Crown Princess Victoria's Birthday (Victoriadagen) - July 14: 2018-2024

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Cute. And I don't remember hearing Victoria speak German before but it makes sense that she speaks her mother's mother tongue.
Cute. And I don't remember hearing Victoria speak German before but it makes sense that she speaks her mother's mother tongue.

Victoria has been speaking german in previous years on her birthday too. There has been a Youtube video about it. On Victoria and Daniel's visit to Germany Victoria gave speeches in german, but there are no videos of that. Victoria has herself said that her german isn't very good. German royal author Norbert Loh claims that Victoria's german is very good.


King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia

The photos from Victoriadagen concert have today been updated to the official website of Victoriadagen. Photos by Per Jahnke and Marie Alvehagen.

Former Victoria Scholarship recipients are always welcome to the concert:
Ingemar Stenmark with his wife and daughter
Peter Forsberg, Nicole Nordin and their son Lennox

More photos in this gallery
Victoriadagen 2018 - se bilderna här - Victoriadagen _ Officiell hemsida

After the concert there is Victoria banquet
Organizer of Victoriadagen, Kay Wiestål with his wife
Editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidning, Johan T Lindwall with his wife and daughter

Per Jahnke, the other of the two official photographers of Victoriadagen, published a gallery from the concert at his Facebook.
There are among others these photos:
The king, queen, Victoria, Daniel and Estelle arriving
Victoria delivering the Victoria Scholarship to Stina Nilsson
Leaving and thanking the performers
Per Jahnke - VICTORIADAGEN 14_7 2018 Borgholm Öland _ Facebook

Expressen kungligt
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I remember reading somewhere that Madeleine says she and Chris sometimes speak German to each other when they don't want to use English around people.

So I think Victoria, CP and Madeleine are at least fluent and can hold normal conversations in German, just maybe not in a more academic level.
I remember that on the visit to Germany, Victoria was caught on camera answering children who spoke to her in German back in the same language but adults she replied in English. Maybe it's a matter of confidence on her part.
I've read that as children the siblings spoke German with their grandmother who often stayed with them at Drottningholm when their parents were abroad so it's clear that they had atleast some fluency in the language.
Lots of people share videos and photos on Facebook for meeting the Crown Princess on her birthday but these were exceptionally sweet. The interactions you can hear with Victoria, Estelle, and even Oscar and how excited the little girl was is very sweet. (there are multiple videos posted)

This Lillan Unger has talked with Svensk Damtidning.
Lillan Unger (who lives on Öland) and her grandchildren were traditionally in place during Victoria's birthday. On Facebook, Lillan has uploaded lots of beautiful videos and photos during the meeting between her grandchildren and the crown princess.
Leo, 13 years old, Leia, 10 years and Lucia, 3,5 years old, got to go with grandmother Lillan to Solliden and especially the latter was thrilled to meet Victoria.
- It was so hot and we had been there all day and waited. Lucia stood and jumped, and when Victoria arrived, she rushed under the band, I couldn't keep her. Victoria came to her with open arms, she is really made for her job. Victoria is so incredibly sweet, says Lillan Unger when Svensk Damtidning calls her.
In the video, Prince Daniel comes and greets and says that he will soon take his jacket off since it's so hot. Lillan tells that she has followed the royal family for as long as she can remember, an interest that the grandchildren have now inherited.
- Lucia loves Estelle and Victoria. She wanted braids this day, just as Estelle usually has. When Estelle arrived, they immediately took each other's hands, says Lillan.
Victoria really took time and praised all the children's drawings which they gave her as birthday gifts.
When Victoria and the family went on, the king and queen came forward and greeted.
- The king and the queen invited us to inside the band to get a good picture, said Lillan Unger.
It was mildly said a happy day for Lillan and her grandchildren. One day that little Lucia will probably talk about for a long time to come!
Se fantastiska filmen när Victoria får treåriga Lucia att hoppa av lycka _ Svensk Damtidning

Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar
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Photos from the blog of Royalistan, Sara Ericsson, who writes to Kungliga Magasinet and performs with Jenny Alexandersson at Aftonbladet's royal TV-broadcast. Sara was for a few days in Öland in connection of Victoria's birthday. She stayed at Drottning Victoria's Vilohem (Queen Victoria's Rest Home) in Borgholm.

Sara ate breakfast at the Rest Home with king Gustaf III.
Sara gave these flowers to Victoria
More photos
Kungliga födelsedagen _ ROYALISTAN

Victoria and Daniel

Photos by Sjöberg Bildbyrå
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Sjöberg Bildbyrå

Photos at Facebook of Victoriadagen by Per Jahnke

Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Article about Victoria's birthday at the newest issue of Kungliga Magasinet. Reporter Sara Ericsson writes that it is great to see that Victoria gives attention to everyone with genuine delight. The most impressive thing is that she recognizes people who have been there in previous years.
Victoria is every year surprised and grateful that so many people come to congratulate her at Solliden, many of them have been there in many years.
Queen Silvia said to Sara Ericsson that it is unbelievable and as surprising every year that so many people want to come there. That they visit Solliden, take time to it and that there are people from so many countries, it is great.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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The decision has been made about the birthday in 2019.

