 2018-2024

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Imperial Majesty
Jun 22, 2007
Alexander Rybak and Peter Jöback sing for the Crown Princess

Peter Jöback and Alexander Rybak are two of the artists who celebrate Crown Princess Victoria at Borgholm's Sports Arena on 14th July.
Kalle Moraues is the program leader at this year's Victoriadagen concert, the 40th in the scheme.
Besides musical artist Peter Jöback, on stage will be also Alexander Rybak, who won the European Song Contest 2009 and has the chance to do it again this year. He competes with the song "That's how you write a song".
From this year's Melodifestivalen (music competition which determines the country's representative for the ESC) participate artists Jessica Andersson, John Lundvik and Emmi Christensson, and on the stage is also rising star Nova Miller, who has John Legend as her mentor.
- It's a wide and nice artist group, says Kay Wiestål, who organizes Victoriadagen together with IFK Borgholm.
- This year we are not just celebrating our Crown Princess. Victoriadagen celebrates 40 years, continues Kay Wiestål.
It is not yet clear who will be this year's Victoria Scholarship Laureate, but after the Swedish successes in the Winter Olympics, there is a lot of candidates.
Alexander Rybak och Peter Jöback sjunger för kronprinsessan - Ölandsbladet

Victoriadagen-concert about the artists at the official website:
Artister 2018 - Victoriadagen | Officiell hemsida

Organizer Kay Wiestål got in December a letter from the court, where king Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria and Daniel confirmed their attendance at the concert:
- The royal couple, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel come here to Öland. It feels fantastic. Then we'll see how it happens to the rest of the family, there are always some more coming, says Kay Wiestål.
Kronprinsessan Victorias besked_ Firar födelsedagen på Öland _ Kungligt _ Expressen

The tickets have been on sale from 14th December

Some great artists this year: Peter Jöback played again The Phantom at the The Phantom of the Opera in Broadway at its 30th Anniversary for some months this year. And John Lundvik, one of my favourites, who sang at the concert also in 2015.
After 40 years, Kay leaves Victoriadagen

It is said that it is Öland's single most important event every year. And after 40 years, Kay Wiestål now reveals that Victoriadagen concert this summer will be the last for the legendary organizer.
- It's time. Now others have to take over, says Kay Wiestål.
Kay Wiestål told the message in connection with the opening of this year's summer exhibition at Solliden.
Kay Wiestål has had a very good and close cooperation with the Royal Family for 40 years.
The fact that his friend PO Amnér passed away last autumn has played a role when Kay made his decision.
- We had talked about doing this 40th Victoriadagen together, says Kay Wiestål.
For Öland, the significance of Victoriadagen can not be enough highlighted. It is the day of the year when Sweden's eyes are directed towards Öland. For many, Victoriadagen is also synonymous with Kay Wiestål, founder and developer of the day together with PO Amnér.
As soon as the legendary organizer with all his contacts resigns, comes worry about what will happen to Victoriadagen in the future?
Kay Wiestål gives calming message.
- There are others who will take over. I will present them in connection with Victoriadagen this summer, says Kay.
Efter 40 år lämnar Kay Victoriadagen - Ölandsbladet

Kay Wiestål is 77 years old.
Victoria delivers again Victoria Scholarship at the concert in Borgholm. This year, Victoria Scholarship is awarded for the 40th consecutive year.

This year's Victoria Scholarship is awarded to cross country skier Stina Nilsson.
The jury's statement:
"Stina Nilsson is one of the foremost Swedish athletes in cross-country skiing. She has in recent years demonstrated her talent and ability both in national and international competitions. During the past year, Stina has shown outstanding achievements that further certify her place in the World Elite. During the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2018, Stina took her first Olympic gold in the women's sprint, contributed to two Swedish Olympic silvers in a relay and sprint, and ended the Olympic Games with a bronze at 30-kilometers in classic style. The jury agrees that this year's Victoria Scholarship Laureate is a distinguished and representative representative of her sport in and outside the ski track."
Stina Nilsson är årets Victoriastipendiat 2018 - Victoriadagen _ Officiell hemsida

Barometern Sport received an exclusive interview with Stina Nilsson after the news were released.
- Oh, this feels very big. When I look at who have received the scholarship earlier, this is really honorable, says Stina Nilsson.
On July 14th, the Scholarship is awarded by Crown Princess Victoria in connection with the birthday celebration in Borgholm. Stina Nilsson is now happily changing her plans for a visit to Öland.
- I will bring the whole family with me. We are going to holiday in Öland and go sightseeing. This will be so fun, says Stina Nilsson.
Vinterns stora skiddrottning får sommarens största pris - Barometern
Press release from the court

The Crown Princess's birthday

On Saturday 14th July the Crown Princess's birthday is celebrated traditionally at Solliden Palace and Borgholm Sports Arena in Öland.
The celebration begins at Solliden Palace with the Royal couple and Crown Princess couple's meeting the public at approx. 14.00 at the roundabout in front of Solliden Palace.
After that, the birthday celebration will continue at Borgholm Sports Arena at 18.30 in the presence of the Royal couple, Crown Princess couple, Prince couple and Princess couple.
During the celebration at Borgholm Sports Arena, the Crown Princess delivers the Victoria Scholarship. This year's Laureate is cross-country skier Stina Nilsson.
Kronprinsessans födelsedag - Sveriges Kungahus

There will be a nice surprise when Ingemar Stenmark attends Crown Princess Victoria's birthday party Victoriadagen on Öland this summer. In a press release, Victoriadagen writes:
"We are pleased to announce that Ingemar Stenmark honours the celebration of Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on July 14, 2018 with his presence. Ingemar Stenmark was named as the Victoria Scholarship recipient when the prize was awarded for the first time in 1979".
Then, in 1979, Ingemar received a prize from the king himself.
- Stenmark is one of the really big names and an important person in his sport, clearly it's cool right he's coming. I know that the royal family thinks so too, says Victoriadagen's Kay Wiestål.
Ingemar Stenmark närvarar vid firandet av Victoriadagen 2018 - Victoriadagen _ Officiell hemsida
Glädjebeskedet! Ingemar Stenmark kommer till Victoriadagen _ Svensk Damtidning

The former Victoria Scholarship winners are always welcome to Victoriadagen concert. Peter Forsberg and Christian Olsson have attended in many years.

