Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 11: October 2012 - April 2013

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Mary looks great! Loving the entire look!
Princess Mary looks Absolutely Pretty elegant ,, I like the Dress , chic & I like the shoes Much much ,,, so regal look ,, her hairstyle so nice ,, like the whole outfit , very sophisticated look .
Great hair and earrings, the dress is too plain and tight for me, plus stark white, not beigey, is her color.
Something a little more interesting, with gathers or ruching, or on the bias with an interesting fabric. She is so slim she could wear it all.
This isn't my cup of tea. Just don't like the style.

Roskilde, I love the third pic you posted...the side view of Mary and the woman she is speaking with.
Mary looks absolutely gorgeous, as usual. The dress, the jewellery and I LOVE her hair She looks very feminine and lovely. And Fred is a one of her best accessories :) :)
The dress is strange...but sometimes we need to innovate and wear new things, that's life for!!!
Yes! I have been waiting for her to wear this dress again! it's so pretty!
as for the hair dangling behind, not so.
Tiaras and dangling hair don't go well together IMHO
Mary look stunning.
I like the ice blue of the gown but not thrilled by the appliqued overlay. And her hair does look very weird; not a good look with the tiara.
Mary look stunning.

I agree, the dress is as someone else mentions so pretty, this tiara really looks great with the dress and I love that the dress is recycled.
Mary look stunning.

I agree. mary looks really stunning. so very regal and beautiful and the dress match her body perfectly. always love to see mary to the galla dinners ! anyone who has the pictures from when Mary wear this dress before?
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One of my absolute favourites of Mary's gowns; the colour is just gorgeous and the material is absolutely exquisite!

Love the neckline .....
Before the changes happened to the dress, it was one of my favourites but unfortunately no longer. The silk coming out of the slit doesn't look pretty IMO and the new style somehow ages her.
Juar wonder how she does to come out of the car in this cold and walk with no coat in the streets! I just arrive from Denamrk it is wasso cold for me I would like to know how she does it? the dress I love it! she looks very nice I would like a close up photo of her heair , she is so elegant
Lovely dress,it's one of my favourite of her.
It's been a while since we didn't see her in a new gown,I hoped to see a new one.
I can't remember how the dress was before the changes.Has someone a pic please?
Thank you majesty for the pics:flowers:
The top part of the new version is much better imo.
The bottom of the original dress was beautiful
Without doubt this is one of my all time favourites she looks great love it.
I much prefer the new version rather than the older.
She looks stunning in the new version. Very pretty and regal.
Absolutely beautiful and feminine. Love the delicate fabric and color. I actually prefer the old neckline because I think Mary's chest is too bony for my taste.
Don't think the hair was dangling, thought it looked wonderful with the tiara.
I'm wondering about the earrings.
I think she should wear a necklace, like a riviere, with this new version.
Mary looked beautiful last night. The blue/white dress is enchanting beautiful and it's also one of my absolute favorite dress on Mary.

And IMO, Mary is the queen of recycling. It is absolutely great and I think she should have some more credit for it. That said, I will "allow" Mary to a new dress for the next gala evening.

Here is three picture of Mary from behind, where you can see her hairdo. (from dbarn67) (from dbarn67)
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Mary looked stunning! I prefer the newer version of the gown and I love the neckline. Very elegant and regal. In my heart of hearts, I still am hoping for a new tiara. Maybe some day...
I am not a fan of this kind of dresses too :ermm:
Don't like it either though I have a soft spot for them as they were very in fashion in the twenties and my grandmother's wedding dress has such a hem.
Maybe if sh had a belt or a necklace?
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