Victoria celebrates her birthday with the Swedish people
Victoriadagen is organized with a new direction. But it will be as usual - a celebration on Öland in the summer.
Now the tickets are released for next year's birthday celebration of Victoria, July 14, 2019. This means that we will continue to celebrate our crown princess on Öland, the place that has become so associated with all the love and joy that is spreading during this day. New to this year is the production company Leroy Media and Stephan Rimér arranging the event.
- It's a terrified delight that we take on the task of managing and continuing to develop Victoriadagen, says Rimér.
- eThere will be no major changes. It is about managing and taking over the relay pin. But over time, our goal is to put our own stamp on this day.
The celebration in 2018 was the end of an era when the initiator and founder of Victoriadagen, Kay Wiestål, took a step back. But he will still have a finger in the game.
- Kay has promised to hold my hand for at least two years. And it is very important that he is there, with all his experience, and guides us in this.
Kay himself is obviously happy with the setup.
- I've been working with Leroy Media and Stephan for some time now, and it's great to be able to switch to such a committed and knowledgeable company, says Kay.
Leroy Media produces also among others the Sports Gala and the Guldbagge gala.
- Now there will be hard work. We will book both artists and program host. But more information will come later, says Stephan Rimér.
Klart! Victoria firar sin födelsedag med svenska folket _ Svensk Damtidning
She leads the Victoria Concert - Grattis Kronprinsessan

Yvette Hermundstad is the host at this year's Victoria Concert - Grattis Kronprinsessan in SVT. The popular hostess has recently completed another season of the Winter Studio and now she is ready to lead the celebration of the Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on Öland on July 14th.
- It feels excited and fun to be the program host at the celebration of the Crown Princess, I am mighty expectant. I look forward to the birthday celebration, the folk party in Öland and the delivery of the Victoria scholarship. I have the privilege of following many of our athletes and know how much this prize means to them so it feels good to share this moment with them and the Crown Princess, says Yvette.
Yvette Hermundstad is most associated with Winter Studio and other sports broadcasts, but she has also been the host for, among others, Mitt i naturen and Chef of the Year. Yvette also has previous experience of royal television programs when she was a reporter during SVT's broadcasts of both Princess Estelle's baptism and Princess Madeleine's wedding.
- Great fun to work with such an experienced and popular host who also has such a strong connection to sports. This because we in the program both distribute the Victoria scholarship to a prominent Swedish athlete and collect money for the Crown Princess Victoria's Fund with the aim that children with disabilities or chronic illness should have the opportunity for an active leisure time, says Stephan Rimér, CEO of Victoriadagarna.
Hon leder Victoriakonserten – Grattis Kronprinsessan - Victoriadagarna

There is now a new organizer at the concert and other events (Victoria Golf, Victorialoppet and more) in connection of Victoria's birthday. The organizers have renewed the website - it is now called Victoriadagarna (Victoria Days), not Victoriadagen (Victoria Day) anymore. They have a new logo too.
The events 2019
12/7 Move for fun (organized with Generation Pep)
13/7 Victoria Golf
14/7 Victoria Concert
15/7 Victorialoppet, the running event

Victoriadagarna på Öland (@victoriadagarna) • Instagram-kuvat ja -videot

Victoriadagen - Borgholm _ Facebook
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The organizers published today the first singers at Victoria's birthday concert

Benjamin Ingrosso and Kaliffa perform at the Victoria concert
Two of Sweden's hottest artists celebrate the Crown Princess Victoria
Benjamin Ingrosso is the former Melodifestivalen winner(who represented Swedenn at ESC in 2018) with over 110 million gigs on Spotify. Kaliffa is the hip hop and reggae star behind, among other things, the megahite "Absolutely serious". Now it is clear that they both perform at the Victoria Concert - Grattis Kronprinsessan on July 14th.
- I am so honored to come to Öland and perform some songs to celebrate Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on July 14! There will be a fantastic evening that I look forward to so much, says Benjamin Ingrosso.
- Incredibly fun that Benjamin and Kaliffa come to Öland and pay tribute to the Crown Princess this summer. With two so popular and current artists, the concert will definitely be a folk party, says Victoria Dagarna's CEO Stephan Rimér.
Benjamin Ingrosso och Kaliffa uppträder på Victoriakonserten - Victoriadagarna