In 2013 the king and queen held a reception in Solliden for the Victoria Scholarship recipients on 15th July. Five years have gone and Victoriadagen celebrates its 40th anniversary, perhaps there will be a reception this year too?

Solliden Palace about Victoria's birthday at its website
Victoria Day 14th July
11.00 The gates will open to the Palace Park
14.00 The Crown Princess comes out in front of the Palace
Meanwhile we are waiting for the Crown Princess we offer music entertainment and information about Solliden from our Palace bailiff and guides in front of the Palace.
In the morning there will be music entertainment at the small stage outside Kaffetorpet (Cottage Café).
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Sollidens Slott _ Aktuellt
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The organizers of Victoriadagen have released this year's Victoriatidningen (Victoria magazine). The magazine is delivered widely at the Kalmar county.

Photos from previous years at the magazine
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

At the magazine, among other things:
Many former Victoria scholarship Laureates (among them Ingemar Stenmark, Peter Forsberg and Sarah Sjöström) tell their memories about receiving the scholarship and about their relationship to Kay Wiestål, who has orgazined the Day 40 times.

Synsam is one of the partners of Victoriadagen. Synsam's ceo Håkan Lundstedt, Daniel's long-term friend, tells at the magazine that he will again play at Victoriagolfen together with prince Daniel, Peter Forsberg och Patrik Vrbanc. Lundstedt says that Victoriadagen and Victoriagolfen are the highlight of the summer.

Peter Jöback, one of the solists at Victoria's birthday concert looks forward to meet the royal family again, he says: We have met many times during the years, among them via the queen's World Childhood Foundation. It is always an experience to sing to them. We shall be proud that we have such a fine and modern royal family, and I'm grateful that I can perform at such a great event as Victoriadagen and get a chance to come back to beautiful Öland.
Alexander Rybak, winner of ESC in 2009, performs also at the concert. He says: What I like most in live is to travel and play together with other people. To be able to finally play on Öland to the Crown princess, together with really good swedish artists, is a little like a dream come true.

Move for Fun at Ekerum Resort Öland, 13th July
Generation Pep, Victoriadagen, The Swedish Sports Confederation, Smålandsidrotten and Ekerum Resort Öland cooperate in the Move for fun project. Children and young people are given the opportunity to see sports, try out sports and be part of the sports environment.

Victoria magazine here
Victoriatidningen 2018 by Louise Ribrant - issuu

In Ölandsjournalen
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Aftonbladet has an article in it’s Sunday Magazine "Victoriadagen 40 years", written by Aftonbladet’s royal expert Jenny Alexandersson.

Mission: The Queen
Alexandersson writes among other things that as the heir to the throne, Victoria has been prepared to her work her whole life, but so far she has been able to enjoy the family life and summer holidays in Solliden. But behind the scenes the court has been working for a long time to build Victoria’s brand and future role as the queen of Sweden.
Öland and Victoriadagen mean a lot to Victoria. This year's Victoriadagen is special, the 40th Victoriadagen, and people of Öland and tourists come to Solliden to congratulate Victoria. Victoriadagen is called the National Day of Öland. And a chance for Victoria to meet many Swedes and tourists. Part of them hope that she will soon take over after her father. Many polls and surveys done during the last years show that Victoria is the most popular member of the royal family and a part of people hope that the king would abdicate for Victoria. But that is not going to happen. But instead of that, Victoria tries to lighten the work load of her parents. She is the one of the children, who works most and is seen most. Her so called Queen School never ends, but the education is over and now it is the practical work that builds the brand of the crown princess. The more she is out and meets people, the more loved and popular she seems to become.
- There is no doubt that the crown princess increases the trust to the royal house, says Lennart Nilsson from SOM-Institute, which makes researches for instance the popularity and support of monarchy.
The court has noticed this and Victoria has already started her own Eriksgatas. Only the king, queen or the heir to the throne can make an Eriksgata, a sort of PR-trip, where the new regent visits all Sweden's provinces. When king Carl Gustaf became king, he made Eriksgatas to the provinces during many years. And when he celebrated his 40 years on the Swedish throne, he and queen Silvia made a miniversion of Eriksgatas. Victoria has started her Eriksgatas with her hikes in all Swedish provinces. A variation of Eriksgata, which suits Victoria perfectly. Her royal role includes a lot of climate and environmental issues combined with a great love for people. To combine the hikes with the possibility of meeting people all over Sweden is the best she can think about. It is even a feather in the cap of the court, which already now can work with Victoria's brand as the future queen.
One day Victoria will take over from her father, but it will probably still take a long time. The Bernadottes live old and the king is strong and healthy and works as intensively as ever.
- Of course there is a plan for the crown princess which will be used on the day when the king passes away, says a person close to the court.
Victoria started to prepare to her role already when she was fifteen years old and started to represent with her parents. In 2004 she got her own Household with her own staff, which works only for her.
During the last years Victoria has been seen a lot at the court's social media. Madeleine and Carl Philip have their own Instagram accounts, where they publish also more personal photos than those we see at court's social media. But Victoria will not get her own account, she shares the official accounts with the royal court. There the monarch's and heir's work events are shown and the court says that they don’t plan an own account for Victoria where she could be more personal.
Victoria's popularity is a guarantee of the support of the Swedes, her ability to speak with adults as well with children is entirely in line with what the court's PR-experts hope for.
When the Crown Princess celebrates her 41th birthday, it is always with the focus on the people. Inviting anyone who wants congratulate Victoria to Solliden is a tradition which the royal family and the royal court didn’t at first see as part of their PR-strategy. But today Victoriadagen is one of the best days in a year for Sweden's future queen to show who she is, and to receive people's appreciation and love.

