Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 13: January 2014 - June 2014

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This is a really beautiful and graceful dress, IMO, and Mary looks amazing in it. I love the balloon sleeve and the applique is lovely. I especially like the sky blue satin lining that is revealed as Mary walks, it's a nice compliment.
The only thing I would like to see different, is the shoe. Mary's slipper is nice, but I prefer the red worn by the model. It is a nice accent color to the applique.
:previous:This gown is very reminiscent of a Japanese kimono, I thought so when I first saw Mary wearing it at the Dutch inauguration. And I guess the model's version of the dress, her hair etc. make the inspiration very clear.
in this photo if you expand you can see it is appliques , and I was wondering the broche in the back holding the sash it is a letter F? I guess for Fred?

I think it is a F ashelen. It seems I read it in the jewelry thread and I believe it was a wedding gift. I would love to see her just wear it as a regular brooch sometime instead of just a sash holder...;)
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Is that a new pearl necklace? She looks good though I'm not sure the waist (Mary's small in the waist she she can carry it off).
Mary's pink dress tonight is one of the one's she wore for the Women's Weekly photo shoot last year. It's a bit too girlish for me, but she looks amazing, particularly in video.

Picture please?
Like a rose. Stunning elegance. Truly a fairytale Princess.
Gorgeous dress and some new jewelry maybe?
She simply takes my breath away. A fairytale princess with her prince charming.. Truly glorious.
The pearl necklace is stunning. The ensemble is lovely.
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How could you not love this dress? beautiful silk damask i would say, the only complaint I would have is a little more of a waist, a set in waistband to flatter her figure because she is long waisted.
Her perfect posture is such an asset to any garment, the jewels are perfect as well as hairdo to show off the lovely neckine.
A proper fairytale princess-gown. It looks really lovely with the Order of the Elephant. I personally prefer her wearing her hair down with the dress as in the picture from the photoshoot. She looked lovely tonight nevertheless.
especially when she also looses her shoe like in the fairytale:wub:
her pearl necklace is stunning too..
This reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.
Discrete fishing for your lost shoe. :)
It is understated elegance but for me it's too simple. I'm a detail gal!
I think the style is unflattering for Mary. The colour is lovely, though.
IMO the dress is more stunning from behind I adore the colour on her but am not sure I think it is so great from the front. I really don't like the pearl jewel combo on anyone but that is only IMO
How I love seeing the back views of dresses! It gives one another perception of the dress. This is just lovely.
I love the fabric and color of this dress, but I do not like the waist line. It seems unfinished or bulky, just something is off. Her jewels and makeup are wonderful (especially the necklace). Her hair from the front is very pretty, but from the back it looks like she ran out of time and just said, "hurry, just throw an elastic around the end, it'll be fine".
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The art of a true princess.. Poise and laughter!
Mary looks lovely and elegant and that shade of pink really suits her. Her hairstyle is interesting.

Mary's pink dress tonight is one of the one's she wore for the Women's Weekly photo shoot last year. It's a bit too girlish for me, but she looks amazing, particularly in video.

the photo shoot:

It looks cream to me, although that could be due to the lighting as in other places it looks to be a very soft pink.
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