Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 10: May 2012 - October 2012

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It is not one of my favorites.. I think it looks a bit dated.
I think its one of the quality dresses Mary owns, always worth to be recycled.
I never really liked this dress to be honest but I do like the colour.
That's a very beautiful and simple dress!
Beautiful and simple dress, great neckline and fit. Don't like how low she placed the brooch. I would love to see it up close.
I love that Mary added a brooch to the dress to liven it up. She looks great in navy blue.

Crown Princess Mary at a birthday party yesterday, June 2, wearing a nice recycled dress:

** Pic **
I have always liked this dress on Mary.

It would be nice to see a full length photo of her in Greenland as the neckline and bodice of the dress looked very pretty!
I love this blue dress - so pretty and smart. Generally speaking I really like her style and there aren't too many times when she gets it wrong. That brooch is beautiful.
THis is my favorite kind of look. Simple dress, and a great piece of jewelry. Perfect on Mary. Wasn't she supposed to recieve a tiara from Greenland for her 40th? I wonder if they gave it to her while shes there. Would that be done in private? Cant wait to see better photo of brooch.
I love the skirt, it´s funny but still elegant.
The black top is nice and matches the skirt well.
Pretty outfit, she looks lovely. I really like her shoes too.
The skirt might have worked with a simple top in clean lines, but not with this terrible choice of saggy, high-necked bow tie blouse to (not) go with it - would be best worn under a business suit, but certainly not with such a romantic skirt.
I think the bow blouse worked with the skirt which I wouldn't think would go. Bow blouse, beaded belt, flouncy patterened skirt, it's a lot going on but she it looks great.
Mostly because she is now so thin, I think she can carry off this fashion model look.
I also don't like the combinaison between the sophisticated shirt and the casual almost folkloric like skirt, they are nice separately, but together don't work in my opinion.
I really love this evening outfit floaty with the hope for summer. I really think the skirt is dreamy.
Gorgeous skirt, and I like the top in spite of it looking a little busy. Really pretty!
I like it. It's different from her usual glam gowns.
I like it as well. I love the skirt and it's just .. different as 4Pam said!
Well Overall She Looks Beautiful , I Think weird Outfit But Looks Nice On her , I Like her shoes The Most
I don't really care for the skirt. It's too hippy-ish for my liking. However, Mary does look good in it.
Mary looks very pretty in this. Not sure about the red earrings with skirt. Mary has gotten very thin. I wish I had her secret. I guess 4 kids and world travel do this to you!!!She looks terrific!
I like the birthday party outfit. The skirt keeps it summery and Mary is one of the few women I have seen who can wear high neck outfits and ***** cat bows under the chin successfully. I like her hair these days.

Oooh! I didn't realize that certain words would not appear the stars were to say another word for cat beginning with a P and is the right word for those big bows on ladies outfits.
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