Crown Princess Mary Jewellery 5: Jan 2015 - Jan 2024

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I suspect Mary will keep the ruby tiara and maybe make it her go to overseas one for now. In time she can always gift it to Christian when he marries but that gives her probably close to another ten years of using it.
I hope CP Mary uses those ruby and pearl earring with her ruby tiara...

As I understand it, taking the jewels out of Rosenborg is not something you just do at a a spur of the moment because you are felling for a pair of pearl earrings suddenly:) but it has to be planned in advance, and usually only for state occasions. There has been years when she has not worn the crown jewels at all. I dont think Margrehte ever wore the pieces for day-wear. I belive in a painting of Margrethe they even changed the color of her green dress to grey as she ended up beein painted with the pearl tiara instead of the emeralds as it was planned

I cant find that story now, but here is the photo, with her 70th birthday dress that was green originally:
Have long been excited to see Mary in the Naasut Tiara (the gold in her dark hair!) but what with it having been a gift for QMII, I wonder if she'll retain it for personal use.
Lol, we were talking about two different things all along then. Mary has the Pearl Poiré set to wear abroad, and a LOT of jewels to wear at home, not bad at all (thinking of poor Mathilde)

Oh wow, I always thought the pearl poire tiara was in the Crown collection and couldn’t be worn abroad but seems not?
CP Mary Tiara appearances for 2023:

1x Ruby, 2x Wedding tiara (both times without the pearls :-( ) and 3x her Edwardian tiara.... interesting to see her current preference???
Mary, Isabella, and Josephine's jewels at Christian's birthday gala:

Mary and Isabella's jewels are stunning.
Mary's jewellery style in this instance is really quite stunning. So many people dismiss her wedding tiara as insignificant yet as these photos illustrates, it is really a substantial yet delicate piece which is illustrated by how beautifully her waterfall diamond earrings pair with it rather than make it look overpowered by them.

The beautiful square cut sapphire/tanzanite stones look fantastic against the backdrop of her blue sparkling gown. She is wearing a diamond and a plain gold bracelet on her left wrist and the ring on her right hand with its enormous blue stone surrounded in a delicate frost or ice like halo which is mirrored in the bracelet she is wearing on her left wrist. On her left ring finger, she is wearing what looks to be her wedding ring and a large clear diamond? solitaire. As a note, I wonder where her gorgeous engagement ring is?

IMHO, Princess Isabella's was pretty and appropriate, whith a beautiful and appropriate hair comb or possibly a brooch, set perfectly in her hair and a complimentary pair of beautiful diamond drop earrings each finished with a pacific or Tahitian peal'

Josephine's jewellery looked amazing on her, the delicate necklace framed by a wide boat neck and stunningly elegant updo while the matching bracelet and ring looked perfect to finish her jewelled 'look'. To be honest I thought she looked more elegant, balanced and 'put together' than both her older sister and her mother. That is one young lady to watch.
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