The organizers published today two more singers at Victoria's birthday concert

Two more artists are ready for the Victoria concert
Pop and opera on Öland this summer
It will be a wonderful mix of artists who will celebrate Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday on Öland this summer. At the end of last week, Benjamin Ingrosso and Kaliffa were presented. Now two more artists are ready for the celebration of Crown Princess Victoria. Pop artist Lina Hedlund and opera singer Rickard Söderberg both perform at the Victoria concert - Grattis Kronprinsessan on July 14th.
- It feels great to be able to invite the concert audience, the TV viewers and the royal family on such an exciting mix of artists, says Victoriadagarna's CEO Stephan Rimér. Hopefully we can surprise with something unexpected.
Ytterligare två artister klara för Victoriakonserten - Victoriadagarna

Rickard Söderberg has performed to Victoria and the royal family many times

The organizers published today two more singers at Victoria's birthday concert

Two more artists are now ready for the Victoria concert on July 14th. The experienced and constantly up-to-date Arja Saijonmaa, as well as the energetic soul band Isaac & The Soul Company who have now accepted to be part of the celebration of Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday at Öland this summer.
It is already clear that Benjamin Ingrosso, Rickard Söderberg, Kaliffa and Lina Hedlund also perform at the Victoria concert on July 14th.
- It feels very inspiring and full of excitement to perform for the Crown Princess and the rest of the royal family. I think Victoria is a fantastic role model who is passionate about issues that are also very close to my heart, such as the environment, nature and children, says Arja Saijonmaa.
- Our band has always built on a total musical discharge, says Isaac. To give so much energy to the audience that they for one second forget everything else and go home excited with a euphoric feeling throughout the body. It is our contribution to the Victoria concert in 2019!
- Great fun to be able to present such a legendary and versatile artist as Arja Saijonmaa. I also think that Isaac & The Soul Company will invite the audience to a show full of energy. It feels like we have a fantastic artist stand for the whole family, says Victoriadagarna's CEO Stephan Rimér.
Arja Saijonmaa uppträder på Victoriakonserten - Victoriadagarna

Great to have a Finn, Arja Saijonmaa, to sing at the concert. Arja has lived in Sweden for a long time. Nowadays she lives in Paris, but has homes also in Sweden and Finland.
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Victoria delivers the Victoria Award (earlier called the Victoria Scholarship) at the concert in Borgholm. This year's Victoria Award is awarded to biathlete Hanna Öberg.

The biathlete is praised for the World Cup successes
At the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018, the then relatively unknown biathlete Hanna Öberg was able to compete without pressure. It ended with Olympic gold in the distance race and silver in the women's relay, with subsequent Bragdguld and Jerringpris. The press was thus quite different for this year's biathlon World Championships at Östersund. However, there was nothing that affected Öberg's performance.
Hanna Öberg is awarded the Victoria Award in 2019 because she once again delivered when it came to the most in the distance race over 15 km. After flawless shooting and stable skiing, Hanna was able to receive the home crowd's cheers and stand at the top of the prize pool with a World Championships gold medal around her neck. It also became a World Cup silver in women's relay and bronze in single mixed relay.
- I am very happy and feel honored to receive this nice Award. It's one of the finer prizes you can get! says Hanna Öberg.
The Victoria Award was formerly known as the Victoria Scholarship and has been awarded annually since 1979. The Award is awarded by H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria during Victoria Concert on July 14, 2019.
Hanna Öberg tilldelas Victoriapriset 2019 - Victoriadagarna

At the website of Solliden Palace
The Crown Princess's birthday July 14
Celebrate the Crown Princess's birthday with us at Solliden Palace on July 14th.
11.00 The gates to the park are opened
14.00 The Crown Princess comes out of the Palace
During the day, we offer entertainment of, among others, Mässingen, P.O. Rylander and friends and Children's choir from Borgholm's Culture School.
Sollidens Slott _ Aktuellt

Press invitation to the Victoria Concert July 14th
Now it is high time to apply for press accreditation for the Victoria Concert at Borgholm Sports Arena, Öland, Sunday July 14th.
The Victoria Concert is a television broadcast tribute to H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday on July 14th. The royal family attends the concert and this year, among others, the vocalists are Benjamin Ingrosso, Rickard Söderberg, Arja Saijonmaa, Lina Hedlund and Kaliffa. In addition, the Crown Princess delivers the Victoria Award for biathlete Hanna Öberg. The host of the Victoria Concert is Yvette Hermundstad.
Apply for press accreditation no later than July 10.
Please note that no journalists or photographers without accreditation will be admitted to Borgholm Sports Arena in connection with the Victoria Concert.
Pressinbjudan Victoriakonserten 14 juli - Victoriadagarna

Kungliga Magasinet's special magazine
Victoria 42 years
Big photo extra! Celebration at Solliden over the years
Victoria and Daniel's love story
Love for the children Estelle & Oscar
What a environmentally fashion princess
Here are Victoria and Daniel's holiday favorites
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Press release at court website
HRH The Crown Princess's birthday
On Sunday, July 14, the Crown Princess's birthday is celebrated traditionally at Solliden Palace and Borgholm Sports Arena on Öland.
The celebration begins with the King and Queen and the Crown Princess couple meeting the public at about 14.00 at the roundabout in front of Solliden Palace.
Then the birthday celebration continues at Borgholms Sports Arena at 18.30 in the presence of the King and Queen, the Crown Princess couple, the Prince couple and the Princess couple.
During the celebration at Borgholm Sports Arena, the Crown Princess delivers the Victoria Award. This year's prize goes to the biathlete Hanna Öberg.
This year's artists are Benjamin Ingrosso, Arja Saijonmaa, Rickard Söderberg, Kaliffa, Lina Hedlund and Isaac & the Soul Company.
The host is Yvette Hermundstad and the bandmaster Johan Landqvist.
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans födelsedag - Sveriges Kungahus
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The organizers of Victoriadagarna, the events around Victoria's birthday, have published the annual Victoriadagarna Magazine.

Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

At the magazine is also an article about Victoria's year from birthday in 2018 to this year's birthday
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

The magazine can be read at the website of Victoriadagarna, at the bottom of the page:
Victoriadagarna 12-15 juli

The Children's choir from Borgholm's Culture School performs on Victoria's birthday at the yard of Solliden Palace.
Kulturskolans barnkör uppträder vid kronprinsessans firande - Ölandsbladet

Victoriadagen 2019_ Allt om den kungliga festen på Öland
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Expressen's royal expert Karin Lennmor at her chronicle today

The new Victoriadagen becomes like this - surprises are promised
Victoriadagen is a little extra special this year - when the Crown Princess turns 42.
Indeed, something new and surprises are promised. And maybe it's time for some renewal and change!
Now it happens - in these days Öland explodes completely!
It is time for this year's Victoriadagen, the event which is now regarded as the island's own National day. More than 40,000 cars are expected to drive over the Öland bridge, 500 invited guests will come, 110 journalists will be present and 10 Swedish and foreign TV stations will be broadcast.
Victoriadagen has been celebrated for 41 years and it only gets bigger and bigger. Until last year, the event was arranged by legendary Kay Wiestål, who has now handed over the baton to Stefan Rimér.
Victoriadagen has grown dramatically in recent years. Nowadays it is not only celebration up at Solliden and TV broadcast from Sports Arena on July 14. This year it is a whole Victoria week, with golf, tennis, Victoria Scholarship, Victoria Run, exhibitions and events. A whole party week when Öland and Borgholm are flourishing!
Stefan Rimér explains that Victoria herself has not been so active in her birthday planning. She has been kept informed, but the court usually takes one step aside in such contexts. They let the organizers decide.
This year there will be a nice froup of artists: Benjamin Ingrosso, Kaliffa, Lina Hedlund and Richard Söderberg. Yvette Hermundstad hosts the program.
- It will be crispy appearances, says Stefan Rimér. But otherwise we have tried to make quite small changes.
In some years, Victoria and Daniel have had special wishes! Tomas Ledin is one of their favorite artists and he has been a guest several times - at just the Crown Princess's request.
New organizer Stefan Rimér wants to make Victoriadagen a pleasant family celebration.
- It is with horrified delight I take on this assignment, he says.
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and the royal couple are always self-written guests. The children are of course also included and this year I actually think that both Estelle and Oscar are in place during the TV broadcast.
Siblings and many friends also usually come to celebrate Victoria. You can often see them sitting in the audience during the TV broadcast. The festivities then continue in the evening with private dinner at home at Victoria and Daniel at Villa Skönvik - their own lovely summer house a few hundred meters from Solliden Palace.
I spend summers on Öland myself and both after Victoria's 20th birthday and when she turned 30, it was speculated on how long Victoriadagen would continue.
Now, when the Crown Princess turns 42, it is easy to tell the future.
- The celebration of the Crown Princess's birthday will continue as long as she lives, predicts Stefan Rimér.
And I agree with him.
This with Victoriadagen and the Crown Princess's birthday has become so great and important for Öland and the Swedish people.
And for the Crown Princess herself. She loves this island!
KARIN LENNMOR_ Så blir nya Victoriadagen
Yvette Hermundstad, the hostess of today's birthday concert, visited Borgholm Castle yesterday.

Here we see Yvette with Hanna Öberg (in the middle), the Victoria Award winner. The woman on the right is Kristina Henschen, General Secretary of Radiohjälpen. Crown Princess Victoria's Fund is part of Radiohjälpen, and during the concert money is collected to Crown Princess Victoria's Fund.

