Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 5: April 2013 - October 2016

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Here is a front view of the lovely mint gown. Finally a lovely dress in a lovely color. I like the hair style with this dress and its a very boat trip/party style IMO. I don't care much for the jacket, it matches well.

Finally a nice look again for Mette-Marit, have been looking forward to this for ages! Everything looks really good on her. This is the way her hair should be! :flowers:
I don't care much for that Giambattista Valli dress. The Crownprincess looks like she is wearing a nightgown. The Valentino one was a bit better, but not much. The most beautiful were the mint green one worn in the evening on that boat trip. Not lovely, but much better than the other too.

Too bad she picked such ugly dresses for such an important event. She wrote herself into history as the woman who came to the goodbye dinner for Queen Beatrix (queen at the time) in a night gown. Hideous beyond words, there are no shape whatsoever on that dress, and the floral print makes it look like sleepwear for a 96 year old.

The Crownprincss know how if she want to, but in Amsterdam she was disappointing big time.
This mint green dress was pretty and the best of the lot by default only because the other two were so awful.
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I like the gown on her the colour is very flattering and the style with a waist really suits her. It is miles ahead of the tablecloth she wore in Holland IMO
On a funny note,lovely Dolly´s quote came to mind (she is always so disarmingly funny and makes jokes about herself all the time!)

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”

― Dolly Parton

I do not wish to pick on Mette-Marit because I like her as a person,however her styling is like a roller-coaster ride, sometimes ugly or strange, and than suddenly fabulous and feminine like her latest apperance!Just wow;-)

She needs more consistency in her styling,like CP Mary who knows what type of silhouettes and colours work well-she should find what suits her best and stay with what looks nice on her IMO.
Looks lovely in the mint green boat dress. It would seem hard to wear a dress like that but the waistline flattered her unlike the other flowy nightgown number.
Lovely coat and lovely overall IMO. I would've liked the coat to be an inch or so shorter though.
Love the whole out fit
May 5: OTC dinner in Houston
hairstyle: Picture 1 - Picture 2

One of my favourite hairstyles on MM so far! Very elegant and graceful,also it seems like a hairstyle that is comfortable and does not need high maintenance which is good for an active person like Princess Mette-Marit :)

The white coat looks like a 50ies inspired design,something that Jacqueline Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn would wear,very nice and classic. The yellow/gold/curry (what should we name this colour?) dress has a very charming colour,it looks great with MM´s hair and skin tone.
To me it seems like it is getting better and better on the sartorial side every day since that Giambattista Valli-hippy-dress, congratulations! :clap:
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Like the fabric and cut of the white coat except the collar.
Love the gold color of the dress and the cut, but it looks too maternity for me.
Like the fabric and cut of the white coat except the collar.
Love the gold color of the dress and the cut, but it looks too maternity for me.

Maybe it looks a little bit "maternity" because Mette-Marit does not have such a tiny waist like e.g Catherine does,but I find the dress quite nice and flattering,especially the colour!
It looks maternity to me because the waist set high, almost an empire waist and certainly not at the natural waist.
Whenever you attempt a waist that is not natural waist, which has nothing to do with how tiny your waist may be, or how thin you are, you risk the maternity look, imo.
Some of Mette-Marit's tiara-looks during the last years:
Mette-Marit's Gala looks

I loved the light blue Mette-Marit wore for CP Victoria's wedding (1st row,5th gown) and the gown she wore for Queen Margrethe's birthday concert (1st row, last gown). The soft pink gown MM wore for the official portraits and the gala dinner for the Storting (last row) is another favourite of mine.
The last gala look (when attending the farewell dinner of Beatrix) was definitely her worst. I also don't really like the pink gown+velvet belt (1st picture, 2nd row).
I liked the 1st dress in the 1st row and the whole look (5th dress in the 3rd row).
I like the white one shouldered gown with the silver ribbon in the middle.
She does love ruffles and does love pink!
She looks lovely in the blue dress she wore for Victoria s wedding
For new portraits CP Mette-Marit recycled the Pucci evening gown she first wore for the pre-wedding gala in Luxembourg:

Full length
Another picture

A picture of Mette-Marit wearing the gown in Luxembourg.

Its a nice gown but I don't like it this time round. For some reason it doesn't look as nice as she first wore it. The hair, make up and jewels makes a difference. This is one of those dresses that you need the overall touches for it work.
I really don't like this gown; it's too busy with the crisscross of dark and light bands along the front and hips, and the flounces erupting from the thighs and in the back. The basic fabric is intricate enough without adding all the extras, and if those extras were eliminated it might look pretty nice. It actually did look better in Luxembourg, but this is not a good showing at all. And for a portrait, M-M should have a better hairstyle.
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I was never a big fan of this gown really. There's something weird about it but I can't point towards it. Besides I think the new official portrait looks simply strange. What kind of position of the hands is that one? Surely there were other takes in the photoshoot in which the hands were properly placed.
The dress hasn't been my favourite when she wore it in Luxemburg... I like her hair a bit better on the photos than back then, but it looks like the dress is a bit tight across the chest.
I really love that red dress. One of my favorites from her.
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