Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 10: May 2012 - October 2012

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I'm with the frumpy crowd on this one. We all can't hit it out of the park every time.

Who was she with? Looks like a close relative of Princess Charlene ;)
Princess Peach said:
I'm with the frumpy crowd on this one. We all can't hit it out of the park every time.

Who was she with? Looks like a close relative of Princess Charlene ;)

Not sure if you're joking but that is Charlene.
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I love the color but the dress is not really flattering on her. I love the cardigan but not with the dress. Also, I dislike the shoes with the outfit.
I like the dress, but not the cardi.
Mary´s face looks odd in that picture.
Crown Princess Mary at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games this evening, July 27, wearing a red dress and a cardigan:

** Full view **

Mary´s face looks odd in that picture.

As does Charlene's face. This whole series of snaps (of which we're seeing one) has an odd almost-fish-eye quality. :bb:
That´s a beautiful dress. I like the print and the colours a lot. Does anybody know what brand it is?
I don't know the brand but the dress is great-the color does wonderful things for her hair and complexion and the print itself is nice and bright without being fussy or busy. A winner for the CP!:flowers:
The dress is really very pretty. The 3 of them are well coordinated.
I could not agree more, the dress really suits her. Blue is really good choice for her :)
I love the blue dress. The colors are beautiful.
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Very lovely shades of blue on Mary. She's another one of the royal ladies that wears that color exquisitely.
Not crazy about the style but I like the colours on her.
Very typical for Princess Mary. A very flattering dress. I can see her wearing this with her hair up and more fancy jewelry and shoes for an evening event. Great colors!
September 17, 2012 - Mary in a lovely cocktail dress. I like the color and the shimmer to it, also it has a soft print which works IMO.

Full view
Her hair, jewelry and shoes are fantastic. The dress, not so much. I'm not much on shiny fabrics. IMO, it kind of looks like she's wearing tin foil, you know the colored ones from around the holidays. I will say this, the cut and color are nice.
I also don't love the dress (I don't hate it either). The bronze color really suits Mary. As always, hair, makeup and accessories are divine.
Mary herself looks good but I'm not fond of this shining dress. Is this a new trend?
The cut of the dress is beautiful. The material however is not. It's way too shiny. I would have loved this dress in a different fabric.
But While I agree, Mary just looks breathtaking. So well coiffed always, Its one of the things I admire most about her!
I'm sure that without bright flashes from the camera (to account for the darker lighting in the venue) the fabric is not as shiny.

I love this whole look! She looks amazing!
I do not like the dress, looks too shiny and cheap.
The hair do look add to me :ermm:
I am absolutely crazy about every little thing. The dress fits like a dream and is very interesting in the cut, boat neck, sleeves, inverted pleats, set in waist. I love that the pattern gets bigger on the way down.
Would love to see a closer up image of hair and earrings.
Both this dress and the blue unfortunately highlight her bony neckline, she has gotten very thin.
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