Crown Princess Mary Jewellery 2: January 2006 - June2008

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there has been talk and different toughts on the ruby dimond tiara that mary wears
What will happen if she divorces frederik will she keep it or use it as Alexandra uses the tiara that was loan to he

Maty has two tiaras today it may be so that after a divorce she will use her wedding tiara

but that only my thought n the subject
crisiñaki posted this at frederik and mary forum she found it at Diez Minutos
I certainly hope she won't get to keep the ruby parure.
It's history stretches back to the first Bernadotte queen of Sweden in the beginning of the 19th century.
And it's very much connected to Queen Ingrid.
Can you imagine what would happen if Mary divorced Frederik, she kept the tiara, got in financial problems, put it on an auction and someone like Madonna or Paris Hilton bought it ??
I wouldn't know if I would laugh or cry at a situation like that ... :(
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No that wouldnt happen, If they did divorce she would keep her wedding tiara. That is a wedding present and belongs to her. She owns it. The Ruby Parure does not belong to her. It belongs to Federick or just the Crown Princess in general. She has no claim to it but as being the future Queen Consort she is allowed to wear it.
Daneborn said:
I certainly hope she won't get to keep the ruby parure...
haha....I don't think anything like that would ever happen but if it ever did I would probably cry if someone like Paris Hilton bought it! lol
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princessvalondra said:
haha....I don't think anything like that would ever happen but if it ever did I would probably cry someone like Paris Hilton bought it! lol
She would probably use it for a necklace for Tinkerbelle, or whatever that desert rat is called she's carrying around all the time :rolleyes:

And poor Queen Ingrid would be turning around in her grave. Oh, what an awful thought :(
Why on earth the speculation here that Mary and Frederick may divorce ? Has something happened to cause some people to think something is wrong with the marriage?

Not that I know of.

Could we get back on topic, please?
galuhcandrakirana said: Does someone know about this new brooch, is it a gift from her husband after she give birth their son? My guess the blue stones is a saphir stone...It seem to be an old and classic style brooch.

Through a dear friend of mine who approached a most reliable source...

It is said that the brooch was infact a present from HM the Queen to her daughter in-law upon the arrival of Prince Christian.

The brooch is also said to have belonged to HRH the Princess Margaret of Connaught (later Crown Princess of Sweden...mother of HM the Queen Consort Ingrid of Denmark) and dates back to the 1800's.

The craftmanship is superb.

It is a sapphire centre, encrusted with diamonds and at the base hang two strands of cultured pearls, complimented with diamond and pearl drops.

Simply breathtaking!!!

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The brooch is amaizing ... is nice that the Queen give him to Mary for celebrate the birth of prince Christian. Is a nice prove of afection !
Just any one realise that is one more sapphire for Mary ? She just have a parude- with neckelss and earrings, a pair of earrings and now the brooch ....
That's a beautiful brooch, I love sapphires and the way it is designed is lovely. I hope she wears it again soon!:)
Does anyone know what does Prince Frederik gave to Princess Mary for the birth of Prince Christian?? A new earrings perhaps?
Here is the story of Crown Princess Mary's Brooch at her son's christening

The blue brooch that the Crown Princess Mary wore at the christening of the Danish Prince Christian.
The brooch was worn by the late Queen Ingrid at the engagement of the Danish Queen Margrethe and the Prince Consort Henrik on october 06 1966.
In the picture from the left the Danish Queen Ingrid, Princess Margrethe, heir to the Danish throne and her fiancee Henri Marie Jean André comte de Laborde de Monpezat at their engagement.

source : polfoto
photos : polfoto via brunopress
Wouldn't it be great for Mary to start a tradition on handing her sapphire brooch down to her son's (christian's) wife to use at their babie's christening? and so on. I would love to see that brooch used over and over for such a special ocassion. :)

here are photos from tamaras
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Mary has some new jewels on her trip to Germany. I noticed she has a couple of new rings, one in yellow gold, and a large amethyst, plus necklace and earrings at the evening function. Can't see the necklace and earrings at the evening function clearly. Maybe some birthday pressies from Fred?
Josefine said:
tiara pic
OMG, I love this tiara! It's absolutely beautiful! Does anyone know if has a certain name? And does anyone, by chance, know it's history? :D :D :D
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acid_rain3075 said:
OMG, I love this tiara! It's absolutely beautiful! Does anyone know if has a certain name? And does anyone, by chance, know it's history? :D :D :D

The Queen Desiree diamond & ruby parure - once owned by the first Bernadotte Queen of Sweden, Queen Desideria. The tiara and its matching parure were ordered in Paris by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, her husband & King, to be worn to the 1805 Imperial Coronation of Napoleon I of France.

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The ring Mary is wearing looks like an amethyst, maybe a birthday present, as her birthstone (February) is amethyst. She wore a different amethyst ring in Germany, the day she wore the deep khaki green suit (the second day of their trip). Mary also seemed to be wearing new aquamarine earrings to Prince Christian's christening. I love both amethysts and aquamarines, I wish my prince would buy me some!
Josefine said:
what did she wear to the christning in norway?

The sapphire, diamond & pearl brooch she wore to the Christening of HRH the Prince Christian.

Originally owned by HRH Princess Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden.

Source: Getty Images
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Mary certainly looks gorgeous! What function was this?
Why are the orders scattered over her gown like that? Is that how they are supposed to be placed? It looks funny.
I don't know about her new order, but the other two are correctly placed.

Perhaps she added the new one there for balance so she would have one on each shoulder. :confused:

Regardless she looks great, imo.:)
It looks funny to me too. Im also not used to seeing her wear the family order. Its so small compared to the huge star dangling on her other shoulder.
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