Victoria's favourite places in Öland
Alvaret, where Victoria and Daniel are often jogging
Bath house in Solliden
Borgholm Castle, where Victoria and Daniel go to concerts in the summer
Glasskaféet Ölandsglass
Ekerum Golf Resort, where Daniel plays golf in the summers.
Victoria and Daniel's villa Skönvik in Solliden
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Next weekend it's time again. The Crown Princess's birthday, Victoriadagen, is traditionally celebrated at Solliden and in Borgholm.
This is now Öland's own National day, it's a media story almost like Almedalen, journalists from 10 countries are following the festivities. Tourists are coming, over 40,000 cars drive over the Öland bridge this day, July 14th.
Privately Crown Princess Victoria celebrates quite traditionally. A must have been awakening on the bed with cake and song. It has been like that since she was little in the nursery at Solliden, and it is still so, at home with Daniel and the children in Villa Skönvik down at Kalmarsund.
In the evening, birthday dinner is held with the family as usual.
Sometimes there are also some surprises on these private birthday parties. One year, for example, several camels were transported from Öland Zoo to Solliden, when you would have a "One Thousand and One Nights" party!
Mötet med världsstjärnan fick Victoria att rodna
The Victoria Day custom is really interesting to me. Is there a tradition of celebrating the heir in this way, or is it something that started with the current crown princess? Watching from America, I notice much more about the Victoria Day activities than I do the king's birthday each year. Is it a matter of Victoria's events just getting more international attention, or is it truly a bigger to-do than what is done for him?
The Victoria Day custom is really interesting to me. Is there a tradition of celebrating the heir in this way, or is it something that started with the current crown princess? Watching from America, I notice much more about the Victoria Day activities than I do the king's birthday each year. Is it a matter of Victoria's events just getting more international attention, or is it truly a bigger to-do than what is done for him?
It all started with the current Crown Princess. The first few years it was just a small ceremony to hand out the Victoria scholarship but with some entertainment being added it slowly evolved into the big festivities we see today.
The Victoria Day custom is really interesting to me. Is there a tradition of celebrating the heir in this way, or is it something that started with the current crown princess? Watching from America, I notice much more about the Victoria Day activities than I do the king's birthday each year. Is it a matter of Victoria's events just getting more international attention, or is it truly a bigger to-do than what is done for him?

Kay Wiestål founded Victoriadagen in 1978. He is a former football player who has played in Djurgårdens IF, played at the professional level in the USA and has been a trainer for Kalmar FF.
So how did this sporty man get the idea of ​​organizing a big party for a princess?
It all began in 1978 when Kay became the pool manager for the Swedish Alpine national team in skiing.
- When it came to asking where to put the training camp in the summer, I suggested Kalmar. And then, of course, it was Fredriksskans IP that I was thinking about, says Kay Wiestål.
He tells someone tipped about IFK Borgholm's sports ground at Öland instead and he went off a conversation to the association. Per-Olof Amnér convinced Kay to have the camp there instead. This was not just the beginning of a long friendship but also the beginning of the festivities around Victoriadagen.
When Kay Wiestål saw how nice it was in Borgholm and how big event the camp of the national team being there was he got an idea. Why not celebrate the newborn princess on Öland while focusing on sports that the royal family loves so much.
- I was in Stockholm a while after Victoria was born and had the opportunity to ask the king about my plans. He was positive to the idea, says Kay Wiestål.
Kay and Per-Olof planned the possible arrangement for the celebration and all became reality in the first years. Namely Victoriadagen concert, Victoriagolfen, Victoria Scholarship, Fairs, The Öland Inhabitant of the Year and Victoria Race. Just as it looks today.
Over the years, Kay has had a close relationship with the Crown Princess.
- We have met for so many years so it is clear that we have come close to each other. I meet the royal family occasionally at various sports events. In the past I was more often at Solliden and the Palace and met them.
Kay's working partner Per-Olof Amnér passed away last year after a time's disease, and they never got the chance to celebrate the 2018 Victoriadagen together. On July 14th, it is time for 40th Victoriadagen, and it will be Kay's last.
- Now I feel it's time to set this epoch. Somewhere, you have to hand over and move on. And now I get more time for the family.
Over the last two years, Kay and the gang around Victoriadagen have worked with the V-day production company.
- It is still under negotiation, but it is probably those who take over. They have followed us and seen how we work. Hopefully they can preserve Victoriadagen as the royal family wants it, but at the same time find new exciting things as well.
Historien bakom Victoriadagen – Alpina skidlandslaget var inspirationen _ Svensk Damtidning

Wiestål has also previously told that in addition to celebrate Victoria, he and the king talked about founding Victoriadagen to increase tourism on Öland. And they have succeeded.
About people coming to congratulate Victoria in Solliden, king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia have told that right after Victoria was born, people came in front of the Solliden Palace and wanted to congratulate her on her birthday. And because of that the king and queen started the "official" celebration by telling at a press release the time Victoria and others come out to meet the people.
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From Svensk Damtidning
Victoria is 41 years old - here's all you need to know to celebrate her
At the article among other things
This year the crown princess turns 41 years and thus Victoriadagen is celebrated for the 40th time! We've collected everything you need to know if you want to congratulate Victoria, both from home and on site.

On July 14th it's time. 2018 is the 40th time when the celebration of the Crown Princess's birthday takes place at Solliden and Borgholm Sports Arena. Several thousand visitors are expected to attend during the day so that you can celebrate the Crown Princess as smoothly as possible, we have put together our best tips for the day.

Congratulate the Crown Princess
If you want to send congratulations to Victoria, there are several ways to go.
- You can congratulate the Crown Princess in all our channels, via the social media or send a greeting via the Royal House website, says Margareta Thorgren.

Watch TV
According to SVT's press officer, SVT1 and SVT play broadcast as usual from Borgholm Sports Arena. The broadcast begins at 21:00 on Saturday 14 July and shows the concert.