Finnish IltaSanomat
The absolute wonderful Vickan 42 years! On the island of Öland, a summer carnival is celebrated again in honor of the Crown Princess
The birthday of the Swedish Crown Princess is celebrated on 14 July with traditional events.
Crown Princess Victoria, is 42 years old on Sunday. Vickan is celebrating her birthday in a traditional celebration at the Royal Celebration of Solliden Palace on the island of Solliden in the Swedish royal island of Öland.
Victoriadagen celebrations in Borgholm have swelled into a multi-day event. This year, the Victoria Days program began already on Friday. During the weekend, various sports activities suitable for families with children and a golf competition were organized.
However, the official solemn ceremony at Solliden Palace will only begin on Sunday at the actual birthday of the Crown Princess, when Victoria arrives to greet the audience and receive congratulations to the courtyard of the Palace.
Victoria's birthday party also includes a concert traditionally attended by the royal family.
Victoria is described as a natural and caring person who is genuinely interested in other people. Victoria enjoys great popularity in Sweden, and she is expected to be an extremely popular queen.
- Victoria makes every person she meets feel unique. My wife has an incomprehensible ability to pay attention to all people, Prince Daniel has praised his wife.
Iki-ihana Vickan 42 vuotta! Öölannin saarella vietetään jälleen kesäistä karnevaalia kruununprinsessan kunniaksi - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Congratulations Victoria - here is your life in 35 photos
Grattis Victoria – här är ditt liv i 35 bilder! _ Svensk Damtidning

Victoria 42 år i dag – firas på Solliden _ Aftonbladet

Today, Crown Princess Victoria is 42 years old and seems to be happier than ever. It absolutely radiates from beautiful Victoria who always seems to be close to laughter! Here we have selected some of GALA's favorite pictures of our beautiful and wise Crown Princess over the years.
Grattis kronprinsessan Victoria! Här är GALAs favoritbilder på dig!
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Queue at the gate of Solliden Palace after 10.00 o'clock. The gates were opened to the public at 11.00.

Billed-Bladet's reporter and photographer were there already after 09.00 o'clock.

Victoria with family and the king and queen come out at 14.00.

Niklas Larsson, Chair of the Executive Committee of Osby, has often been in Solliden on Victoria's birthday. And he is this year also (he met Daniel already on Friday at Move for Fun). Niklas met this woman who has a great photo collage as a gift to Victoria.

Many want to celebrate Victoria on Öland
Today, the Crown Princess turns 42 years and she is celebrated in the usual order on Öland. The sun shines as it should on the sun and the winds island when visitors are admitted to the Solliden to the tunes of folk music.
Annina Siedentop from Hannover is on holiday in Småland and has come here over the day. This is the first time she visits Victoriadagen.
- She is a very nice person. She is popular in Germany, she says about the Crown Princess.
Niklas Larsson from Osby is here for the eleventh time and Solveig Aplander Rosencrantz from Helsingborg is here for the fifth time.
- It is so much fun to meet the Crown Princess and the King and Queen and Prince Daniel, so you can wait for that some hours every year, says Niklas Larsson.
- I think the Crown Princess is an absolutely fantastic woman, and a fine example for everyone, says Solveig Aplander Rosencrantz.
She brings with her a picture of Victoria that she took when she was visiting Helsingborg in January, which she should hand over along with some yellow roses.
- There are many people who meet here every year, so it is very fun, says Niklas Larsson.
Christian Moser and Verena Körbler from Austria are here for the second time. They bring with them a work of art in the form of a book and a picture from the last time they were here.
- I am a big fan of the Crown Princess, she is so beautiful and I like her a lot, says Verena Körbler.
Victoria firar 42 på Öland _ Aftonbladet

Live from Solliden
LIVE-TV_ Kronprinsessan Victoria fyller år – firas på Solliden _ Live _ Expressen

As always, Victoria speaks with everyone and gets presents, drawings and flowers. Estelle helps her. Daniel, king Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia speak also with the people. Oscar seems to have a great time playing with their nanny. Karolin A. Johansson is there and collects flowers and gifts, this is perhaps her last work day for the court. There is a lot of SÄPO-guards.

Victoriadagen 2019_ Kronprinsessan Victorias födelsedag

Just nu! Victorias födelsedagsfirande på Solliden är igång – se bilderna! _ Svensk Damtidning
Följ Victoriadagen live – minut för minut! _ Svensk Damtidning

Previously today: Karolin A. Johansson speaking with queen Silvia's brother Ralf, his son Thomas and Thomas's girlfriend.
We can see that Victoria and Daniel come very slowly after the king and queen, talking to everyone. Oscar has got a ball again and is playing football with his nanny and father (and also a little with the aide-de-camps), just like last year. Estelle is jumping rope but goes every now and then to help her mother.

Victoria talked with the press. She said that she was celebrated in the morning by her family with cake and song. She is very happy that she can be at this event with her whole family, that everyone of them wants to be here. It is wonderful to be with them there. Victoria said also that this is such a fine event. That people take time and come to congratulate her, even bring presents. There are so many people who have been there on many years and that is great.

