Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 16: October 2015 - September 2016

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I don't mind a nice lace dress, but there is something off about this one. Don't know if it's the belt or cut or what. She has several others that are a better fit on her. I also agree with many about the makeup, the lipstick is way too dark. Very Morticia Addams (the Addams family) looking makeup.
I don't think black lace photographs very well in harsh flashlight media shots. It just makes everything so stark - a similar thing happened with the Duchess of Cambridge's black lace dress last Saturday.
I think Mary makes all the outfits look amazing. Her clothes seem to fit so well. I am glad that she's not too thin.
I love this dress and I love that she wore a new lipstick. Mary is way too young to think that she has to stay with the same shade for a long time to preserve her "look." She is a beautiful woman and a new lip shade is just not the end of the world.
Nice black dress. Not crazy about red lipstick on Mary. Love the gold dress. Mary has beautiful skin tone for gold.
Wow, perfect. Love the nice brocade material, very sixties, boat neck and short sleeves. Great hairdo and earrings

I agree. Perfect material, style {1950/60s} and color for Mary. Neat and very sophisticated without trying too hard. A real winner. Man on her arm improving with age also.
Very true Winnie....haha
Mary looks lovely. Great color and shoes.
Overall Mary looks nice - you can't go wrong with black and red IMO. I don't like her shoes however, they don't look right with the rest of the outfit to me.
I like the red for the Christmas show, but I'm on the fence re her shoes. They are feminine-looking and different for a change than just a pair of pumps. All in all, she is still lovely Mary...
Love the red dress, but the shoes aren't my taste.
Red is gorgeous the lace black and red lippy try as I might I think is too harsh on her IMO
Very elegant appropriate appearance for the event and for the place of the event.
Yesterday evening, Crown Princess Mary participated as patron of the Maternity Foundation in presentation of the French Embassy's Prize for Human Rights 2015, at the French Embassy, Copenhagen.

Looking simple elegant and pretty in a recycled black dress with a belt with pearls, black shoes and a black coat while arriving:

Full view * Full view 2 * Arriving 1 * Arriving 2

Recyled from 2014 * 2014
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I am crazy about this dress. Perfect.
Me too , LOve the embellished belt interest. Her hair looks great, so much better than 2014
don't see pearls?
Last evening, Crown Princess Mary attended DR Ultra Galla in Sønderborg with the Mary Foundation:

In a black suit, a lace Heartmade top, and a lovely hairstyle.

1 * 2 * 3 *4 * Hair
Last evening, Crown Princess Mary attended DR Ultra Galla in Sønderborg with the Mary Foundation:

In a black suit, a lace Heartmade top, and a lovely hairstyle.

1 * 2 * 3 *4 * Hair

I like the suit & the lace & suits her well , but not like the hair just a matter of taste but she looks perfect . tres chic
That is one very nice suit and really looks great on Mary. I think her hair is fine, it is off the face and show how animated, how into the evening events she really is. As usual, Mary rarely puts a foot wrong in the fashion world. And where is that gorgeous handsome husband of hers, keeping him locked up.:lol::lol::lol:
The lace top has been repeated many times, I still don't like it. And I find it unnecessary for the look. Letizia had a similar evening look a few days ago without a top, it looked much better.
Not a lace top fan I love the black dress though
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