Crown Princess Victoria's visits to the Swedish National Parks

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Imperial Majesty
Jun 22, 2007
Victoria will visit all of Sweden's 30 National Parks

Press release from the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg County
On Friday 4 February, the Crown Princess will visit Färnebofjärden National Park. The activity is the first in a series with the goal that the Crown Princess will visit all of Sweden's national parks.
The purpose of the visits is to promote outdoor life, encourage movement, contribute to public health and get more people to discover what Sweden has to offer in the form of nature experiences. At the same time, the Crown Princess wants to learn more about Sweden's national parks. (..)
Kronprinsessan besöker Färnebofjärdens nationalpark _ Länsstyrelsen Gävleborg

Svensk Damtidning has spoken with the court
It is a dream project that is coming true for Victoria and it starts on Friday.
- I'm not an indoor person! Victoria usually says. She thrives best outdoors, and it shows in her new travel project!
The court tells that it was when Victoria made her 25 province hikes that the idea for the "national park project" was born. So now it's time again, visits to Sweden's 30 national parks.
Hovet om Victorias önskeresa – åker utan Daniel _*Svensk Dam

The province hikes were great to follow, I'm sure these visits will be interesting too.
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Victoria visits today Färnebofjärden National Park.
Photographer Keith Rönnberg has prepared to take photos of Victoria:
"Time to drive off on new exposures, take photos of the Crown Princess out in nature!"

And Keith Rönnberg posted a photo

Victoria in Gysinge.

Profimedia gallery

Nya bilder på Victoria – på ensamresa utan Daniel _*Svensk Dam

Victoria said to Radio Sweden P4 Gävleborg's reporter:
- I want to highlight Sweden's national parks and think that we have such a fantastic nature in Sweden and I wish that more people would take the opportunity to experience all the good we have.
Victoria was asked how often she has time to hike:
- I love to hike, love to be in nature and that is also a reason why I think it is a very good initiative, I can be outdoors and hike a bit. To pay attention to all the good we have in our nature and to remind that it is actually both nice and quite easy to get out into nature. You actually do not need much more than good shoes really and then dress according to the weather. But right now it's an opportunity for me to stay one day outdoors.
Kronprinsessan på besök i Färnebofjärden - P4 Uppland _ Sveriges Radio

The court tells about the visit:
Victoria started the day at Gysinge and walked towards the national park's main entrance. There, a lunch was prepared over an open fire. At lunch, staff from the County Administrative Board told about the national park.
The afternoon hike went along the Dalälven river. Victoria also walked the Kungsslingan where, among other things, the Kungsstenen (The King's Stone) stands. The stone marks the place where the King inaugurated the national park in 1998.
In the coming years, Victoria plans to visit Sweden's 30 national parks. Through her visits to the national parks, Victoria wants to promote outdoor life, encourage movement and get more people to discover what Sweden has to offer in the form of nature experiences. At each visit, local experts participate who guide and provide information about the nature in the current national park.
Kronprinsessan besökte Färnebofjärdens nationalpark - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos at court Facebook by Pelle T Nilsson/SPA and Ulf Palm/TT.
Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7

Photos by Pelle T Nilsson/SPA
Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8

Finally out in the fresh air. It can not be missed that the Crown Princess enjoyed when she visited Färnebofjärden National Park.
Victoria has embarked on a new ambitious project - she will visit all of Sweden's national parks.
Kronprinsessan Victoria på hurtigt uppdrag ute i naturen - Allt om kungligt

SVT's Regional News showed a clip of Victoria's visit. Victoria said that she had learned two totally new terms, which are very characteristic of where we are today: "älväng" and "svämskog". The reporter says that they have seen a great deal, and Victoria showed them an eagle. Victoria says "Yes, it came! Fantastic. So fun. We were lucky." Victoria says: "Sweden has such an incredibly rich nature and it is actually accessible. I want to remind you of that."
Kronprinsessan Victoria på nationalparksturné – första stoppet i Färnebofjärden _ SVT Nyheter

At Instagram of the National Parks of Sweden
"Today Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria visited Färnebofjärdens National Park. Her goal is to visit all of Sweden's 30 National Parks in the coming few years.
We are happy and proud to welcome her and all of you who want to visit Sweden's finest natural environments."