Today we could see the family's new nanny, Elvira.
Svensk Damtidning:
A number of different nannies have been living with the Crown Princess family since Princess Estelle came to the world in 2012. One came from Australia, other from Gothenburg. But what they have in common is that the children seem to have loved them. And now there is a new nanny in the family, Svensk Damtidning can reveal. She is now outside Solliden Palace where Crown Princess Victoria is celebrated during her 42th birthday.
We can now tell that the nanny is called Elvira. She is Swedish-speaking, and the children seem to love her!
- It is true, she is new to the Crown Princess family, says Margareta Torgren.
Taking care of Victoria's and Daniel's children is not like most other babysitting jobs. Elvira most likely lives at Haga Palace, just as her predecessor has done. She must be able to be available at all times on days and evenings, and the family's nannys quickly become a natural part of the family.
Even last year we were able to reveal a new nanny who then lived with the family. Her name was Philippa and came from Australia. The idea behind this was to make Prince Oscar bilingual, just as the royal parents thought when they employed Estelle's first nanny, Australian Katie Millington.
Philippa is not visible to the children today, perhaps it is Elvira who is now taking full responsibility for the children.
Vi avslöjar! Här visar Estelles och Oscars nya nanny upp sig! _ Svensk Damtidning

Prins Oscar firade mamma Victoria på Solliden _ Svensk Damtidning
Se filmen på när kungen sjunger för Victoria! _ Svensk Damtidning

Gallery (will be updated)
Belga Image
Belga Image
Belga Image

Family photo
At the courtyard
Mother and her children
Going to meet people
Estelle, the little helper with Karolin A. Johansson
Cute children
The birthday girl

Nice and a little different kind of photos at Ölandsbladet's article
The king said at his speech
- Dear friends, it's nice to meet here again to celebrate the Crown Princess. I have been here every year and I know that many of you have also been here many times. We like to have this opportunity to celebrate her with you here at Solliden, on Öland, said the king.
- We have a lovely summer but I know that it is dry in many places in the country. Here at Öland, the groundwater levels are low and we get help saving on the water by, among other things, not showering for too long, he continued and then led the birthday song and exclaimed a fourfold she lives.
Then Crown Princess Victoria wanted to say a few words.
- I want to thank you warmly for having come here to celebrate a little me. I really appreciate that you choose to come here to Solliden on such a nice summer day. It will warm when I think back on this day when it's dark and cold in November or December. Thank you so much and I wish you a really nice summer.
Bildextra_ Kronprinsessan Victoria firades som aldrig förr - Ölandsbladet

Gallery from Svensk Damtidning
Bästa bilderna från Victorias firande på Solliden _ Svensk Damtidning

Interesting, that the court didn't publish any photo of Victoria at their website or social media today, as usually on the birthdays of the members of the royal family.

Billed-Bladet interviewing queen Silvia, video

Billed-Bladet, video of Oscar and Estelle

Tuhannet saapuivat onnittelemaan 42-vuotiasta kruununprinsessa Victoriaa – suloiset kuvat juhlahumussa leikkivistä pikkukuninkaallisista ihastuttavat - Ilta-Sanomat

The photographers love this event, where they get a lot of photos of relaxed royals and especially of children playing, running and helping their parents. Although especially Estelle helps Victoria a lot, she is still allowed to be a child and go to play if she gets bored to her "work".
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The concert starts at 18.30. SVT Play shows it starting 21.00, link:
Victoriakonserten _ SVT Play


Estelle is at the concert for the fourth time
Swe_ The Crown Princess Victoria Of Sweden's Birthday Celebrations Pictures and Photos - Getty Images
The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's Birthday Celebrations Thumbnails - Pictures - Zimbio

Svensk Damtidning tells that Victoria burst into laughter when they showed at the concert her famous dance in Hanoi. Queen Silvia's Sommerlath relatives sit behind the royal family.
Här anländer Madeleine och Sofia för att fira Victoria! _ Svensk Damtidning

Belga Image

The concert can be seen at SVT Play until 10th January 2020
Victoriakonserten _ SVT Play

Great to see them showing a little bit of Move for Fun, even Daniel in it. And interviewing Daniel and Peter Forsberg at Victoriagolfen before they moved to Solliden in the morning. It's also great that they told about the work of Crown Princess Victoria's Fund and showed long clips on how the money is used to for instance organizing riding camps for children and young people with disabilities, and showing Victoria's visit to them. Some of those children are invited guests at the concert. Yvette Hermundstad asked Benjamin Ingrosso if he had any dancers with him. Benjamin said that he came alone. Yvette said that she could suggest two and showed Victoria and Daniel and then they showed Victoria and Daniel's morning "dance" in Hanoi. Victoria and Daniel laughed and Estelle thought that was fun. It warms my heart to see Arja Saijonmaa, the 74-year old finnish singer, singing at this concert with a children's choir. Estelle seemed to like Kaliffa and sang along with Benjamin Ingrosso at his last song.
A surprise for Victoria, video congratulations from all over Sweden: among others from Police, from children, from a fisherman and from the prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven. A surprise was also 7-years old Saga Hedlund Stenmarck, who sang at the concert.
New at the concert was also that they showed a video of part of the work Victoria has done during the year after her birthday 2018. Of course, a lot of province hikes was shown.
And in the end of the concert, the performers sang "Happy Birthday to You" (by Stevie Wonder) to Victoria.

