Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 4: May - September 2009

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A wonderful dress, which is beginning to grow on me. When she wore it last year I didn't like it very much, but seems refreshed now. Beautiful as always. x
Mmmm... To me, I like it more last year...but maybe it was because of the jewells and the hairdo. I like the jewells today, but I think she would look better without the necklace. The earrings are enought "big" to the dress. The tiara is also beautiful, and the hairdo is nice, but I like more the updo that she wore at Marie´s wedding.
The dress is just stunning. I love it :flowers:
She looks very beautiful.
By the way, I´ve always thought that this dress was silver. I´ve just noticed that its colour is, as you said, "light blue"...Maybe I have to check my eyesight...:ROFLMAO:
I think that the ribbon of the Greek Order of Beneficence, orange with blue edges, goes very well with the dress. It makes the hole outfit seem complete....
I love this look. The jewels are great with the gown (bring out something those stunnig rubies didnt) and the hair style is very nice too (I cant imagine it red though, not with this outfit!!!).
Nice look overall and I like her hair for the evening. I do wish she could add a band of diamonds at the base of the tiara as I think it would help it out some. Sometimes it has a tendency to blend into her hair too much. the dress is much more beautiful in an evening setting than it was last year for J&M's wedding. Also nice to see her recycle this.
I like the dress, it looks better with these tiara and earrings.
Still I don't like the neckless even if it suits the dress :nonono:
Love it all the gown the aquamarine the tiara ..... her hair is gorgeous also ... Love Love Love
Wonderful look, stunning dress but I think either the necklace or the earrings are too much. I personally prefer the necklace and would have chosen simple pearl earrings to go with it. I am glad Mary is back to "old" hair :)
Great to see the dress again. The jewls look beautiful with it, I just wished she had worn a new tiara, maybe something with aquamarine stones. Hair style is lovely, nothing over the top, looks quite simple but really elegent.
The dress is beautiful but I don't like the hair-do and the necklace with it ...
Wonderful look, stunning dress but I think either the necklace or the earrings are too much. I personally prefer the necklace and would have chosen simple pearl earrings to go with it. I am glad Mary is back to "old" hair :)
Agreed about the jewels, what do you mean about "old hair"
She looks gorgeous! It's very nice dress. The jewelleries look wonderful. She dazzles me!
How many members of the royal family wore the same outfit, to Marie & Joachims as they did to the greek dinner last night? x

Looks like Her Majesty and the Crown Princess had the same idea of wearing what they wore to the wedding last evening.
I am sorry but I must be honest. I think the dress is simply beautiful but it doesn't suit Mary, I think her arms are too think and strong, it is better to hide them. I think the arms' part of the dress is not neccessary and I think she is so tall and slim enough to carry the dress honestly.

I like her outfit in the second day much more. I still think that her outfit in the gala, the necklace is inappropriate! But I do like the wedding tiara much more than the ruby one, it is simple and not too heavy as the ruby one and it makes the whole look fresh and match it!
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I've just placed the caplet! Wasn't it the one Mary wore to a ballet when she was pregnant with Christian???

I'm sorry I dont have time to find a link now, but hopefully either I'll try to get back to it later or someone else will know the one I mean and be able to confirm/reject my thought.
I love this white dress! It is beautiful and summer-like and I think that it fits Mary to perfection.
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