Find Solliden
By car: follow road 136 north towards Borgholm. After about 24 km turn left towards Borgholm Castle. Drive past Borgholm Castle and follow the signs.
By bus: From bus stop (bus 101) Borgholms Slottsruin on road 136 it is approximately 1.4 km to Solliden's entrance.

Tickets to Solliden can't be bought directly, they are bought directly at Solliden Palace. If you want to join Victoria on Borgholm Sports Arena, you can buy a seat ticket for SEK 370 and standing place for SEK 280.

Gifts for Victoria
If you want to bring a gift to the Crown Princess during the celebration at Solliden, this is great. According to Solliden's press person, it is important that you do not clise the gift, as all gifts will be opened and checked for security reasons. If you don't get a good place where you can give your gift directly to the Crown Princess, a gift table will be available at Solliden.

Tips for visitors
If you are going to visit Solliden, it is important to keep in mind the security, you will go through a security check where your bag is being examined. It's okay to bring along food and drinks, but not alcohol. There is also food and coffee to buy at the entrance to the park. It's okay to walk around and take photos in the park, but the Crown Princess couple's house can't be seen as it is in a private part of the park.

Ingemar Stenmark is present
The ski legend Ingemar Stenmark will celebrate the Crown Princess during the evening. Ingemar Stenmark was named Victoria Scholarship Laureate when the prize was awarded for the first time in 1979.
- Stenmark is one of the really big and an important person in his sport, so it's fun he's coming. I know that the royal family thinks so too, says Victoria dagen's organizer Kay Wiestål.
Wiestål tells also that former NHL-star Peter Forsberg will attend the celebrations.

Last celebration for Kay
Victoriadagen this summer will be the last for Kay Wiestål, the man who started the Victoriadagen together with Per-Olof Amnér.
- Now I feel it's time to end this epoch. Somewhere, you have to hand over and move on. And now I get more time for the family, says Kay Wiestål, 78 years old.

Follow the day at
Svensk Damtidning will report live from Solliden and update the website with new articles during the celebrations. Don't forget to follow us here at and on our social media.
Victoria fyller 41 år – här är allt du vill veta om firandet _ Svensk Damtidning
Olympic champion, cross-country skier Stina Nilsson receives this year's Victoria Scholarship from Victoria at the concert in Borgholm Sports Arena.
In an interview with Folkbladet, Stina Nilsson tells about her thoughts about receiving the Scholarship.
- It's getting bigger the more I think about it and the more research I'll make and see who has got it before. Then I get more and more proud, she says.
Anja Pärson received the 2004 scholarship and then gave a pair of her winning skis to the Crown Princess as a gift.
Does Stina Nilsson think of something like that?
- I know what I will give her, but I'm not going to say it because then it will not be a surprise. It is not related to skiis, Stina says.
Stina Nilsson_ ”Vet vad Victoria ska få” _ Aftonbladet
Öland Roots (A music festival on 12-14 July) is taking place in Stora Frö. Crown Princess Victoria is celebrated in Borgholm. At the same time, the Öland tourist summer is on its highest. The police is ready for one of Öland's biggest weekends.
- We have two commands running. It's a fairly well-oiled concept for our part, we have done it before, says Magnus Areskog, municipal police officer.
Work around Victoriadagen may vary from year to year, for example, depending on who perform at the concert.
- We have a basic concept from which we assume. Then it can always be adjusted depending on ticket sales and which artists come here. We work with organizers, our volunteers and the security police. It's a really big organization, but we have many years of experience and have enough staff to handle it.
- The focus is on ensuring that everything can be carried out safely. There are rarely any order disturbances.
Describe this weekend compared to the Midsummer weekend.
- It's smaller. Victoriadagen as an event is more of a family character. This week, it's really crowded and there are many more people than during Midsummer, but Midsummer has its problem and is more a "party weekend". Then it's a completely different workload, says Areskog.
Så hanterar polisen Victoriadagen_ _Stor apparat_ - Nyheter i Öland - 24 timmar om dygnet - Helt gratis!

Today has been rehearsals for tomorrow's concert.
Alexander Rybak
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Victoria's private celebration - when the television cameras have been turned off
Here is the family's gesture of love to Victoria on the 41st anniversary - a secret celebration at Solliden is scheduled tonight.
After work and trips in different directions, the whole family is gathered for Victoriadagen on Öland, and Prince Daniel tells about the joy of celebrating his darling.
- We are looking forward to it!, says Daniel.
There at Solliden on the Crown Princess's beloved Öland, the entire royal family has gathered for the celebration. For Victoria, it's just the family's gathering that's important.
- When the family, with siblings and their children, have the opportunity to gather under relaxed forms on Öland, it is something that the Crown Princess has said many times is the nicest way to celebrate her birthday, says Margareta Thorgren.
Many commitments, journeys and missions complete the Royal family's schedule and therefore it is not always that everyone can attend major events.
On the King's birthday Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris could not join.
But now they are there both - and the whole family gathered at Solliden together with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. As always on Victoriadagen, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia are present. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have also arrived at Öland. And all the children of course.
- The Crown Princess is looking forward to the day and thinks it is wonderful to be on Öland with the whole family, says Thorgren.
Prince Daniel already participated in Victoriagolfen and revealed his loving plans:
- There will be cake and song tomorrow morning. We look forward to it!
During the day, Victoria will be celebrated by both the Swedish people and famous artists.
Kalle Moraeus is the program leader and performers like European Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak and musical artist Peter Jöback will pay tribute to Victoria.
But after the public celebration, the family has a private dinner.
- Then they have a private dinner in the evening at Solliden. It's entirely private, says Thorgren.
This year, Victoriadagen commemorates the 40th year that the event is organized.
- It started early, when I filled one. Mom and dad have told them they were at Solliden and then came friendly souls who wanted to say congratulations. Then it has always been that people gather outside the Solliden Palace every year to say congratulations, Victoria told in TV4's documentary "Victoria 40".
The arrangement has grown, but many of the traditions persist, so also this year.
- There are no major changes. The Crown Princess receives people with her mother at Solliden at 14 o'clock and then people sing and cheer for the Crown Princess. Then there is a regular concert at Borgholm, says Thorgren.
Princess Estelle has previously stolen the show on Victoriadagen.
The court tells us that it will be a surprise if the children are coming this year.
- You never know. Last year, Estelle was at the concert. If some children are on during the day at Solliden, then they will be the children of the Crown Princess couple, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. But it's not certain they will attend.
Victorias privata firande –* när tv-kamerorna slocknat