The royal family on their way to the concert.

Points on the outfits today
Betyg på kläderna! De klädde sig bäst på Victoriadagen 2019 _ Svensk Damtidning

Photos from the concert from Kalmarposten's Instagram

Court's Instagram
The heir to the throne's birthday is a national salute day and @Forsvarsmakten earlier today saluted to celebrate the Crown Princess.
Salutes of 21 shots are taken from the fixed salute stations at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Kungshall in Karlskrona, Skansen Lejonet in Gothenburg, Kusthöjden in Härnösand and from a moving salute battery at Kvarnängen in Boden.
These pictures come from the 100-year-old Boden where salute today was performed by soldiers and officers from the @Artilleriregementet (A 9).

Photos of Victoria and Estelle arriving to Solliden Palace before the celebrations started

The court at its website about the celebration
Kronprinsessan firad på sin födelsedag - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Facebook / Mattias Hellström SPA and Pernilla Klintberg Solliden Palace
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So, we'll have to wait at least one more year for Oscsr to join them.
The court published at their social media these photos about the concert, Facebook:
This first lovely one of Victoria, Daniel and Estelle is taken by Chris at the carriage on the way to the concert:
By Pelle T Nilsson SPA
By Mattias Hellström SPA

Court Instagram

Great galleries with hundreds of photos by Robin Utrecht
At Solliden
VICTORIADAG 2019 - Images _ Robin Utrecht _ Photoshelter
At the concert
Victoriadag concert 2019 - Images _ Robin Utrecht _ Photoshelter

Short video, Victoria thanked for all the congratulations the viewers from TV4 had sent to her: Big, big thanks and I wish them a great summer!
The same from our viewers to the crown princess1
Victoria: Thank you! Take care! I hope you also get a great day here on the island!
Här firas kronprinsessan Victoria 42-årsdag på Solliden slott_ ”Stort, stort tack!” - Nyheterna -

Margareta Thorgren interviewed in Solliden
The court expert says that although there are thousands of people, it feels like a family event, one big family. She tells about Victoria inaugurating the waterworks on Friday and says that water issues are very important to Victoria. She tells that the royal family hosted a lunch to the crown princess family before the event in Solliden started. Thorgren tells that it takes hours for Victoria to greet the people. The court expert asks doesn't Victoria have any pauses, it is a long time. No, says Thorgren. The crown princess is very thankful that all these people have come here and some of them have waited for many hours. She wants to greet them. Thorgren says that the foreign media representatives are surprised how close they get to the royal family. It is like a family event. And that is what the king and crown princess want the event to be like. Thorgren says that Daniel, the king and queen and the children like to be with. The children may be children, they can take a break and go in and have some water, and play if they like. It is fantastic, that the king, mother and father, are celebrating their daughter. Prince Daniel and the crown princess and the king and queen think it is so much fun. After this event there is a little pause before the concert starts. After this it is holiday, hopefully the royal family gets some peaceful time. During their holiday the royal family visits various places on the island.
Hovet om Victoriadagen_ ”Det är väldigt familjärt” - Nyheterna -

La princesse Estelle et le prince Oscar se sont bien amusés aux 42 ans de la princesse Victoria de Suède
Kruununprinsessa Victoria täytti 42 - suloiset kuvat juhlista Iltalehti
Se de bästa bilderna från Victoriakonserten _ Svensk Damtidning
Stort grattis till kronprinsessan Victoria _ Hovbloggen

"Yesterday I got the honour of making bouquets to the Crown Princess on her day" - Beautiful bouquets

Daniels hemliga överraskning för Victoria – Allt om kungligt
Prins Oscars supersöta entré med morfar kungen – Allt om kungligt
Charmtrollet Estelle gjorde ingen besviken – Allt om kungligt
Bästa bilderna på Victoria från födelsedagen – Allt om kungligt

During the two hours, the royal family spoke to everyone standing alongside the barriers. In her floral dress from Swedish Stenströms, the heat did not seem to affect Victoria. She took the time to talk to anyone who wanted.
Hundreds of admirers also wanted to take a selfie with themselves, the kids or even the dog.
- Look at such beautiful flowers, said the Crown Princess to a small admirer who was sad that the roses had started to wither in the heat.
- I cut off them a little and put them in water so they will be really nice.
Estelle helped carry all the presents and flower bouquets. But in the end it became too boring for her and Prince Oscar. Estelle began to jump rope and Oscar broke loose on a beach ball that his nanny took out.
Dad Daniel played for a while but in the end he told Oscar:
- Now I have to go to mom, now you have to play yourself.
And he did, plus he spied on a heavy chain that he got hold of.
The royal family talked a long time with the public but talking to the press only took a few minutes. The Crown Princess let herself be interviewed, Queen Silvia also stayed for a while, but the king completely skipped the conversations with the media from all over the world.
- It has become a fine tradition, said Crown Princess Victoria of her birthday celebration.
- It really warms to meet so many people, that so many have taken the time. It is also a nice day that I can celebrate with the family.
The birthday had begun with Estelle and Oscar congratulating.
- I was celebrated by the children with song and cake, said the Crown Princess.
Friends Anita Löfvendahl and Ingrid Forsberg Bang were on site early in the park.
- We have been friends for a long time. We have come here to look at the royal family, we are real royalists and have followed the royal couple since the wedding in 1976, said Anita Löfvendahl.
The two have been on Victoriadagen earlier, but not 42 times as part of the visitors.
Ingrid Forsberg Bang is impressed by Crown Princess Victoria.
- We are going to the concert tonight too, we booked tickets already in February.
The German press was most interested in asking out Queen Silvia who told that she had met many tourists from Germany.
- They come from everywhere, it's so much love.
Oscar, 3, stal showen under Victorias födelsedag _ Aftonbladet
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Crown Princess Victoria's Birthday (Victoriadagen) - July 14: 2018-2019