Video from yesterday by Swedish Press Agency SPA
Legion-Media gallery

Information about Färnebofjärden National Park
Färnebofjärden National Park _ Sweden's national parks

MatVärden posted to its Facebook photos from the visit
"Crown Princess Victoria visited Färnebofjärden National Park last Friday.
We at MatVärden were asked by the County Administrative Board to compose both breakfast and lunch for the Crown Princess. Of course, we took the chance to serve local food made from raw materials and products from the county's entrepreneurs. We also told about the food in Gävleborg when the Crown Princess was interested and asked questions.
MatVärden's chef Hans Erik and Christoffer Selander, chef at Högbo Qvarn, created the dishes and presented the food to Crown Princess Victoria.
Breakfast at Naturum in Gysinge. Lunch was served after the Crown Princess walked inside the national park, a total of 14 km together with conservationists and staff from Naturum / Färnebofjärden."
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Kronprinsessan på nya Sverige-äventyr - GALA magasin

Photographer Pelle T Nilsson posted this photo to his Instagram
Victoria: What are you doing Pelle?
Me: Hunting Pokemons!
Victoria: During working hours?
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Whoever had the idea for Victoria to go to all the provinces (and now all the parks) is an absolute genius. Up to and including if it was CPV herself.
Crown Princess Victoria has once again taken on a tough duty.
She will visit all of Sweden's national parks.
We remember everyone with warmth, Victoria's triumphant province visits. During two years, she hiked in all of Sweden's provinces - the success was monumental.
Now our future head of state has taken a new important initiative. The Crown Princess, who is not afraid of a challenge, has decided to visit all 30 of Sweden's national parks.
In this way, she pays attention to the important function that national parks have. She also wants to promote outdoor life, encourage movement and get more people to discover what Sweden has to offer in the form of nature experiences.
Kronprinsessan Victorias nya plikt – ett tufft uppdrag - Allt om kungligt

A royal hike
Crown Princess Victoria plans to hike in all of Sweden’s national parks over the next two years.
Kuninkaallinen vaellus - Retki-lehti
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Victoria visits today Garphyttan National Park in Örebro County. She has Rio with her. Maria Larsson, the governor of Örebro County, is also with Victoria at the National Park.
ANP gallery

Great photos of Victoria and Rio, by Keith Rönnberg
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

Garphyttan National Park was formed in 1909 and is one of Sweden’s oldest national parks.
History _ National Park Facts _ Garphyttan National Park _ Choose National Park _ Sweden's national parks

Short video of Victoria's visit at SVT News, she is also interviewed:
Victoria explored Garphyttan National Park and walked along Bergslagsleden.
She visited the park to learn more about bird life and the modern history of the spruce bark beetle. The walk included Governor Maria Larsson and staff at the County Administrative Board in Örebro County.
Victoria and the County Administrative Board made a stop at Skomakartorpet. The foundation of the old croft is still visible and with imagination you can understand that there was also arable land here. Now it is a rest area with the opportunity to grill.
- We have had time to see fantastic cultural-historical environments in a fantastic spring-beautiful nature that has changed quite a lot from where we started. With the county administrative board's various experts one can also see the landscape we once had, says Victoria.
Kronprinsessan Victoria besökte Garphyttans nationalpark _ SVT Nyheter

Photos and video by SPA
Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8
Many nice photos at Svensk Damtidning's article
Crown Princess Victoria is spoiled to be the main character for the most part, but today it was the charm dog Rio, 2, who stole the whole show!
Victorias dag i skogen – hunden Rio stal hela showen! _*Svensk Dam

Crown Princess Victoria was in a radiant mood when she met in the spring in Garphyttan National Park.
The visit was part of her plan to visit all of Sweden's national parks.
- It feels great to be here and I am very happy and grateful to have such a beautiful day, says the Crown Princess to NA.
Kronprinsessan Victoria mötte våren i Garphyttans nationalpark – Nerikes Allehanda