Kay Wiestål, the man who has organized all these 40 Victoriadagen, this is his last, gets a park named after him in Borgholm.
The park which has been called Gula Paviljongen (Yellow Pavilion) on the harbour of Borgholm, will be named as Kay Wieståls park. P-O Amner, who
passed away last year and worked with Wiestål for Borgholm IFK in Victoriadagen, gets a street named after him. The inauguration of Kay Wieståls park is today afternoon.
Kay Wiestål ger namn åt park - Ölandsbladet

The police expects hundreds of thousands of visitors during Victoriadagen
It is time for this year's Victoriadagen. The celebration means that hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Öland to celebrate the Crown Princess.
The police today have well-established routines to handle the vast number of visitors arriving at Öland in connection with Crown Princess Victoria's birthday.
Polisen räknar med hundratusentals besökare under Victoriadagen - P4 Kalmar _ Sveriges Radio
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New photo at court website, by Linda Broström. Victoria is wearing the brooch she got from princess Lilian.

Saturday the 14th of July the Crown Princess turns 41 years old and is celebrated with a national flag day and a salute from Skeppsholmen.
The celebration begins with the Crown Princess welcoming congratulations at Solliden Palace at Öland at 14 o'clock. The Palace park opens at 11 o'clock.
From Borgholm's Sports Arena, SVT1 sends "Grattis Kronprinsessan!" at 21.00.
Messages of congratulations can be sent via the Royal Court's Facebook page or using the Royal Court website message form.
Kronprinsessan Victoria fyller 41 år - Sveriges Kungahus

HQ photoö PRESSBILD.jpg

Court Facebook

Court Instagram

That is a great photo of Victoria. Very natural and she looks beautiful.

Today is also 100 years from the birth of Ingmar Bergman, famous Swedish director, writer, and producer. And Folke has his Name day in Sweden today.

BilledBladet has posted before 10.00 to their Instagram that their reporter and photographer and many people were already queueing to Solliden.

First in the queue, and with spettekakas, of course. They had come to the gates of Solliden already at 05.00.

Expressen kungligt congratulates

Already at five o'clock in the morning, Inger Olsson from Osby was outside the gates at Solliden Palace. To ensure a good place, she had driven at one o'clock from Osby.
- It's such a thing I have thought I'll do at least once in a lifetime. I hope I see the Crown Princess and maybe even shake hands with her, says Inger Olsson.
The Crown Princess celebrates her birthday traditionally at Solliden with the royal family. At 14:00 on Saturday, they will receive the people's tribute.
Inger Olsson brought a big spettekaka. She had chosen that because Prince Oscar is the Duke of Skåne.
- I think the royal family is a fine representation for Sweden. It's good that they are neutral. They show off our beautiful, wonderful Sweden, she says.
Ida Karlsson, 9 years old from Halmstad, is with grandma Lisbeth Johansson, 63, to see the Crown Princess. They had been in the queue since seven in the morning.
- I have liked the Crown Princess since I saw Victoria's wedding. There was so nice dresses, says Ida Karlsson.
The highlight of the day is when the royal family walks out on the lawn outside the Palace and greets people. In previous years, the Royal family has spent several hours walking along the fence and talking to visitors.
- I brought flowers to them with me. Then I have three bracelets and one card. Bracelets are for Victoria, Estelle and Oscar, says Ida Karlsson.
Kronprinsessan Victoria firas på Solliden på Öland _ Aftonbladet
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Live broadcasts:
TV4 News has a broadcast from Solliden.
LIVE_ Kronprinsessan Victoria firas på Solliden

Barometern has also a live broadcast:
13.30_ Kronprinsessan firas – vi livesänder från Solliden - Barometern

Expressen's live broadcast
LIVE-TV_ Senaste nyheterna med Expressen TV


Sunny at Solliden.

At these photos you can see the king, who met some of artists performing at Solliden today.

I have posted previously to this forum this photo of a painting, Victoria in Madeleine's wedding combined to her ancestor Karl XIV Johan and the city of Stockholm, by Sergey Marunych.
Now the artist (from Ukraine) is in Solliden with the painting and tells to Expressen's royal expert Karin Lennmor, that he is giving the painting to Victoria today. You can see him at 1.07 at the video
Så firas Victoriadagen på Öland
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Daniel spoke with the SÄPO-guards when they went to greet the people. Estelle is helping Victoria with flowers and gifts. After a while Oscar left. Estelle went in with Victoria's aide-de-camp but she came back. Oscar is back and has a football game with Daniel going on. Daniel went to talk with people again and Oscar is playing with a nanny.

LIVE_ Följ Victorias födelsedagsfirande minut för minut _ Svensk Damtidning
Oscar got a car
Oscar and the ball

Daniel taking a photo for the german tourists when they pose with Victoria

Court Instagram
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Like his grandfather Oscar's standard facial expression seems a little sullen. I don't think it necessarily reflects his mood.
Estelle got a diadem as a gift
Oscar playing football
The queen and king
A lot of gifts and hugs

Margareta Thorgren told to the press that the royal family has a nanny the press hasn't seen before. She is Philippa from Australia.