I attended this year at Solliden and the atmosphere was amazing to see and experience. Crown Princess Victoria was the most engaging and spent time talking to everyone. I’d say the Queen was the second most engaging and spent at least 2 hours greeting people. Prince Daniel surprised me as he didn’t interact much like I expected. He stood behind and mostly chatted with the aide-de-camp. The photos in years past led me to believe he would be just as engaging as Victoria but yesterday he stood farther away from people (a couple meters) and didn’t talk to many. Not a a criticism just an observation from my 2 hours+ watching the family yesterday.

I will share some more of my photos when I return home but I’ve posted some on my website
And my Instagram
Photos from Solliden Palace Facebook

Photos by SPA

Niklas Larsson, Chair of the Executive Committee of Osby, who was at Solliden for 11th time, got a photo with Victoria, he got a hug from Victoria
And with the king and queen

Photos from social media, people want to take photos/selfies of the royals

Some great shots here

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I loved seeing the photos from Victoria's birthday celebrations - I love how the SRF seems to go to town for each of her birthdays ? Estelle looked lovely in her summer dress and bow. Oscar is the spitting image of Daniel!
What a gorgeous event for Victoria birthday. Everyone is so beautifully dressed and look truly happy, even the king!
Here is a lovely photo of Estelle with a gift she received from a girl named Petronella.

Estelle, Oscar and Daniel playing football on the other side of the yard of the Palace

Photos by photographer Albert Nieboer/Royal Press Europe, he was 14th time on Victoria's birthday.

Some photos of the family, when they had finally greeted everyone and the event ended.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
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Nice video from ZDF from Solliden, interviewing also some german fans who had arrived there to meet Victoria.
Kronprinzessin Victoria feiert Geburtstag - ZDFmediathek

Beautiful photo of Estelle at the concert by Victoriadagarna's photographer Per Jahnke.

And the great Victoria Award winner, biathlete Hanna Öberg.
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Svensk Damtidning had last week an article about Victoria, her life and birthday
Editor-in-chief Johan Lindwall writes about "World's best Victoria". And that he has fellowed Victoria since her 18th birthdat and today she is the cool and self-evident representative for the swedish monarchy. Victoria has the same gift as her mother: she really sees everyone. Many are going to Öland on Victoria's birthday and it will be a fantastic birthday.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Galleries, 900 photos from Solliden and over 500 from the concert
ROYAL: Die schwedischen Royals beim Victoriatag auf Öland - Empfang auf Schloss Solliden
ROYAL: Die schwedischen Royals beim Victoriatag auf Öland - Feierlichkeiten in Borgholm
Beautiful photo of Victoria at Solliden by Victoriadagarna's photographer Per Jahnke.

Victoria got a chopping board and Estelle and Oscar mugs
"I thank you... today I have sold fine gifts! A chopping board for someone who turns 42 on Sunday and mugs for her child,
think the son is named Oscar and her daughter Estelle. The anniversary girl herself was called Victoria !? Sounds familiar in some way ..."
And here is Victoria looking at the chopping board.

On their way to the concert.

A photo of the arrival to the concert, Estelle greeting Stephan Rimér, the organizer of Victoriadagen concert.

Video from Bunte TV. At the video we see among others how Victoria is going to pose for a photo with a girl. The girl puts her arm around Victoria and the bodyguard takes the arm away.
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Beautiful photo of Victoria at Solliden by Victoriadagarna's photographer Per Jahnke.

Victoria got a chopping board and Estelle and Oscar mugs
"I thank you... today I have sold fine gifts! A chopping board for someone who turns 42 on Sunday and mugs for her child,
think the son is named Oscar and her daughter Estelle. The anniversary girl herself was called Victoria !? Sounds familiar in some way ..."
And here is Victoria looking at the chopping board.

On their way to the concert.

A photo of the arrival to the concert, Estelle greeting Stephan Rimér, the organizer of Victoriadagen concert.

Love the photos - Estelle is such a sweet little girl!
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