Kronprinsessan besökte Garphyttans nationalpark - se bilder! - GALA magasin

Court website
By visiting all of Sweden's national parks, the Crown Princess wants to promote outdoor life, encourage movement and get more people to discover what Sweden has to offer in the form of nature experiences.
Together with local experts, the Crown Princess got to experience Garphyttan's nature today with a focus on, among other things, spring flora in deciduous forests, bird life, wetlands and coniferous forests. The first part of the hike went from the park entrance to Svensbodaberget.
In the afternoon, the Crown Princess walked part of Bergslagsleden. There, the hike went through cultivated forest land and a turn into the nature reserve Dunderklintarna.
Kronprinsessan besökte Garphyttans nationalpark _ Kungahuset

Swedish National Parks at its Instagram
"Today, Crown Princess Victoria visited Garphyttan National Park Örebro County. During the hike together with the national park's manager with colleagues from the County Administrative Board in Örebro County, she got to know this small but varied gem on the slope of Kilsbergen.
In the open arable land, we looked for traces of older cultivation and buildings. Both blue anemones and white anemones kept us company through the deciduous forest that used to be a sparsely wooded meadow. Here we talked about birds and plans for the restoration of an older wetland. Inside the coniferous forest, it was difficult not to notice how the spruce bark beetle has been persistently refurnished since 2018.
After a stop at the remains of the old Skomakartorpet, the hike led further up on Svensbodaberget, where we enjoyed lunch with a mighty view of the Närkeslätten.
We thank you for a very nice visit and wish the Crown Princess welcome back again soon."

Wonderful weather when the Crown Princess came to visit Garphyttan National Park.

Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Legion-Media gallery

Good photos of Victoria and Rio in Garphyttan National Park at ParisMatch:
La princesse Victoria en balade dans le parc national de Garphyttan avec son cher Rio

Victoria di Svezia, una principessa... in jeans - iO Donna
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Victoria visits Tiveden National Park on 18th October.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset

The Tiveden National Park is situated in the Tiveden forest in the municipalities of Laxå (Örebro County) and Karlsborg (Västra Götaland County), in the province of Västergötland. The national park was established in 1983. After an extension in 2017, it now covers 2,030 hectares.

The visit to the Tiveden National Park was postponed because Victoria had to attend the Change of Government Council. No new date for this visit yet.

Victoria's next visit to Swedish National Parks will be on April 19, to Sonfjället National Park in Härjedalen Municipality.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
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Victoria visits today Sonfjället National Park.

In solitary majesty the beautiful contours of Sonfjället mountain rise above the forest crests in central Härjedalen. The mountain and surrounding forests are known as one of the most important bear refuges in Scandinavia. It is also an area with unusually distinct and well-preserved geological formations created by meltwater from the last inland ice sheet.
Sonfjället National Park

Ann-Charlotte "Luttan" Wallström-Bergström will guide Victoria on the mountain.
- It's great that she's coming here and that we get to show off Sonfjället, which we love and are proud of, she says.
Victoria's visit to Härjedalen begins at the tourist office in Hede, where she is welcomed by Ann-Charlotte Wallström-Bergström and Eva Eriksson from Hede Företagargrupp, which runs the tourist office. There will also be a presentation of the exhibition about Sonfjället at the tourist office, before coffee and further journey up to Nysätern.
Luttan ska guida Kronprinsessan på Sonfjället – Tidningen Härjedalen

"Sonfjället and the weather show their best side today when Crown Princess Victoria visits us!!"

Photos by SPA. Great to see Victoria skiing!

The Crown Princess on skis at Sonfjället: "The technique has a lot to work on"
Victoria said at the interview: "I look forward to learning a lot. Partly, I want to highlight the beautiful Sweden, our national parks and everything they have to offer. Staying outdoors and taking advantage of all the wonderful things that exist. But also try to inspire people to be outside and also maybe learn a little about our nature so that we also nurture and protect it better."
Kronprinsessan på skidor vid Sonfjället_ _Tekniken finns det mycket att jobba på_ - P4 Jämtland _ Sveriges Radio

"Today I cook outside! Fantastic weather at the foot of Sonfjället, for a very special guest, namely Crown Princess Victoria and her party. What an honor!"

