Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 9: January 2012 - May 2012

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The gala dress is a safe choice. Crown Princess Mary's complexion is amazing.
I love the top of the gala dress, but I'm not too crazy about the double skirt:ermm:. Otherwise, Mary looks gorgeous.:)
Another 'wow' for me. I liove the shade, texture and style of the dress. Perfect to wear with the fancy jewelry pieces. The up-do is gorgeous.
I would have expected a new gown, anyway it's a nice dress. Mary looks pretty
The navy dress in velvet ( such a luxurious fabric) really allows the rubies to shine. Am so happy to see the necklace, haven't seen it for a while. The dress neckline is such a good shape for this. Also love that this dress compliments the queens dress colour wise. Am very impressed with the recycling from years ago. Good for you Mary!
Well IMO who cares what colour this little number is with all that diamond and ruby action TOTAL LOVE OF THE JEWELS
a navy-blue dress and pink jewelry? not a good combination. But she looks gorgeous anyways.
Pink jewels?? I see Red rubies on her tiara and around her neck and she looks Magnificent!! Truly elegant and regal in her navy velvet gown.. Frederik looks wonderful, as well... :)
I would have expected a new gown, anyway it's a nice dress. Mary looks pretty
Agree with you. That recycled navy blue dress surprised me but she still looks elegant and stunning with the ruby parure.
I think that dress is THE DRESS for the ruby parure. The jewells look amazing against the navy blue velvet.
wow, Mary has worn this dress 4 times. It seems this January she went to the back of her closet and pulled out alot of daytime and evening clothes. I see where her shoes from the church service are from her engagement!! THis is what buying classic does. Good for her. (even though I was hoping for something new) I do know these kind of formal court clothes are very expensive so maybe something new for spring....?
CP Mary is a Queen of recycle on the whole celebrations!
I never liked the dress, way too simple and not special.
Even her perfect make-up and beautiful set of jewelry can't help.
To summarize my opinion: overall I thought she looked good and elegant at all the evening events during the jubilee. I was just surprised that she mainly went for pretty dark and dull colors - would have loved to see her in wine-red for example which suits her very well.

Oh and I'm glad she removed the pearl-string from the tiara. ;)
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My summary opinion: Crown Princess Mary went out of her way to not steal any attention from Queen Margrethe by dressing in previously worn outfits and in colors that would not attract huge media attention. She was very successful in accomplishing her goal.:flowers:

That being said....she's done her good deed for the year....and now I say...Bring on the glamor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the old Mary now!:lol::ROFLMAO:
Well, I don't see how wearing colors would have stopped the presses, but the midnight blue gown of the second evening was definitely elevated by the ruby parure and served as a lovely background for the jewels.
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Black, charcoal and dark navy suit the Crown Princess better than any other colour or shade (off white, cream, and ivory permitting).

There is something tastefully seductive about the presence of a woman who adheres to such style, and who at the same time maintains themselves as an admirably demure vision. In that possibly lies the seduction itself and Mary epitomises this in my personal and professional opinion.

Her skin tone is quite lovely and possess a fine porcelain hue. Her hair compliments her complexion and her complexion compliments the colouring of her hair. It's a fortunate marriage and she presents a striking and stately figure.

I am somewhat romanced by the goth inspired purity of fashion seen in the late Renaissance and the influence it had in the 18th and 19th centuries. Black was especially favoured and worn with exceptional aplomb by women of status and wealth in the 17th century; notably the nobility. Particularly in Scandinavia, the Holy Roman Empire and France was it considered à la mode and was not necessarily worn in the event of mourning. Infact, often women would consummate their grief with white out of respect for the flight of a loved ones soul and wear black, or any silhouette shade, as a principal choice.

This of course proceeded to change with time but the influence remained and thankfully, the inspiration of dark dress remains a celebrated aspect of European couture in the most contemporary of ways.

definitely elevated by the ruby parure and served as a lovely background for the jewels

Without doubt.
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Perfection is all I can say about Mary's evening appearances. The jewels are just amazing.

First impressions of Crown Princess Mary's gala dress this evening - again a dark colour,
but very lovely, especially as to the combination of the jewellery:

** Full view ** Upper part **

Beautiful overall but the dress needed to be bigger for such an event. It looks like this was just another gala with that dress.
I think Mary looked good in both her dresses, I prefer the second one based on the tighter fit at the top and the jewels. But is she wearing two skirts?
What does the elephant mean btw? I read what it meant once but I forgot.
What does the elephant mean btw? I read what it meant once but I forgot.

It's the Order of the Elephant - the highest order of Denmark, existing since several centuries and
nowadays almost exclusively bestowed on royalty and heads of state :)
The blue velvet dress is pretty but I like the black dress more minus the blue cape which doesn't look good with it. My she has alotta bling bling going on. Love it!
I have been surprised by Mary's choices, but I do love the navy velvet dress, I always have, and seeing it with the all the!
Crown Princess Mary does indeed look lovely. Her hair is beautifully done and the tiara looks superb. However, I am not certain that this is the most flattering gown I have seen her in. The velvet fabric almost seems to "cling" to her body and the gown is certainly not bold enough to match her very regal and dashing Prince Frederik. Possibly an organza or tulle lining would have lifted the skirt and given a bit more substance at the base.
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A very elegant look, and I love the frilly shoes. But I wish she glammed up her hair.
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Very pretty and elegant looking. (Not loving the shoes)
Very elegant, very feminine and very Mary! Uncluttered and no frills, fuss and furbelows. The shoes providing a delightful touch of nonsense, as indeed did the clutch.
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