Nice family photo
Estelle and her diadem
It's warm, so you must drink
Oscar plays with his car
These are from Svensk Damtidning's gallery, more:
18 vackraste bilderna från Victorias firande! _ Svensk Damtidning

Gallery of Oscar "Photo extra! Oscar's great show on Victoria's day"
Princess Estelle has charmed earlier on Victoria's birthdays. This year it was Prince Oscar's turn! No one could wipe the eyes from the cute prince in shorts who did not care if all the reviewers were looking. He played around with a ball, with a car and with Dad Daniel!
Bildextra! Oscars härliga show under Victorias dag _ Svensk Damtidning

Oscar putting a pearl necklace on Victoria

Svensk Damtidning's live reporter Helena Wiklund writes at at 16.22 Victoria had greeted the last visitor, there were about 2500 people this year and it took over two hours for Victoria and Daniel to meet them. Oscar gave Victoria a hug and wanted to play with her necklace.
Two hours, and Victoria and Daniel are already at Borgholm Sports Arena at the concert.

The Crown Princess is celebrated during Victoriadagen at Solliden
Crown Princess Victoria celebrates her birthday in the glorious sunshine of Öland.
As usual she is welcomed by a lot of people who want to celebrate her at Solliden.
Both Estelle and Oscar were in front of the Palace and showed their most charming sides. Oscar held Victoria and Silvia in his hand when he entered, Estelle held his dad.
The king traditionally congratulated his daughter. Before joining to sing "Ja, må hon leva" he talked about Victoria's hikes she made throughout the country in the spring - and at the same time emphasized that there was much left to look of our beautiful country.
Estelle then sang on the birthday song and applauded enthusiastically afterwards.
After the song and the cheering it was time for Victoria's speech. She humbly thanked everyone who came to congratulate her.
- Dear Friends and Solliden Visitors, Thank you for that all of you are here today. Every year, I'm as surprised that so many people choose to come here today on my birthday. It warms my heart. That means a lot.
Under Victorian's speech Oscar scratched his foot in the gravel and pulled his pendants on the pants, so that Daniel's father came to rescue and correct them. Estelle stood close to her mother when she spoke. When Victoria was ready, she kissed Estelle's forehead tenderly.
Victoria now meets the crowd and receives flowers and gifts. She takes a good time talking to everyone. Estelle and Oscar are very well-behaved today. They follow their mom and dad and behave exceptionally well.
Oscar was first at the crowd with his mother, but after a while he went over to play with a gift he received - a ball. Now he and daddy Daniel kick the ball while Victoria and Estelle still greet the public. And Oscar, he seems to have a real ballin!
The king spoke in his speech of the great drought that has hit Sweden and Öland lately. The king talked about how many have suffered hard from the heat. At the same time, he told them that they had some water left in Sollidens own well.
- In addition, I'm lucky I have a couple of ponds here behind, so we can provide us with water. Therefore, we can maintain the beautiful garden here that we want to introduce to you.
Victoria also took up the heat and drought in her thank-you speech.
- I hope you fill in some water here, if needed. And at the same time, a thought is given to those who do not feel so easy right now because it is so hot.
Victoria firas stort på Solliden_ _Förvånad att så många kommit_
Galleries from Profimedia
The whole gallery from Belga
Belga Image

TV4 News has a live broadcast from Borgholm Sports Arena, the royal family arrived. Estelle attends the concert this year too.

Kungafamiljen har anlänt till Borgholms IP – se första bilderna! _ Svensk Damtidning

Video from Solliden, the king's speech, "Ja, må hon leva"-song, the cheers to Victoria, Victoria's speech
Se kungens tal till Victoria på 41-årsdagen – hyllade hennes Sverigeresor

Video of the royal family arriving to the concert
Här anländer kungafamiljen till Borgholms IP

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Princess Estelle charmed all during Victoria's celebration
Expressen's royal expert Karin Lennmor asked from Victoria (see the video), if she has gotten over a 40-year crisis. Victoria says that she didn't have any 40-year crisis. Lennmor asks what has been the best present. Victoria says that like last year, she says that it is just to be able to be together. Lennmor says that you are going to be together the whole family in the evening. Yes, and I hope that you too get a great day and enjoy our fantastic Öland, says Victoria. I get so much happiness and energy, all the fantastic people that come here today. I get touched when I think about it. Here are many faces I have met during the years. You get a special relation to them. It means a lot, you see the children growing. It is moving. Many come here at seven-eight in the morning. They should all get a medal of courageous. Lennmor asks if Daniel and Estelle think this is as much fun? Victoria looks at Daniel, who laughs, and says that they are small but Estelle thinks it's fun too and I have told her that the people really take time to come here. And she helps you! Absolutely, and she thinks it is special and fun too, that she can help, says Victoria.
The article tells also that Estelle sprang and caught butterflies.
Prinsessan Estelle charmade alla vid Victorias firande

Gallery from Solliden
IBL Bildbyrå

Program at the concert at Borgholm Sports Arena
18.10 Audiences sit / stand in their seats
18.25 The Victoria Scholarship recipient arrives.
18.30 The royal family arrives, the King's song,
Tribute to HKH Crown Princess Victoria, Congratulations Crown Princess Victoria with all artists via SVT and Borgholm's Sports Arena.
The Crown princess Victoria Fund.
The Victoria Scholarship will be delivered to this year's recipient.
20.15 (approx) The end
Program - Victoriadagen _ Officiell hemsida


And Barometern has also photos from the concert
Kronprinsessan firades på Solliden - Barometern

From the previous Victoria Scholarship recipients at the concert are Ingemar Stenmark wife his wife and daughter. And Peter Forsberg with his spouse Nicole Nordin

The Victoria Scholarship recipient, olympic champion, cross-country skier Stina Nilsson

Svensk Damtidning writes that there was a lot of feelings for Victoria and Daniel at the concert - Peter Jöback sang the same song he sang at their pre-wedding concert in 2010.
Kronprinsessan Victoria_ _Tack för ikväll!_ _ Svensk Damtidning

Här njuter prinsessan Estelle av konserten på Victoriadagen

Singer Peter Jöback at his Twitter and Instagram
"Tonight I’m singing with my dear friend Emmi Christensson for our Beautiful crown princess Victoria on Öland and watching this beautiful sunset and feeling grateful and thankful for being alive !"
Singer Emmi Christensson at her Instagram
"Tonight I sing with @peterjoback on @victoriadagen What an honor! Congratulations Crown Princess Victoria on your day!"
Singer Jessica Andersson at her Instagram
"This year's most honorable mission is soon over .. I got to sing for our beautiful royal family and especially for our wonderful crown princess .. congratulations."