Good photos at Svensk Damtidning's article
Här gör Victoria comeback – nya bilden efter långa tystnaden _*Svensk Dam

Court website
From the mountain hut, the hike on skis went around Sonfjället. During the hike, Victoria got to experience the spring winter on the mountain and hear about the permanent bear and moose tribes in the area, as well as the presence of lynx. Victoria also received information about the birdlife in the national park and Sonfjället's unique nature in general.
Kronprinsessan besökte Sonfjällets nationalpark _ Kungahuset

Video of Victoria's interview in SVT News
- It was fantastic to be able to do this trip with so many knowledgeable people from the county administrative board, among other things, precisely to learn, to learn, more about not only the national park but about nature in general, says Victoria.
Victoria also said that her family brings pressure on her to ski Vasaloppet.
Klarblå himmel och strålande sol när kronprinsessan besökte Sonfjället _ SVT Nyheter

Good video by SPA

The County Administrative Board of Jämtland County at its website:
After lunch on site, the group started skiing into the wilderness. There was almost no wind, blazing sun and the Crown Princess seemed to be enjoying the ride.
- It was fantastically nice and beautiful to show Sonfjället in this magical weather. Both I and the Crown Princess appreciate the visit very much, said Governor Marita Ljung, who also went skiing.
The media's interest in the visit was great. There were journalists and photographers from both local and national newsrooms. They were equipped with both scooters and skis.
Kronprinsessan besökte Sonfjället i strålande sol _ Länsstyrelsen Jämtland
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One of my very favorite Royals, CP Victoria!
Every I see photos and videos of CP Victoria doing these visits I get the urge to plan a trip to Sweden.
Every I see photos and videos of CP Victoria doing these visits I get the urge to plan a trip to Sweden.

Yes, the photos and videos of these visits show a beautiful Sweden, worth to visit.

The Swedish National Parks at its Instagram about the visit

"What an honor Fantastic day"

La princesse Victoria a repris ses visites de parcs nationaux, skis aux pieds
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Victoria and Rio visited today Ängsö National Park in Stockholm’s archipelago in the heart of Roslagen.
ANP gallery

Victoria said:
- It is very exciting to hear how they work to preserve and recreate old environments on the island in order to benefit certain species that find it very difficult to exist otherwise.
BILDEXTRA. Följ med kronprinsessan på besöket i nationalparken – Norrtelje Tidning

Se nya bilderna! Victoria och Rio ute på vift - vovven stal showen helt _*Svensk Dam

Photos by SPA

Good photos without watermark of the visit to Ängsö, from Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm County.

County director Åsa Ryding about Victoria's visit to the Ängsö National Park:
"We are happy that the Crown Princess shows an interest in protected nature and prioritizes visiting and drawing attention to Sweden's national parks. We had a great day at Ängsö, where we got to take part in beautiful nature and informative information. The Crown Princess really shows a genuine commitment to the importance of nature and cultural conservation as well as the value that everyone should have the opportunity to take part in nature and the experiences it provides".
Kronprinsessan besökte Ängsö nationalpark _ Länsstyrelsen Stockholm
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Victoria visited today Tiveden National Park with Rio.
Kronprinsessan har med sig hunden till Tiveden – Nerikes Allehanda

Mariestads-Tidningen - Kronprinsessan på besök i Tiveden_ ”Fantastiskt fint”

Bild-Extra_ Victoria njöt med vovven Rio i nationalparken - Allt om kungligt

SPA photos
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

Victoria was interviewed by SVT News:
Victoria was fascinated by the views that met her during the long walk.
- If you can take that little bit longer hike, I'd be happy to do it, Victoria said when she was asked if she had chosen the about 13 kilometres hike today.
Victoria was on her fifth national park visit with a lot of media. She said that today it was slippery, so you have to think about where you put your feet. At the same time, you want to take the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic nature. It is a very changing and dramatic nature here.
Hör som får kronprinsessan Victoria att skratta _ SVT Nyheter

- I want to inspire and contribute to more people getting out into nature, experiencing it and getting a feel for the forest. I got it from mom and dad, but not everyone gets it. There is plenty of fantastic nature to experience in our country. Everyone should have that experience and feeling. I got it with me from childhood and think it is important. You gain an understanding of nature, the ecosystem, the climate, how everything works. It was a matter of course when I was little. For example, I remember Mulleskolan with warmth, Victoria said.
Dare I ask where you went to Mulleskola?
– On Lovö, near Drottningholm. Unfortunately, it is not obvious for everyone to be allowed to go out in the forest anymore. It's enough that you have parents who aren't interested, who don't take you out into the woods when you're a child.
Victoria said she has the privilege of bringing with her people who know nature, who can tell and teach her things during the hikes. She hopes she can inspire others.
She came to the national park with a small entourage, just a few people. Staff from the County Administrative Board, and of course, journalists. She also had her little dog with her. Victoria gave Rio a small piece of the County Board's sandwiches.
Does your dog come along on all your hikes?
- For the most part, where possible. Rio enjoys it, like all dogs, she says.
Kronprinsessan vill ge fler en känsla för naturen Sydnärkenytt

In Tiveden National Park the forest is being allowed to evolve as natural forest. What is now growing here is a forest that has not been impacted by recent decades of large-scale forestry.
Tiveden National Park has an area of 2 030 hectares. It has a total of 34 kilometres of marked hiking trails offering walks of 0,9 to 9,5 km.
About Tiveden National Park

Court websiteh
By visiting all of Sweden's national parks, Victoria wants to promote outdoor life, encourage movement and get more people to discover what Sweden has to offer in the form of nature experiences.
The visit began at the main entrance, overlooking Östgötaviken, where Victoria received general information about the national park.
During the walk, Victoria received information about the flora and fauna around the lakes and ponds in the national park. She also learned more about the natural forest and how to work with the forest to develop towards primeval forest, as well as the national park's location in the landscape, geology and the typical outcrop forest and the importance of forest fires.
Kronprinsessan besökte Tivedens nationalpark _ Kungahuset

Video by SPA

Great photos of Victoria and Rio at Expressen's article
Victoria also had a very special little friend with her, the crown princess family's dog Rio.
The little cavapoo happily trotted through the national park and was also helped by Victoria when they had to go down steep stairs.
Judging by pictures, Rio was also very interested in listening to information about the national park and its flora and fauna.
Victorias äventyr i skogen med Rio _ Kungligt _ Expressen

At Instagram of the Swedish National Parks
"Crown Princess Victoria visited Tiveden National Park. The schedule included a lot of hiking, including the Trollkyrkorund anti-clockwise. They also hiked parts of the Stigmansrun, the Stenkällerrun and the Oxögabergsrun. The group was also up on several mountains and enjoyed the view, including at Lilla Trollkyrkan and at Oxögaberget.
There were some surprised visitors in the Tiveden National Park who got a real surprise in the forest yesterday. The Crown Princess happily talked to them, both in Swedish, English and German."

Victoria was interviewed by Nerikes Allehanda newspaper, short video:
Victoria says that everytime she is outdoors, she feels so good. She is asked if she has time to be out in nature and she says: Far too little. And she tells that she gets her children out to nature also and although they might be so interested at the first, they never regret that they went out afterwards.
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Victoria visited today the Store Mosse National Park.
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

Victoria was interviewed at SVT regional news.
The King inaugurated the Store Mosse National Park and Victoria said that because of that it's great to be there. She said that if you don't have a relationship with nature, you won't take care of it either. It is something she constantly wants to highlight. Fantastic fun to be there. It is the first time she is there and to experience this incredibly special nature feels very nice. When it comes to nature reserves and national parks, they are extremely important for us as humans when it comes to recreation, to be able to move freely, to feel free but also when it comes to our inner self.


Lunch break:

The Royal Court tells about the visit among other things:
The visit began at the Naturum at the main entrance. Victoria met staff who work in the national park and received general information about the history of the national park.
Then Victoria walked to Svartgölen together with county governor Brittis Benzler, nature conservation manager Carina Härlin, national park manager Johanna Ahl and Gustav Enander, head of the nature department at the County administrative board.

Court Instagram
"In 1982, the King inaugurated the national park Store Mosse in Småland. Yesterday, 42 years later, the Crown Princess walked in the national park, which is southern Sweden's largest marsh area.
There are 30 national parks in Sweden and the Crown Princess plans to visit them all. Store Mosse was the Crown Princess's sixth national park walk. At each visit, local experts participate who guide and provide information about nature."
Nice video:

Photos from Facebook of Store Mosse National Park. At the first photo county governor Brittis Benzler on the left.

Svensk Damtidning

SPA's video
And good photos
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