Video of Oscar playing football
Here, Prince Oscar plays football in front of the world press
Little 2-year-old Prince Oscar stole the show during the Crown Princess's birthday. In front of visitors and world press, he played football with both Prince Daniel and a Palace employee
Traditionally, the royal family met the people and the press outside Sollidens Castle on Crown Princess Victoria's birthday. The Crown Princess turns 41 years today and was celebrated both with song and cheer.
But there was a little prince who caught everyone's eyes.
For over an hour - with a few short breaks - Prince Oscar was playing football. He started on the lawn in front of the castle and then drifted on the gravel road.
Dad Prince Daniel was an opponent at first. When daddy had to accompany the crown princess around and greet people, one of the Palace employees crossed over.
A woman in uniform kicked a ball with Prince Oscar who never seemed tired. He trembled several times but didn't mind. He quickly got up on his legs again and always had his eyes on the ball.
Här spelar prins Oscar fotboll inför världspressen _ Aftonbladet
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Thanks for all the photos and articles :flowers:

I always love her birthday and seeing the family. The kids are so adorable.

Estelle is looking so grown up, and I love the pic with the little diadem. She is quite the pro over the years at this event.

Oscar is starting to steal a bit of the show. I love the car pictures :lol:
Lovely photos of the birthday celebrations today, thank you to all those who shared them. Estelle and Oscar are adorable little children and Estelle looks so grown up! She seems to be very tall for her age. I'll always love Oscar's cute little grumpy face, he's so precious. Loved the photos of him trying on Victoria's sunglasses.
How great must it have been for those German tourists to attend the celebrations whilst enjoying a holiday in Sweden? And to get a selfie with Victoria herself, no less. I'm sure they'll remember this trip for a long time!
Photos from the local press, they are great because they are different than those at the big photo agencies.
BILDEXTRA_ Tusentals födelsedagsfirare trotsade värmen på Solliden - Nyheter i Öland - 24 timmar om dygnet
BILDEXTRA_ Kronprinsessan firades kungligt på Solliden - Ölandsbladet

Photos from Expressen kungligt Instagram, photos by Stella Pictures and TT Nyhetsbyrån.

Photos from Kungliga Magasinet's Facebook, mostly by Stella Pictures.

Beautiful photo of Estelle
From this gallery "The 21 cutest photos of Estelle and Oscar"
21 gulligaste bilderna på Estelle och Oscar _ Svensk Damtidning

It was a good concert. Two of my favourite singers, Peter Jöback and John Lundvik. And charismatic Alexander Rybak, who showed at the concert also more serious side of himself. I didn't know the female artists, but I liked both Emmi Christensson and Jessica Andersson.
It is a pity that we never hear what Victoria says to the Victoria Scholarship recipient, when she delivers the diploma and flowers.
Estelle singing "Ja, må hon leva" to her mother was cute both in Solliden and at the concert.

You can watch the concert again here, until 13th August:
Grattis kronprinsessan! _ SVT Play

The royal court at the website about the birthday
On Saturday, July 14, more than 3,000 people gathered in front of Solliden Palace in Öland to celebrate the Crown Princess on the 41st anniversary.
In Stockholm, a salute was shot at 12.00 pm from Skeppsholmen and other salute stations in Sweden.
In the evening, the entire royal family traveled on horse carriage from Solliden Palace to the folk festival at Borgholm Sports Arena where Peter Jöback, Alexander Rybak, Jessica Andersson, John Lundvik, Emmi Christensson, Nova Miller and Kalle Moraeus performed.
Kronprinsessan firad på sin födelsedag - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos and video at court Instagram

It is great the court put to their article a photo of artist Sergey Marunych giving his great painting to Victoria.

Sergey Marunych has published photos of him and Victoria at his social media.
S.M.ART Sergey Marunych _ Facebook

Crown princess Victoria's Fund is part of Radiohjälpen. During the concert money was collected to Victoria's Fund and Radiohjälpen reminded of that at their Instagram.
Short video of Victoria, Daniel and Estelle singing the King's song

Robin Utrecht's gallery from the concert
VICTORIADAG 2018 CONCERT BORGHOLM - Images _ Robin Utrecht _ Photoshelter

Photos from Instagram of someone who was at Solliden

Other galleries
Kronprinsessan strålade av glädje – se bästa bilderna från Victoriadagen!
Hipp hurra för vår Victoria idag – se härliga bilder från Solliden!
Se gulligaste bilderna på Estelle från gårdagens firande av Victoria!
Wow vilka prinsessor! Stor bildkavalkad från Victoriadagen
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In addition to that gorgeus painting of Sergey Marunych, Victoria got also this photomontage, from Maclindhe Art:
It is called Blue Hour and looks like this:

Victoria and Daniel

Photos from Facebook of Solliden Palace:

Victoria gets a big spettekaka from this woman every year

There is a lot of photos at social media at the accounts of people who were in Solliden and took photos of the royals, or selfies with them.
From Solliden


Prinssi Oscar, 2, villiintyi äitinsä Victorian 41-vuotispäivillä – suloiset kuvat_ karkasi hoitajalta ja ajeli leikkiautolla isänsä päältä - Viihde - Ilta-Sanomat

Johan T Lindwall, the editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidning (which is a partner of Victoriadagen-organisation), writes at his column:

What a party we got to take part on Öland - Victoria 41 years and her grand birthday celebration Victoriadagen 40 years. But everything has a start and everything has an end.
For 40 years, Crown Princess Victoria has been celebrated in the same way on Öland. With traditional meeting with the royal family at Solliden Palace and later in the evening, big party at Borgholm Sports Arena with both foreign and Swedish stars. It has been called Victoriadagen.
This weekend, I think, it was the last time we got to participate in Victoriadagen in the form it has been for so many years now. The man behind Victoriadagen, Kay Wiestål thanked and resigned after 40 years. What job he has done for Öland, the royal house and monarchy. Give the man a royal medal.
We who had the honor of joining this year when Victoriadagen celebrated 40 years, it was one of the most relaxed parties for a long time. We got to see Estelle steal the show, as usual ... we saw little Oscar play with Dad Daniel and show that there may be a big future football talent in the royal house.
Victoria and Daniel radiated harmony and a number of tears fell down in the evening when it was a trip in nostalgia with Victoriadagen and 40 years.
For the sake of Öland. For everyone out there who loves our royal family, and especially the little Crown Princess family at Haga, I hope we see a worthy continuation of the celebration on Öland.
Sure, everything has a start and an end. But this tradition is too good to just be broken off. Many would be very disappointed if they can't be back on Öland next year and celebrate our future queen.
Everyone loves the best Victoria in the world!
Svensk Damtidnings chefredaktör Johan T Lindwall_ _Ge Kay en kunglig medalj!_ _ Svensk Damtidning

Margareta Thorgren, the director of press department, said to Expressen's royal expert Karin Lennmor at Solliden:
This is special, it is the 40th anniversary of this concept with which Kay Wiestål has worked for 40 years. What will happen next year, we will return to that later. But some form of development is always good, to think about renewal and that you can all the time develop it to positive direction.
Lennmor: Is the crown princess herself going to be with to influence on how her birthday will be celebrated in the future?
Thorgren: Yes. It is of course so that the crown princess has a wish about how she will celebrate her birthday and we go out with that.
Lennmor: But there will still be folk festival on Öland?
Thorgren: Precise. It is the crown princess and the crown princess family who love to be on Öland, and it is on the best time, mid-July, to be on Öland. So it is hopefully, that we continue to plan with starting points on Öland.
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Alexander Rybak performed for crown princess Victoria
July 14, also known as "Victoriadagen" in Sweden, was a great celebration of Crown Princess Victoria’s 41st birthday. Alexander Rybak was one of those invited to stand on stage.
– It is the greatest honour for a violinist to be invited to royal celebration. I feel like Ole Bull now, Rybak writes in a text message to VG before the show.
Together with him he had his girlfriend Julie.
– Julie has also dressed up and looking forward to see the royal family, he writes.
Among other artists on stage were Peter Jöback and Jessica Andersson.
- It's extra nice because Crown Princess Victoria is such a nice fellow human, and I’m very touched to be allowed to play on her birthday, says Rybak.
He didn't play any of the Eurovision songs. Rybak played "Song From A Secret Garden", "Fattig Bonddräng" (Poor Farmer Boy) from the Swedish children’s book "Emil i Lönneberga" and "Jealous".
– I went on stage with a lovely mix of nervousness and joy. It was really nice to greet the whole family afterwards, says Rybak after the performance.
He brought his book "Trolle" as a gift to the Crown Princess's daughter, Estelle.
Alexander Rybak opptrådte for kronprinsesse Victoria - VG

Albert Nieboer's photos at his Twitter

Princess Madeleine usually tells us that Victoria was the typical big sister when they were young. She was the one who took responsibility and loved to help. And Estelle is the same, we got to see it at Solliden on Saturday.
With the pink glitter diadem (one of presents for her) in her long hair, she piled back and forth and helped the main crew to collect flowers and packages at the Palace.
Estelle is curious about everything that mom does and followed interested what happened.
When Svensk Damtidning gave flowers to Victoria, Estelle stood close by.
- But thanks, what a wonderful bouquet. That color suits very wel! What did you know that I didn't know? said the crown princess with a joke about her bleached silk dress from Zadig & Voltaire.
And now an impatient little voice was heard:
- Mom, can I hold the flower bouquet?
- Yes, soon, Estelle! But I'd love to keep it for a little while first!
Prinsessan Estelles fina arv från mamma Victoria _ Svensk Damtidning

Nice gifts, perhaps for the whole family
ROYAL: Die schwedischen Royals beim Victoriatag auf Öland - Empfang auf Schloss Solliden
ROYAL: Vom Latz zur Latzhose - Klein-Oscar ist einfach zuckersüß!
ROYAL: Mamakind Estelle - Sie ist ja so gern an Victorias Seite
ROYAL: Für die beste Mama der Welt - Oscar hängt Victoria eine Kette um
ROYAL: Die schwedischen Royals beim Victoriatag auf Öland - Feierlichkeiten in Borgholm

Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar
Estelle and colonel Laura Swaan Wrede
Estelle, Karolin A.Johansson and Laura Swaan Wrede
Victoria and Daniel

ROYAL: Estelle begeistert alle – und Victoria sagt, sie hilft gerne
ROYAL (Archiv): So lernt Prinzessin Estelle mit Mama Victoria das Repräsentieren

Article about Victoria's birthday in Svensk Damtidning.
Congratulations, world's best Victoria!
Victoria said to Svensk Damtidning's reporter Helena Wiklund, that usually she is woken up with a song and cake on her birthday, but this year Oscar managed to be first one who came to her. And now she has got so much presents, from hugs and flowers to lovely bracelets. And what is eatable, disappears soon! Wiklund asked if there would be more celebration at the Palace after the concert. Victoria said that then you are quite tired. According to Wiklund there was about 50 journalists at Solliden. Wiklund tells also that the king had wished a certain song to be played at the concert, and was very pleased when Kalle Moraeus played Koppången with his violin.
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Peter Forsberg, Nicole Nordin and their son Lennox at the concert.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

King Carl XVI Gustaf offered ice cold water from Solliden Palace's own water well to the people.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Estelle and Oscar are both sweet kids and I love how they seem so different. Estelle looks like she could step in and be the Queen tomorrow without much difficulty. While her brother would be supportive but slightly grumpy about it all.
Estelle seems like mini-Victoria and Oscar mini Carl Gustaf. And both had seemingly fun day altough Estelle was in evening visibly tired.
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